caption contest of the century!

Well, that was a bit dramatic. Here are some fun pics from our day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (New Year’s Eve). Write a caption (in the comments) for one or more of the photos, and you’ll be entered to win a Lovely Prize. Quite possibly the Loveliest Prize Yet. Fire away!

1. warthog

Safari guide
2. safari guide

Silverback Gorilla
3. gorilla

3D bug show
4. girls in glasses

Giraffe hiding
5. giraffe

Angry tiger
6. tiger

Mickey and Us
7. Mickey

Livi and Daddy on Mt. Everest
8. roller coaster

I’ll leave the contest open until early next week. Can’t wait to read your delightful captions! May the funniest person win!

24 thoughts on “caption contest of the century!

  1. beamissionary

    1. do you like the new hair-do? my stylist suggested i go blonde for the summer!
    2. will you stop staring at me?!
    3. what are you looking at? haven’t you seen a gorrilla before?
    4. bugga-bugga-BOO!
    5. can you find me? gotta love the camo in here!
    6. meow.
    7. these are the only snowflakes you’ll see in florida!
    8. oh man… i think i just lost my gum!

  2. jenhul

    1. I’m growing it out for locks of love – how many more inches do I need?
    4. We’re ready for the 3-D animals!
    6. Where are my whitestrips?!
    7. Mickey, “Man, it’s hot today! This sweater was a bad idea!”
    8. Here we gooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. Anonymous

    1. I appreciate the straightening iron, but what I could really use is some deep conditioner!

    5. DERN!  Hide and seek NEVER works for me!

    6. This is my before picture for Crest White Strips … whatcha think?

    7. Oooooooohhhhhhhh, we are sooo never sittin up front again!!

  4. angstump

    1. Warthog. Seriously? WART…HOG. Personally, I’d have taken the sticks and stones.

    2. Not only did I get Safari Guide of the Month, I also have eyes that will pierce your very soul.

    3. It makes no difference if you’re black or white…Come on, vogue…

    7. Life Goal Number 28- Hold hands with a ginormous rodent. Check.

    I wish I had time to do the rest. Gotta run. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  5. maltum

    Hey Marla!  I did these based off of what I thought the subject(s) might be thinking!  🙂  I hope you enjoy!

    1,  What WERE they thinking with this hair style?  It makes my belly look HUGE!

    2.  Don’t look now…there’s a very large ____ right behind us

    3.  Yeah…you know you like this…I’m a DIVA!

    4.  Okay, so mom thought GLASSES would help us see better, but she SHOULD’VE cut our eyebrows!

    5.  Duhhhh…which way did he go?

    6.  Ahhhhh Hahahahahaha!  That’s HILARIOUS!

    7.  Mickey’s thinking, “Why am I the ONLY one in sweater, pants, AND this silly hat?”

    8.  The guy in the very front seat looks like he’s deciding how to “explain the stain” when he gets off the ride!  HA!

  6. alihooper

    1. I’m thinking first a nose job; second I’ll get my hair did. Then do you think I’ll look like Miss Piggy?
    3. If you think my front side looks funny, you should see my backside.
    6. Who said I should see a dentist? Moron. Don’t you know I could rip your legs off?

  7. Airdee26

    2. “Would you please sit down!” (I used to get that look on the bus all the time as a kid…I know that look 🙂 )
    3. “What are you looking at?”
    5. “Yes, I can still see you”
    6. “Anyone got a breath mint?”
    7. Mickey – “I’m soooo tired of smiling”
    8. Gabe: “OHHHHHHH”
    Livi: “Dad, can you loosen your grip on my’s not that scary”

  8. Anonymous

    1. Jose Eber retires to Florida.
    2. Sit…Down…
    3. Gotta mint?
    6. I SAID I needed the BIG CAT white strips.
    8. Woo, this seatbelt is TIGHT!

    Apparently, I am unable to write anything funny about adorable small children.

  9. mrsnorthern8605

    1. Hakuna Matata!!!
    2. Don’t make me pull this safari over…
    3. Day in, day out, they stare at me…one of these days, they’ll be on this side of the fence.
    4. Look mom, if you put these glasses on you glow…
    5. Camaflouge, I’m doing it right! ( I totally spelled that wrong)
    6. Oh man, who ripped one, that smells terrible!
    7. yah, I got nothing
    8. Livi, “Daddy, it’s not that scary.” Gabe, “But Livi, it’s a long way down!!!”

  10. OkinawaAna

    I have no original ideas for captions at this point in time.  But I’m super impressed by all of the roller coasters Livi has ridden on your zoo adventures!  I’m three times her age (and then some, probably), and you couldn’t drag me on half of those.  Brave girl!  🙂

  11. swbtsmom

    #1. Thanks, Regis and Kelly, for the Ambush Makeover – I’m diggin’ the hair extensions!
    #2. “Are YOU lookin’ at me? ‘Cause if you’re looking at me…”

  12. gtaviano

    Does Anna Lehmans Waller realize that the man holding Mickey’s hand is the same one that judges who is the winner of this contest? LOL. Pretty funny stuff.

    I actually urged Marla to include that one, and applaud Anna for getting to it first with her good eye! I enjoy sarcasm, glad you took it even further than a one liner Anna!

  13. Anonymous

    Captions for Pictures… hope you enjoy!!!

    Picture #1: (Warthog) “HOW did Donald inspire me to wear this toupee?!”

    Picture #2: (Safari Guide) “Alright, back there! Am I gonna have to separate you guys?!”

    Picture #3: (Gorilla) “Seriously, take a picture! It’ll last longer!!! Oh, wait, I guess you already did…”

    Picture #4: (Girls in Glasses) Charlie’s Angels have wowed the world once more, by now establishing new disguises as young girls in scientifically-safe ISO-recommended safety goggles! Wow!!!

    Picture #5: (Giraffe) “I can see my house from here… or should I say YOUR house?”

    Picture #6: (Tiger) “Hey, can anyone spare a few Crest White Strips?”

    Picture #7: (Mickey) Dads, everywhere, STAY ALERT!!! Watch Mickey’s wandering glove by keeping YOUR hand safely clamped to the famous icon’s own hand AT ALL TIMES!!! Even though this may appear to some to be a little, AHEM!, unusual or even flirtatious, Mickey will probably not mind and leave with a nod and a wave, as he usually can’t see well enough out of that costume to know WHERE his hands go most of the time, anyway.

    Picture #8: (Roller Coaster) “Breaking News: Front seats of roller coasters may be more hazardous than you think! Check out these exclusive BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER upchuck pictures TONIGHT AT 6 PM, only on CNN!!!”

    Hope these brought a smile to your face. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    Anna Lehmans Waller
    233 Pear Tree Circle
    Hopkins, SC 29061

  14. jbnygaard

    1. Warthog
    2. “What part of Do NOT feed the bears did you not understand?”
    3. “I think I’m going to fart, I think I’m going to fart….”
    4. “Trying, Trying, Trying to smile.”
    5. “So THAT’S what she wears when she hangs out the laundry!”
    6. “I TOLD you! I DON’T have plaque issues!”
    8. Livi, “Should I tell dad I peed my pants?”

  15. Anonymous

    Ok don’t have the brain power right now to add captions but I do have to say that y’all should model for Gap Family. Really, the girls are just little beauties and your family is gorgeous!

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