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EDIT: (1:39 p.m.) Just got done recording a 60-second promo spot for Harvest House. I read a script about my book, and they play it when people are on hold. I get all nervous, and then it’s over in…60 seconds. Whew.

Had a wonderful playdate this morning with a sweet gal I met when I spoke at a MOPS group here in C-bus a few weeks ago. The time flew by, and we had such a great talk, and her kiddos are adorable and precious.

GREAT QUESTIONS! (now, everybody go ask Kristen one!) I’m going to answer Megan’s now, because it’s the easiest.

What would you have named a boy?
Baby #1: Olivia Joy or Theoren (Theo) Gabriel
Baby #2: Ava Marie or Ian Gabriel
Baby #3: Nina Gabriel or Owen Gabriel

What a different life I would have if my kiddos were Theo, Ian, and Owen! I can’t even imagine not having my Livi, Ava, and Nina. God knows exactly what’s perfect for each of us, huh?

^FREE BOOK! FREE BOOK!^ I’m giving away a super-special copy of Randy Alcorn’s Deception. It’s a Christian fiction murder mystery, the 3rd book in a series (Deadline, Dominion) but it’s really a stand-alone. You don’t have to read the other 2 to know what’s going on. It’s a good one!

It’s hardcover, signed by the author. I wouldn’t give it away at all, but Gabe and I each got a copy at the convention we went to last January.

So, here’s how you enter the drawing: Leave a comment asking me a question about myself. Ask anything. But not something someone else already asked, because that’s cheating. And I think a couple of you asked your question yesterday. Just repeat it on today’s post. (and save me the 17 seconds it would take to look it up)

I’ll draw the winner on Tuesday, I believe.

That’s all for now! Off to a playdate! Have a FABULOUS weekend!

44 thoughts on “book give-away!

  1. Nixter77

    I totally missed the whole question thing. OK Now I have to think and write some!

    bear with me – I am totally behind with this whole question thing! DOH. I should be ahead given that we are a billion hours in front of you!

  2. tonialynn59

    Just letting you know the pkg of books came yesterday and I will get them out.  Christine said she had started reading the book!  Saw her comment in there about 8 kids!

  3. gsowell

    I thought of another question I’d like to know. We all have those pivotal moments are our history. Events or decisions that changed the direction of our lives. What are a few of your life-changing moments?

  4. jbnygaard

    Okay…scratch my question…it’s too morbid for me. I’ve got a better one for you. I’m going to use the same one I used for Kristen’s blog.

    Question: If you had a fire and had time to go back in your house and get 3 things (besides your hubby & boys), what would you go back for?

  5. jbnygaard

    Okay…so I already asked my question in the last blog…but I’ll bring it onto this one.

    When you die, would you like to be cremated or buried? Morbid. I know.

  6. twoloverslane

    Here’s something to spice things up a bit.  Have you completed the “baby oil” idea yet that you suggested in Is That All He Thinks About?  Let me just say that it’s well worth it!  : )

  7. tonialynn59

    ok, I’ll go a different way on someone else’s question.  If you were going away for a while and could only take one book and it can’t be the Bible, what book would you take?  I’ll even let you choose 2.

  8. faithchick

    yes, i’m with jessamama-i don’t want to be in the drawing.  i only read your books, anyways.

    but, i do have a question.  does it make you sad when you see your books “New & Used” for sale on amazon.  I think it might make me cry a little bit. 

  9. gsowell

    I think it’s interesting that you picked a different boy name for each pregnancy. We totally were going to use one of the ones from round 1 when round 2 came around.

  10. jessyomama

    so do i win? just kidding i don’t want to be in the drawing. i have too many non-fiction books i want to read to actually sit down and read a fictional book. no offense (i love fiction but just not now) someone else would enjoy it more.

  11. AbiRose

    ok, I want to be entered into the drawing, so I am gonna ask you the same question I asked Kristen…

    If you could go on a clothes shopping spree for yourself, and money is no object, what stores would you choose???

  12. rccalyn

    How do you pretend to enjoy “pretending” with your daughter??? I SO hate pretending, and never did it as a child (as far as I can remember). Did you pretend when you were little?

  13. Marketer319

    Question: will you write full-time when all three girls are old enough to be in school all day, or keep it part-time? And related, how many books are planned in your head right now?

  14. gsowell

    Question: Surprise! Someone has offered to watch your girls for 2 weeks AND foot the bill for you and Gabe to go on a huge trip. Where do you go, and what do you do?

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