anybody want a book?

I mentioned awhile back that I’m getting rid of any/all books that I probably won’t ever read again. I am dedicating the rest of 2006 to clearing out as much clutter/distraction from my life as I can. Or something.

If you want 1 or 2 of these books (or 3, if it’s a trilogy), just message me your address, and they’re yours.

–what a girl wants, she’s out of control, with this ring i’m confused (chick lit trilogy by kristin billerbeck)
–flabbergasted, a delirious summer, lost in rooville (chick lit trilogy written by a boy, ray blackston)
–restoring order (vicki norris)
–30 days to taming your finances (deborah smith pegues)
–just married (margaret feinberg)
–the first 90 days of marriage (eric and leslie ludy)
–a severe mercy (sheldon vanauken)
–i am sam (dvd)
–back issues of country living, today’s christian woman
–beauticontrol product catalogs 🙂
–from blushing bride to wedded wife (some chick you’ve never heard of) 🙂

I already got rid of a ton, and I’ll probably have more to give away soon. I’ll let you know. Have a good one!

10 thoughts on “anybody want a book?

  1. ch1pch0p

    “I already got rid of a ton, and I’ll probably have more to give away soon. I’ll let you know.” I think I should get to know first since I live the closest, and you wouldn’t have to mail it. And because I still have some BC stuff for you, and I will hold it hostage until I get what I want.

  2. YoYoYoder

    I was going to ask for “I Am Sam”, but 2 people already asked for it. That’s okay. I can borrow it from our local library cause they have it there.

    Can I ask for “The First 90 Days of Marriage” by Eric and Leslie Ludy? Thanks Mars!

  3. Marketer319

    I totally read “I am sad” when I glanced through your list.  I wondered why you were so sad and what DVD could help that.  I didn’t picture you as being in the self-help DVD supporter camp. 🙂

  4. AdamMacsgirl

    I would love your book (BB to WW)! If you still have any back issues of TCW, can I have a couple (or few) of those? I can give you my address on here because I live on campus:

    Michelle McCune

    251 N. Main St. Cedarville, OH 45314

    Do I owe you any $? Can you also sign it? 🙂

    Oh, and I will be praying for your Grandma. Josh is the youth pastor at our church!

  5. biblestorebrowser

    You keep your Country Living magazines??? That’s the Co-op one, right? Sad, Marla. Sad. 😉 Good for you for trying to find a new home for them! I don’t think I could part with my books. Of course, many of them are references or books I want the girls to read someday.
    On OCC: I experienced Stites today. Enough said?

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