and the winner REALLY is…

faithchick! Way to go, girl!

Give-away #2 coming your way soon! Thanks for playing!

11 thoughts on “and the winner REALLY is…

  1. rocknnell

    I was up all nite, couldn’t sleep…. man,  I  even ejected and left a blank spot in my CD holder in my car…. ohhhhhhh  the let down………crowder and a bowl of  chowder…. I will try to survive the loss…. on to my shopping day !

  2. mtaviano

    ^I tried to get a close-up pic of the name, but you couldn’t see it with the glare, and Ava had had enough by that time. You must trust me. (Jess was the first one I picked…after I threw out b.e. and t.w….)

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