and the winner is…

16 thoughts on “and the winner is…

  1. mtaviano

    ^Wow, you sure are giddy. I’m glad you won. The reason I said, “oh, no!” is because I knew people like Kimberly would suspect foul play. Seems that to win these things I’ve got to meet you on xanga and then in real life. (Jess, Gail,…) According to my theory, Tonia or Rachael (or Kimberly) should be next.

  2. gsowell

    I can’t stop smiling! How awesome is this! I got to go shopping this morning all by myself. I finished 90% of my Christmas shopping in 4 hours. I come home and find the cutest video on xanga, and the winner is me! Wow! Thank you, Lord, for a great pick me up. Thanks, Nina, for picking me! Thanks, Marla, for giving prizes! Thanks, Gabe, for coaching Nina through the rigorous work of picking out JUST ONE name! Thanks, Ava, for being such a supportive big sister… literally!

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