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I “borrowed” this idea from my friend Joanne. I actually WON something on her site a couple weeks ago. Woohoo! (notice I turned the slips over, in case any of you were about to accuse Nina of knowing how to read and playing favorites)

Jenny, since you won, I’ll answer your question first, even though it’s really hard. What is your earliest memory? I think I’d have to say my baby brother being born. I was 2 years, 11 months old, and I think I remember (unless I’ve just heard the story a ton) visiting him in the hospital and yelling to everyone, “This is my baby brother JOSHUA DANIEL YODER!” And I did NOT want to go back home with Barbara Garber, the lady who was watching me while Mom was in the hospital. If I think about it long enough, I might think of something earlier. I reeeeeeally want to write a book someday about tracing God’s hand through our lives, starting with our earliest memory.

Congratulations, Jenny!

Risha asked, How did you and Gabe meet? Short version = as camp counselors in June of 1996. Slightly longer version = see pages 187-188 of Is That All He Thinks About?

Findlay Girl asked, What is your engagement story? See pages 196-197 of Is That All He Thinks About? I’m sorry for the cop-out, but I don’t want to bore the rest of you, and I don’t have the time to type up a long story.

Great questions, girls!

Holly V. asked, If you had $100 today to spend only on yourself (and not books!), what would you purchase? So not fair. I would probably spend it all on books if I could, but since I can’t…clothes. I really need some, especially for spring. I would save $4 for a treat at Starbuck’s.

Allie asked, Why did you choose Cedarville over Grace? Who was your favorite professor at Cedarville? Grace and Cedarville are obviously not the only 2 colleges in the country, but my dad went to Cedarville and finished up at Grace. My mom to Grace. Josh started at Grace, finished at Cedarville. Bethany started at Cedarville, finished at Grace. Stephanie and I went to Cedarville. Gabe went to Grace, and we lived there for 18 months when we first got married. So, why not Grace? Because I was a nursing major, and Grace didn’t have a nursing program. Oh, the irony. I graduated from Cedarville with a degree in elementary education.

My favorite professor? Dr. Phil Bassett. Dr. Cheryl Fawcett is a close second. I still keep in touch with them from time to time–especially Dr. B. They both hired me to do work for them (writing, editing, grading) while I was in school and saved me from the dish pit at Chuck’s (my worst memory from Cedarville). I love them both dearly.

That’s all for now! Have a great afternoon!

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  1. Leenylou287


    Had to laugh at your final comment about the worst memory at C’ville.  How ironic.  I was a nursing major (and graduated with the first nursing class!) AND my first job/worst job at C’ville was in the dish pit at Chucks….quite the humbling experience for a freshman!  Fortunately, the Lord moves us on to bigger and better things.  I ended up working as  the interlibrary loan tech for my last 4 years there, and to this day that job is still one of my favorites.  Small world.  By the way, I love reading your blogs.  They are  so encouraging and make often make me smile and/or laugh as I “trudge” through this divorce process.  Someone recently sent me a reminder that God doesn’t always take something away from us to punish us, but often to give us something better.  That’s how I’m trying to look at this.  Please keep us in your prayers.  And keep sharing the funny stories about your family!

  2. ladymiss3739

    I worked at Chuck’s…and the dishpit was bad.  But I do have to say, out of all my positions at Chuck’s, we had the most fun in the dishpit (water fights…with clean water of course)…and we closed each night, so we always got to take handfuls of the fresh baked cookies that were waiting for the next day.   

  3. jenhul

    Wow! I won – how exciting! Thanks so much for the book, I’m already looking forward to reading it!
    I agree, that question is quite hard. Especially since I am very cloudy on what I actually remember and what I think I remember after hearing about it from others. The first memory I can come up with now that I am sure I actually recall would be from the summer before kindergarten. (that seems like I’m way to old for it to be my first memory…but thats all I’ve got right now!)
    My Mom took me into the school to see my classroom before the school year began. The teacher had a few things set up in class – you could tell where the various play areas in the room would be – the kitchen, blocks, books, etc. A lot of the toys and smaller pieces were still packed away. I remember looking around the room and feeling excited until I saw the huge swing hanging from the ~30 foot tall ceiling. (why was my kindergarten room in such a tall room?!) After leaving that room I thought many times about how frightened I was about that swing hanging from the ceiling…how could she expect us to sit way up there?! (the ‘seat’ part of the swing was ~10 feet from the floor). The first day of school arrives and I was extremely relieved to see a giant Winnie The Pooh stuffed animal sitting upon that swing. He stayed there all year – we were never on the swing!

  4. DerrickandKenny

    The real reason you ended up at Cedarville was because in God’s sovereignty He knew that the only way my friends and I would have any female interaction is if you came to Cedarville. 

    I worked at Chuck’s for only 1 quarter.  My worst Chuck’s memory was carrying scaulding hot french onion soup out to the serving line while spilling little amounts on my hands and not being able to just let go of the serving tray/bowl.  Boy was that hot.  My second worst Chuck’s memory was seeing the box of hotdogs that ended up being served.  The box said “Grade D, but edible.” on the side.  I never ate a Chuck’s hotdog again.

  5. faithchick

    ^it’s quite amazing the little pieces that we pick up here and there. (like that somehow i missed that you and kristen know each other irl, and that you were roommates no less!)

  6. Marketer319

    How was I aware that you have sisters, but not that you have a brother?  Or that his name is Joshua Daniel, which happens to be exactly MY brother’s name? 

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