and the winner is…

Talk about a scientific process! I typed up all of your names in the order you commented. Then I numbered the names 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 7, 6, 8, 9, 11… (if you can’t see the pattern, that’s okay. it’s a tough one. Then I had Gabe pick a number (no, he did not look at my paper or even have a clue what I was doing) between 1 and 35. He chose #29, the number of his favorite NASCAR driver.

Drawing winner

Congratulations, Becca O.! And the great news for me is that I’ll see Jamie tomorrow, and Jamie can give the book to Becca. No shipping! I like.

EDIT: Okay, um, so I scrawled those numbers down a little too quickly. Becca isn’t #29 after all, BUT she’s still going to get the book. Gabe picked 29, and there was a 29 by her name, so I’m sticking with my story. 10 points to the person who figures out the REAL #29. I have a different book to send to you, friend. Be watching your mailbox next week!

EDIT #2: Um, so I left Holly out of the drawing completely. I’m so sorry, you little filly! 🙂 What should I do to redeem myself, y’all??

There’s a blog where you can offer your sympathies to Steven Curtis Chapman’s family. They had almost 5,000 comments already when I was there. And there’s a sweet video of Maria and her daddy washing dishes together two months ago.

Here’s a pic Gabe took of the girlies this week. Thank you, God, for our babies. Please help me cherish each moment You give me with them.

Girls in meadow

31 thoughts on “and the winner is…

  1. YoGrandmaYo

    What beautiful girls!:)  I’m not in the least prejudiced!:)  Nina looks like she has what Gabe might describe as a “high food pressure” look.:)  Actually, she looks EXACTLY like I’ve seen Gabe look before!:)  Love you!:)

  2. terriwright

    The ‘pooter ate my comment. The second time around is never the same…..

    Your babies are so beautiful. What blessings.

    It figures that the week I go AWOL, YOU HAVE A CONTEST!!!!! Fine.

  3. ergirl053

    Your girls are real beauties!!
    I still can’t figure out the pattern- my brain is too tired.
    Have a great weekend in Michigan! We are heading to C-bus for the 3 day 🙂

  4. Hoffmom

    That’s funny!  I was looking at the list going, “Darn, I was really close….hey WAIT a minute!”  I AM nice, so I’ll forgive faithchick for calling me HoffMAN and also Becca for pretending to be #29.  😉   Obviously, Becca was meant to have it!

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