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I have mixed feelings about book reviews on blogs. Have I talked about this before? I’ve actually turned down some free books lately, because I just didn’t feel like adding my small voice to the list of a billion bloggers saying in a monotone, “You should buy this book. This book is about something important. Buy this book. It is good. You will like it. Please buy it.”

So, this isn’t one of those reviews. I got this book in the mail back in September. I didn’t receive it randomly. The author (Gary Thomas) and I had chatted over e-mail about some stuff, and he mentioned his latest book. I told him I’d love to read it. He sent it.

I loved it.

Really, I’ve loved all of his books I’ve read. For one, they appeal to my inner nerd. He’s brilliant. And he loves history and books and heroes of the faith and philosophy. This is not a mindless read.

But he’s also completely down-to-earth, witty, and 100% practical. He shares personal stories about his family–weaves all kinds of stories seamlessly throughout his books actually.

Anyway. I always end up feeling doggone convicted when I’m done reading. (Sacred Marriage especially.) This one was no exception. The book is all about pleasure and how God created it for us and we should enjoy it. I’m one of those who feels guilty about taking small pleasures for myself and would rather play the martyr than have someone spoil me.

“Why do Christians feel so bad about feeling good?” he asks. Hmm… good question. “As a Christian, were you taught to deny pleasure and avoid impulses that roused excitement? Do you sometimes feel guilty about enjoying God’s blessings?”

Pure Pleasure will help you (and I quote–would’ve used my own words but these were better):

“Enjoy God with a new sense of freedom and insight. Exude a peace and satisfaction that attracts others to Christ. Experience a deeper awareness of God’s goodness in your life. And fortify yourself against temptation by replacing counterfeit diversions with true pleasure.”

Now we’re talking.

The book made an impact on me, and I made a note to myself, “When you get a free moment, blog about Pure Pleasure.” Then I forgot. Then Gary and I connected on facebook, and he said he was giving away a free e-book of Pure Pleasure on his website to anyone who wanted it.

Did you hear me? You can download Pure Pleasure for FREE just by clicking here. No strings attached. Not a single one.

You’re welcome. And hey, speaking of you’re welcome, THANK YOU. Two hundred (200!) Expecting books have been donated. Praise the Lord and hallelujah! So excited to see what God will do!

So tell me: what’s one of your favorite little pleasures (guilty or otherwise)?

14 thoughts on “a free book for EVERYONE!

  1. Jessica P.

    Thanks for the link, Marla! I’ve been thinking about this topic for a week or two. I think this was meant for me.
    One of my favorite pleasures is rocking my baby to sleep – against all the best parenting advice in the world – I LOVE it.

  2. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    I LOVE GARY THOMAS! Sacred Marriage has changed me in so many ways. I need to re-read it, but I have loaned it to a friend.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this.

    Fave guilty pleasure: Chocolate Diet Coke from Sonic. YUM.

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