a birth-day and a give-a-way!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister-in-law, Jessica!! (my favorite SIL on the Yoder side, as she calls herself) If you love me at all (or even just like me some), go wish this dear gal a very happy birthday! And her blog this morning is AMAZING. Chances are, every one of you needs to hear it (I know I did!). I’m sure God planned it out for her to write that all up for us on her special day. Happy Birthday, Jess! I love you!

And now…the give-a-way!! (^one copy of the book above^)

If you remember, I blogged awhile ago about the book Hope Lives. I “met” the author, Amber Van Schooneveld, a couple months ago when I commented on someone’s blog about Compassion. Long story short, we e-mailed, did a book swap, and I just finished Hope Lives this morning.

It’s an incredible book. It can change your life. Rather, God can change your life through it. Amber works for Compassion in Colorado, overseeing the team of writers and photographers that are on location in each of Compassion’s countries. The girl has a heart for people, is in love with Jesus, and she can write!

The book is a five-week journey, helping us understand poverty, God’s love for people, His amazing grace, the hope we have in Him, how we can use our gifts to help others, using prayer as a weapon. I really could go on and on and on…

I underlined and asterisked like crazy throughout the book. Something that stood out to me today (the last day) was this: “I don’t want to be part of a fad. It’s so hot right now to be into Africa…into a cause…into the poor. What’ll it be five years from now? I don’t know, but I don’t want a phase–I want Christ. I want to be on this road of serving Christ and walking beside him for the rest of my life–with his grace at the center, to keep me from growing weary in doing good.”

“Attaining the fullness of Christ is the heart and the end of my journey.”

If you want to know Christ more deeply, if you want God to be bigger in your life, you’ve got to read this book. You’ve got to. And if you don’t win the give-away, go buy it! (and let me know you did, so I can encourage Amber)

I think I’ll draw the winner on Thursday. Leave a comment to enter. Did I mention that the book has
space for journaling, tons of Scripture, and gorgeous full-color pages of beautiful people around the globe?

Off to cut Gabe’s hair. Hey, we did something cool this morning! I got up at 5:55 and ran for 20 minutes! (first time in months) Then Gabe got up and ran while I had my devotions. And I went to bed before 10:00 last night! What is happening here?!?! Very cool things.

Have a titanic Tuesday!! EDIT: (1:24 pm) For the record, I had NO idea that today was the anniversary of the Titanic sinking. NOT A CLUE. I actually had the word “titillating” written, then thought, “Is that appropriate? I’m not sure that’s appropriate.” I backspaced halfway, intending to write “terrific,” thought that would be boring, re-finished the word to spell “titanic.”

56 thoughts on “a birth-day and a give-a-way!

  1. Anonymous

    HI – I found you via Boomama’s blog. Our Bible study group is finishing The Purpose Drive Life and it sounds like this book is written along the same lines. So I am eager to read it too. God is really so amazing and working in our lives this year. AFter the following the blogging trip to Africa, we are now sponsors of a little girl in Brazil and it is filling our hearts with joy. Thanks for sharing the goodness and for the reading advice. Have a happy day!

  2. jedlund

    I would like to enter the drawing! (if I’m not too late) I have an obsession with children in Africa, yet I’ve never even been there. I loved the quote.

    Speaking of books, what is the best way to go about buying Diapers? Through you or through Amazon?

  3. yackyyuki

    Hey! Long time no “talk”. I am busy living the “abundant” life (at least I hope it’s the abundant life.) And though I have not had time to read xanga (except occasionally – like today) I just wanted to know HOW DID YOUR XANGA PARTY GO??? And I will have to call Jess and wish her an awesome b-day b/c she has friend lock and I’m not yet her friend. I’d love to be in the drawing too – the book sounds amazing and I want to live a life that honors Christ and is a reflection of Him – it’s tough, but He’s working on me! Anyway, too bad we couldn’t do a birthday lunch for Jess together! 🙂 

    Blessings – Yuki

  4. Nixter77

    I think it’s about time I got picked for this one. Sounds like an awesome book to read.

    As Dory says in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ – “pick me pick me!” she woud have probably forgotten about the competition a few minutes later though anyway!

  5. allieanne


    My great-grandma told me one time that she remembered the day when the Titanic went down! Kids in our youth group have (had) a relative who was supposed to be on it, but got there too late!

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Marla,
    Just trying to catch up on blogs during nap-time. The book sounds awesome!! Great to hear that you got a good run in this morning!! What a great stress reliever 🙂 I’m hoping to get out later to do the same 🙂
    Have a blessed week!!
    Jenny Lusher

  7. CamilleElizabeth

    Congratulations to both you and Grabe for running! Let’s encourage each other, k? =) I did my “time” this morning, thought I might die half way through, but, I didn’t! YAY.

  8. ladymiss3739

    I think my comment should outweigh all of Krista’s entries b/c I am giving you a mini.  So there. 

    And ditto Gail.  I think you already used titillating before.  And for someone who writes books like you do, it just doesn’t shock us anymore.   

  9. Runmamarun

    Hey!  Way to go on the running!  I’m proud of you!  Found your blog through Boo Mama.  The book sounds awesome…would love a new read!! Put me in!  Thanks so much!

  10. kkakwright

    it is so terribly inappropriate of you to make light of the titanic sinking.  people died, you know. 
    please also consider this my 4th entry into the drawing.  😉

  11. rachmckinney

    good for you for running! maybe it’ll become habit again??? as ifyou need to; yiou look fabulous! i’ve started exercising again and it feels great! along with other things….anyway, love ya lots! have a titanic tuesday , yourself!:)

  12. YoYoYoder

    I’m not automatically disqualified for the prize cause I’m family, am I?

    Way to go for exercising! I have officially given up running. Walking is my thing now. 🙂

  13. kellyleelizabeth

    Hey, did you know this is the anniversary of the Titanic going down, or were you just saying “titanic Tuesday” for fun??? Because I’d rather not have a Tuesday like that!!!! just sayin’…

  14. luvmynoah

    Okay…I came of our my MIA status to enter.  That books sounds great!  Way to go on getting up early and running!  WOW!  I’m sure God cherished His time with you as much as you did with Him!

  15. jessyomama

    sounds like i need to read that book. i’m reading in isaiah and noticing how much God punished the israelites for not caring for the poor and needy *ouch!* i need to read that book…!

  16. terriwright


    I’ve NEVER won anything. I LOVE the quoted excerpt. Awesome. You know, this was quite a day in history: Lincoln declared war on this day, AND died this day, as well as that poor little boat sinking…..

    pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pick me…I’m old, might not last til the next giveaway, have a back spasm, Alsheimer’s, a bunion…….

  17. gsowell

    I think I should get the book because I need it. I need to have a shift of heart towards more compassion for God’s people. Don’t even put others’ names in the basket. (OK, you can. And I DID already win once, but I would love to win again.)

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