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Remember Super-Duper September?? Wasn’t that fun?? All the way back on September 4th, I featured Carey Willems, an ambassador for the amazing, wonderful, fair trade, artisans-from-around-the-globe Noonday Collection.

Well, guess what!! On Friday, November 16th, Carey and her daughter are driving all the way up to Ohio from Tennessee to host a Trunk Show at my house!! It’s at 7:00pm, and you’re invited!!

FRIENDS. To appreciate this fully, you must understand my aversion to parties where you feel obligated to spend a whole bunch of money on something you absolutely don’t need. I’ve hosted ONE in my life (for my awesome friend, Shalla–love you, girl!!), and I avoid them whenever I can.

But this? This is my heart. Providing hard-working women around the globe a pathway out of poverty for themselves and their families. Sustainable income, hope for their kiddos’ future, feeling valuable and needed. Love, love, love, LOVE.

I made a Facebook page afternoon and tried to invite all my friends who live anywhere near me in real life, but I got interrupted about 14 times and might have missed a few (or a ton) of you.

So consider this post your invitation!! If you want to come, let me know, and I’ll send you my address.

And hey, GREAT NEWS!! If you live far away and want to order something online through Carey, you can! Just e-mail her from her page, tell her what you want, and that you’re with me!

And hey, if you live in Tennessee, then hit her up to bring her Trunk Show to your place!!

Really, truly, buying gifts from Noonday Collection is THE WAY TO GO this holiday season! Their stuff is quality and beautiful and unique, and you’ll be helping a woman somewhere around the world feed, clothe, and educate herself and her family. You’ll be infusing her life with meaning and purpose and hope and love and joy.

Now, that’s a Merry Christmas.



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