you guys rock!

I am in a fabulous mood (more on that later) and I want so badly to comment on all your comments, so I shall. Sleep–who needs it?

biblestorebrowser–Oh my word. Your comment was right on the mark. I’ll explain more soon, but if that wasn’t God telling you what to write, then shoot!

faithchick–I did the scotch tape thing. Push-pinned it to my bulletin board. Ava was thrilled.

marketer–I would love to do that. It’s been done a bunch, but hey, people keep reading it…

km–“Dumb pear guy,” lol. I like the “plodding ahead despite pitfalls.” I’ll have to keep doing it!

mrs. northern–I’m thinking of ways to keep everyone’s awesome surveys from going to waste. They were soooo good.

rocknnell–Thank you, oh mother-in-law. Such encouraging words–I really appreciate it. See you tomorrow. Can’t wait to tell you about tonight’s phone conversation. God is working. “claim my pears” lol

yoyo–I hope Livi, Ava, and Nina love each other as much in 25 years as I love you and Stoof.

hcole–Good idea. And I’m enjoying keeping up w/your new phase in life…

nixie–Wild horses couldn’t keep me from writing. You are such an encourager!

camille–I’d love to help you with a book…”homegrown pears,” whatever.

lendy–“plenty of fodder,” lol. I’d like to hear more about your missionary mom idea.

scottnjes–Bloody stories, huh? Yuck. 🙂 No, it’s not illegal to find another publisher. I only sign a contract for individual books.

courtneymarie–Very funny that you used the word “memoirs.” Will explain later. “I hope pear guy gets the runs!” lol

I had an incredible chat with a literary agent from Oregon tonight and then a wonderful discussion with my husband. I’m still overwhelmed, but I feel energized and encouraged.

Ava and I spent two hours together this evening playing and imagining and crafting (made all our names into letter magnets using old Scrabble tiles–I buy them at garage sales–heehee) while Gabe took Livi to soccer practice. She was in heaven, and it felt so good to speak her love language and make her smile. And I was very disciplined and hardly cleaned/straightened up anything at all and left the laundry in the washer and only checked my e-mail/xanga once (okay, three times).

I love you, God.

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