y'all might wanna secure your valuables

Oh, my. Whew. Here I sit, wiping away tears of mirth. I just got back from a fun evening with some old and new friends (more on that in a bit), sat down to check my e-mail and blog and ended up busting a gut laughing. Oh, Martha, Martha, Martha…

Long story short. We’re going to some zoos. We stay with people we’ve never met. Gabe met a sweet young grandma named Martha through his podcast a couple years ago, and we stayed at their home in Indiana back in October. We’d never met in real life before showing up on their doorstep. Here’s part of Martha’s comment on my last post.

I must encourage you (anyone in the path of the Taviano family’s travels) that if you don’t invite them to stay with you.. you’ll miss out on missing some really wonderful people. We only have one double bed and one twin.. but the entire family camped out and loved it! Oh.. the girls are precious.. and the testimonies of Marla and Gabe will enrich your lives. You’ll turn cyber friends into dear lifetime friends. We immediately felt like we’d known the family in real life for ever! Nothing awkward .. they are nice.. don’t steal and they are very appreciative. Hey you might even get written up in Marla’s book. And Gabe will help you with mac questions you might have.

You heard it here first, folks. WE DON’T STEAL! No sirree!! You invite us into your home, pop us some popcorn or feed us some breakfast, let us borrow a bed, and we PROMISE not to take advantage of/violate you in any way. You can even leave cash or jewelry out on the night stand or the bathroom sink. We won’t even touch it. WE DON’T STEAL.

Poor Martha instantly followed up her comment with another one: P.S. How did you like the “they don’t steal” part? Ha ha. Don’t even know why I’d say such a thing. Love you.

In all seriousness, Martha and Tommy are some of the sweetest, funnest people I’ve ever met. Ever. And they spoiled us completely rotten. Martha even packed us a lunch for the zoo! And they live in the one of the cutest, most charmingest houses I’ve ever been in. I was so keyed up about it I could hardly fall asleep that night. If you’re driving through Southern Indiana sometime and need a place to stay, I’ll hook you up. Provided you’re not a petty thief, of course.

One last zoo thing before I forget. THANK YOU to everyone who’s offering your home or your companionship at one of the zoos. If we haven’t chatted already, please e-mail me so I have a way to contact you. And then I can file your e-mail in my special Zoo Folder, since my ol’ gray mind isn’t what it used to be. I’m getting awwwwfully excited about heading to Texas! God has already provided in little ways, even today. It wouldn’t seem like much to the untrained eye, but I’ve seen God work bit by little bit many a time before, and I absolutely love it! Praise Him!

So, tonight. My friend Tammy went to speak at a Moms2Moms group here in town. She was speaking on marriage, so she asked if I wanted to tag along and bring some of my books. So fun! I was hoping I’d see a couple gals I know who go to the church, but I figured they’d probably be at tomorrow morning’s session, not tonight. I was wrong! I got to chat with my friend Abigail (we grew up together), my friend Amanda (she was like Gabe’s sister growing up, and now she’s one of mine), Shannah and Karen (my pals from xanga!), Krysty (a college friend who brought her brand-new baby Barrett–oh, he is delicious!), Amie (a friend I just met last weekend and love already), Andrea (who I met this week on facebook) and Lisa (who I just met tonight). God gave Tammy lots of great stuff to share, and I know the gals were convicted and blessed (I was for sure!).

Thanks so much for your prayers for Gabe’s family. We’ll be at the viewing Friday from 2-4 and 6-8, then the funeral service is at 8pm. Please pray that we will be filled with God’s grace and encouragement as we comfort those who are suffering so deeply. Then I’ll be gone at a speaking thing from 7:30am-4:00pm on Saturday. Looking forward to a day of sweet rest on Sunday!

Happy Friday, friends!

17 thoughts on “y'all might wanna secure your valuables

  1. Martha

    I’m so glad to have given us both such a belly laugh!! And maybe more than us. But every time I think of that statement I just crack up. Marla there is no edit or delete button on your blog comments page. So I think I’ll stick with my story that you don’t even steal!!

    Love you… funny girl. And thanks for the recommendation. Don’t know how papaw will feel about having cyber friends from around the world stopping by.. but who knows.. it might be a huge blessing like the Taviano family.

  2. Kaye

    Praying for your entire family this weekend. If there is ANYTHING I can do please let me know.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  3. Donita

    Have you considered Arizona on your zoo tour? The world-famous Desert Museum is in Tucson and both Tucson and Phoenix (about 2 hours apart) have a zoo.
    But you better make it quick before the 110 degree days set in!

  4. Sandi

    Marla…just so you know, I’m getting ready to take dinner and Changing Your World &Expecting to a woman in our church, has 2 older children, now expecting QUADS!!

  5. Annie Whitehurst

    If you hadnt already been to Florida, you could definately stay with us! We are in the middle of the state, and only an hour and a half from Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando!
    If yall come back to Florida, you’ll have a place- especially now that we know you dont steal. ha..
    Praying for Gabe’s family…
    Annie W.

  6. Erin

    I’d let you stay at our place but it would kind of be pointless 🙂

    Praying for you guys this weekend…sounds like you have a lot going on!!

  7. Laurie

    praying for y’all and just loving how people from all over can be united in Christ, seeing needs and being His hands and feet.

  8. Sandi

    Marla, have you found anyone in Oklahoma with whom to stay? Jim and I have several wonderful, empty-nested, FCA staff or former staff who would be happy to house you, I’m sure!

  9. Tonia

    I agree with Martha. Anyone that gets the chance to have your family in will be so blessed!! Thanks for your words of encouragement you left for me! I happen to think you are pretty special! Gabe too and one day I want to meet your girlies!

  10. Joyce

    I love that God is all about the details….I’m noticing that these days too. So glad your trip is falling into place. Will pray for all that is happening on Friday.

  11. gitz

    There aren’t any zoos by my house (unless you count Riley as a petting zoo)… and I don’t have an extra bed, but DUDE, since you don’t steal you’re welcome here anytime. 🙂

  12. The Secret Life of Kat

    You’re coming to Texas? We have a really cute zoo in Waco. Don’t know if “cute” is what you look for in a zoo, though. 🙂

    Ok. I just looked on your itinerary and saw that you are in fact coming to our zoo. You’ll let me know when you’re in town, right?

    I’d offer my house, but I honestly don’t think my little house is big enough for all our kids! If you don’t have a place here, though, let me know and I’ll try to hook you up.

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