wispy wednesday

There’s nothing especially wispy about today. I just love the word wispy, and I’m trying to trick myself into loving Wednesdays. I also like the words whimsy (and whimsical), flamboyant, and simplicity. Too bad I can’t be Word Girl.

I should hear back from my church this afternoon sometime. Thank you, Gail, for the brilliant mission statement. Here it is for those of you who missed it:

The mission of the Xangatherfestapalooza with Cakeballs is to promote networking and fellowship among a variety of Christian women so that each may return to her normal life refreshed, encouraged, and connected to others in the body of Christ in such a way that she is a more efficient and effective servant of God. And to have fun.

And Missy’s caveat: Gail’s mission statement is perfect! Maybe we need to say something about “we’ll clean up after ourselves?” We might sounds scary…esp. the part about us chit chatting for 5 hours while our children run around without babysitting. And cakeballs. Don’t tell them about those.

And Kimberly has appointed herself the maker of our “rules of etiquette.” Fine. One of my rules (for myself) was to delegate, delegate, delegate, so that will be perfect.

Here’s my only rule: In order to avoid feelings of awkwardness upon meeting a xanga gal IRL for the first time, just run up and hug each other flamboyantly, as if you were long-lost childhood friends.

Tomorrow I’m going to ask a few of you to volunteer to bring something with you (paper plates, napkins, nametags, etc). I’ll make a sign-up sheet of sorts. My gut tells me to do it all myself, but I’m not about to get in over my head all over again.

In other news, Gabe and I watched The Kite Runner Monday night. Loved it. It followed the book perfectly. Of course, stuff had to be left out to make it movie-length. I love subtitles. I wish I could read every movie. 🙂

Livi hurt her foot at soccer practice yesterday. She’s had a lot of growing pains lately. Don’t know if this is related. Nothing seems broken/out of place. She didn’t want to go to school. We pay for x-rays and stuff out-of-pocket, so while we don’t want to be cruel, we need to make sure it’s not just a bruise before we pay hundreds of dollars we don’t have. I put her on the school bus in tears. Bluh.

Our neighbor girl came over yesterday. She comes once or twice a week or the girls go over there. She told the girls she has an imaginary friend named Olivia. Whenever she gets lonely (she’s an only child), she plays with Olivia. She also told Livi and Ava that they’re lucky because when they’re grounded, they still have someone to play board games with, even if they can’t leave the house. I don’t think they really understood “grounding.” They know about sex, but not grounding. 🙂

Another question. Kristin asked, Will you write full-time when all three girls are old enough to be in school all day, or keep it part-time? Well, it depends on what you mean by full-time. Some weeks I’m already writing 40 hours. Some not. And if you count speaking engagements (and preparation for them) and managing book orders and returning book-related e-mails and doing self-employment taxes, I put in well over 40 hours a week every week. But, yes, when the girls are in school, I’ll write even more. And related, how many books are planned in your head right now? Seven.

And Gail asked, Surprise! Someone has offered to watch your girls for two weeks AND foot the bill for you and Gabe to go on a huge trip. Where do you go, and what do you do? Wow, that’s a tough one. First of all, I don’t know that I could leave the girls for 2 weeks. Eek. Could I take them and bring a nanny? 🙂 I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand. And since it’s so far away and costs so much to get there, 2 weeks would be super. As would a FREE trip. But I’d also love to see Europe. Especially Taviano, Italy and the town Gabe’s family is from. And Africa. I’d love to go on a safari and visit Compassion kids. If I have to choose…Australia/New Zealand. (You’re welcome, Nicola!) Oh, and what would I do? Visit Nixie. See kangaroos. Take pictures. Enjoy God’s gorgeous New Zealand. Spends lots of time reading on the beach.

Gabe just came up behind me and said, “Marla bloggy long time. Marla bloggy enough for six bloggies.” That would be my cue to skedaddle. May your Wednesday be Whimsical!

7 thoughts on “wispy wednesday

  1. Nixter77

    Yeh how exciting. I feel very excited that if you could visit anywhere you would visit here. I like how you put Australia first – of course I will take you to New Zealand – you can most certainly visit kangaroos, read on the beach and hang out with me.. That’s the easy bit. Getting you out here is still top of my list.

    Question: Do you know how much I love you?

    Answer – squillions!

  2. gsowell

    Flamboyant hugging will overcome my IRL awkwardness? Ok. Check.

    I’ll bring whatever. Post the list tomorrow.

    Thank you for answering my question, even if it was enough for 6 bloggies…GABE!

    Sorry for the tears onto the bus. Caroline cried all day yesterday. About nothing. At least Livi had a reason!

  3. ladymiss3739

    When you say you love words like whimsy, wispy…it makes me worry that your next book is going to be a steamy Christian romance.  (Can Christian romance be steamy)? 

    Marla should bloggy as much as Marla wants.  We’re selfish over here in xanga land and like it when you bloggy incessantly. 

  4. filledeparis

    I do read many movies! You should come to France! They keep most movies in their original language(American films in English, Spanish films in Spanish) and put the subtitles in French. Some movies are dubbed into French, of course. Prayed just now that Livi heals quickly!

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