while I’m waiting…

EDIT #2: Jamie asked that we all make it a priority these next few days to pray for the get-together (if you aren’t already). For safety, fun, encouragement, inspiration, good behavior in the car (moms and kids alike!), fellowship. Just for an all-around enriching, edifying, exciting time. God’s gonna move!

p.s. I’ll post some “rules of etiquette”for the get-together tomorrow. 🙂

EDIT: (4:38 p.m.) Well, I just got off the phone with a lady from church. She’s in charge of presenting requests to the committee (from people like me who want to use the church for things). She wanted to make sure she was clear on what I needed before she approached the committee. I had a lot of fun trying to explain who we are. And how we know each other. (“No, they don’t all know each other. But I know all of them. They’re nice folks. No criminal backgrounds…”) And what exactly we would be doing for 5 hours. (“No, really. We just want to eat and talk. We’ll have no problem doing that for 5 hours. We could do it for 5 days. No, we don’t need childcare. Our kids will just run around and play while we eat and talk. And eat and talk. For five hours.”)

Hopefully no one from the committee will come check us out here today. I should delete question #3 (and all corresponding comments) just in case.

I feel queasy. I’m going to go pray.

to hear back about the room at church (see previous post), I thought I’d answer a few of your questions from way back when.

Krista asked, If you were a super hero, what would your name be and what would your outfit look like? Of all the ridiculous questions… I would be Word Girl! And my outfit would be royal blue, cornflower, and turquoise. The spandex, the cape, the tights, all of it. There would be one very cool word across my chest. It would change each day. I would not fly. Well, maybe, but really low to the ground and not too fast. I’m not real clear on what my purpose in life would be.

Jen asked, Is there a topic you would NOT write about? I can’t think of one in particular. I wouldn’t write about anything that bores me. And I wouldn’t write about anything I don’t have any experience with. I have no desire to research a topic that’s not already an important part of my life.

Twoloverslane asked, Have you completed the “baby oil” idea yet that you suggested in Is That All He Thinks About? Let me just say that it’s well worth it! Yes. WELL worth it. 🙂

And my brain already hurts. More later!

If you’d like a copy of Blushing Bride or Is That All?, see the link on my previous post for a chance to win one. My new friend Marla is giving them away on her marriage blog.

I just know somebody’s going to hop right over to Amazon and write a review for Diapers. Pretty please! And thank you!

I had stuff to say today, folks. Real stuff. And it’s gone… Happy Tuesday regardless!

23 thoughts on “while I’m waiting…

  1. ch1pch0p

    Ummm… I believe I, Kimberly, am the appropriate person to be in charge of the “rules of etiquette”for the get-together, so don’t you worry your pretty little self about that.

  2. twoloverslane

    Nice!  Even though I don’t know you very well, I’m glad I could encourage you on to a new experience.  : )  Hee hee.   I feel like we’d be good friends.

  3. ClutzyButtercup

    I can understand why you might have trouble explaining the Xanga group to someone…especially if they don’t blog.  I would have never imagined that I would be a blogger or have blogger friends that I anxiously await hearing from!  The worse part is my jealousy (I’m confessing) cc. the Xanga event…I feel so bad but it is a selfish thing!  🙂

  4. angntug

    i just recently checked my last comment on how much you wanted for your book…i’ll have it to you the next time i see you unless you want me to mail it? sorry 🙁 i wouldve had it to you that day…have fun with your xanga get-together!

  5. ladymiss3739

    Gail’s mission statement is perfect!  Maybe we need to say something about “we’ll clean up after ourselves?”  We might sounds scary…esp. the part about us chit chatting for 5 hours while our children run around without babysitting.  And cakeballs.  Don’t tell them about those. 

  6. jbnygaard

    Gail…LOVE the mission statement!

    Hey….can I put a word out that I think we should all make it a priority to pray about Xangatherfestapalooza? For safety, for fun, for goofiness, for building relationships, for whatever else you can think of.

    Maybe you all are praying already….but, if not…just thought I’d bring it up. 🙂

  7. gsowell

    The mission of the Xangatherfestapalooza with Cakeballs is to promote networking and fellowship among a variety of Christian women so that each may return to her normal life refreshed, encouraged, and connected to others in the body of Christ in such a way that she is a more efficient and effective servant of God. And to have fun.

  8. ladymiss3739

    I think you can still be word girl.  The other one wears red, and you were very specific that you would wear blue. 

    Would it help things at your church if we all came up with a “mission statement” for our group?     

  9. allieanne

    “And my brain already hurts”… you only answered THREE questions and they were very easy…that makes me think that you have code words in your blog and “And my brain already hurts” is code for Gabe so that when he reads it he knows to gather up the baby oil and shower curtain cause you’ll be waiting for him…

  10. bekisue

    First of all, it cracks me up that you would be word girl. Secondly, it cracks me up more that there already is a word girl. Thirdly it cracks me up that Gail knew this information. You guys are all dorks! I mean that very kindly. I’m laughing!

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