when you’re up, you’re up

EDIT: Oh, and Nixie, I forgot to say that the connecting link among most of us is that we attended Cedarville College/University at some point. It’s a tiny little school in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It gained “University” status (whatever that means) sometime after lendy_p and I graduated. 🙂 That’s how I “know” billbrown. He’s the President, and a fine one at that. END EDIT, and g’day, mate!

The cool thing about being highly susceptible to mood swings is that if you wait just a bit, your bad mood will generally give way to a good mood…or something. I was in a rotten mood earlier and thought about blogging, but I decided to spare you and me both by waiting until it passed.

So, hello, here I sit in a better mood. Even though my face feels like demons of dryness have invested my every pore. Actually, I don’t think I even have pores anymore. I am MISERABLE. They tell me that if I can hang in there for another few days, my face will be all cleared up and voila! Dryness be gone! I am this close to dunking my entire head in a tub full of aloe vera gel. Have you ever kept a mud mask on too long and thought your face would crack? I feel like I’ve had a thin layer of dried-up mud on my face and neck for 9 days straight. But enough about me.

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Don’t you just love killing a fly on the first attempt–in one fell swoop–as opposed to chasing it around the entire house with a flyswatter for the better part of a morning?

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to sternly discipline one of your children, and the wrong words come out of your mouth and completely ruin the solemn moment? Last night, I told Livi, “Young lady, don’t you look at me with that tone of…look.” We both busted up laughing.

Nixie really really wants to know how I know all you guys. She doesn’t realize how boring the story is, because I actually don’t know anybody at all. You are all friends I’ve stolen from other people. 🙂

Here’s how it all started…it was either the end of December 05 or the beginning of January 06. Gabe had been hounding me to start blogging. Forget it, I said. Finally caved. Started blogging right before Nina was born. Found out my sister (YoYoYoder) also had a blog. From her blog, I went to adamslady‘s. She and YoYo went to high school together in our small town. I believe I found faithchick on adamslady’s site. The two of them went to college together and on a trip to Africa. I died laughing when I read faithchick’s blog, because her site was teal and purple and she commented that it reminded her of a Charlotte Hornet’s Starter jacket from the 90’s–or something to that effect. I had one of those (a sweatshirt actually) when I was in high school and thought I was pretty cool. My brother painted his room teal and purple–even the original wood floors in our 100+ year old house! They are still teal to this day–sick!

Anyway, from faithchick’s site, I believe I found bethelaine and kmhunsberger and ch1pch0p and mybluheaven and lendy_p I am sick of typing links, so the rest won’t have any… marketer319, rachmckinney, et. al are also stolen friends.

hcole86 found Gabe’s blog last year sometime and commented about our website, started checking out my blog and brought her friend nixter77 along. These lovely gals hail from Australia. (nixie is actually from England)

SuperScuzzy is my sister’s sister-in-law, as are scottnjes and cherithpeters and maximus20.

kkakwright went to high school with Gabe and we became friends when we worked at a church camp together. jbnygaard is friends with kkak. mrsnorthern8605 is married to a friend of Gabe’s. Oh, and angntug is my sister-in-law. And I am too tired to explain any more. Ava has asked me about 9 times now to read a book to her.

Have an awesome weekend!

12 thoughts on “when you’re up, you’re up

  1. Nixter77

    woo hoot – good on you mate for writing all that down and linking the links, I agree, you = very patient.

    Thanks for sharing how you know all these Xanga ladies – one more question did you know ‘IRL know’ each other before or did you ‘meet’ through Xanga?

    Happy weekend all 🙂

  2. faithchick

    hmmmmm….i have to double check (I don’t have my resources here-they’re at mom’s!), but I think you should use the skin logics (but I’m thinking you have the skin logics GOLD, right? skinlogics=skin acting in 20’s, skinlogics gold=skin acting in 30’s)

    (e-mail me your major skin concerns and I’ll compare it with a chart at mom’s tomorrow)

    And then, she can mail you skinlogics tomorrow if that’s what you need, or you can start using your gold, and if you give the all clear back to mom, she can send it to the company for the money back guarantee. I don’t know if it would be good to have the all clear SKIN CARE on hand, but the all clear BLEMISH BLOCK would be good for those rough days.

    am i making sense? probably not b/c i feel brain dead…I’ll get more info & let you know tomorrow. 🙂
    i’m really sorry about the itchiness, you poor girl!! 🙁

  3. mtaviano

    Jess–I have the skin logics that I was going to give back to your mom. Do you think I should just keep that and pay her for the all-clear? Maybe I could use skin logics as my primary stuff and the all-clear when I think I need it?? All advice welcome!

  4. faithchick

    marla, i feel like i should apologize 100 times over! i’m sorry about your miserable dryness. i don’t think mine was nearly as bad as yours seems. Maybe you didn’t need something as potent as all-clear & the regular old skin logics would do the trick.


    and also, i can’t believe you rememberd the charolotte hornets thing, or that adamslady & I went to africa together. sharp brain you got there!

  5. kkakwright

    Heather’s kids new mommy was “sick”.  She was an alcoholic.  They saw a lot of things kids should never have to see.  Not sure what all Cameron gets. But according to their dad, and Ellie’s counselor (mandated by the court), Ellie has a sense of relief that her mommy is finally better and happy and is waiting for them in heaven.  Problem is….daddy and step-mommy are unsaved.  I feel totally helpless (they live in DC).  I pray every day that somebody (if not me) will reach those kids for Christ.  Thanks for asking.

  6. KmHunsberger

    I can’t believe you took the time to put all of those links on there. You are a patient lady! I loved reading how you know us all though…how fun! If I was disciplined/focused/etc… maybe I would do that someday… 🙂 But instead I just finished mopping all of my floors and cleaning all of my bathrooms in preparation for puking into the toilet for the next five months 🙂 Now I am sitting down…for the first time all morning…and I feel like I may just go use that toilet that is clean and waiting for my lunch 🙂

    Have a most wonderful weekend…

  7. lendy_p

    Nixie, we all basically stole friends from each other. All my friends have been stolen from my sister, Lisa (mybluheaven) except for a couple I found myself. You can keep clicking on links forever!
    Marla, I hope bc products didn’t do that to you! Otherwise, we are all in deep trouble! 😉 Hope you can hang in there until it goes away!

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