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I mentioned I have a beautiful friend visiting me this week. From a state far enough from Ohio that this is her first visit in her lifetime. A friend I met on the internet and then picked up at the airport three years later. We’ve had such a sweet time together.

We met this girl at the zoo today. And we went to my favorite thrift store. And we tried new (to her) foods. And snacked on Bumpy Nerds and Sour Gummy Bunnies. And talked and talked and talked and talked.

And a couple of hours ago, I hugged her good night and sent her to the basement (it’s happy and comfy down there, I promise) and spent the last 2ish hours in bed with Gabe’s laptop, trying to catch up on stuff I “missed” today online.

And I just read this post (that I can relate to on many, levels), and I’m not going to write a follow-up 7 post this week like I think I “should.”

I’m going to soak up one last fabulous day with my friend before she heads back down south early Thursday morning.

Because the stinky, gorgeous white flowers on the Bradford Pear trees only last for a minute. And so do visits from soul-sister friends. And I don’t want to miss either one of them.

4 thoughts on “what's most important

  1. amber

    I read Jen’s post yesterday while you were tucking little humans in bed and then came down to your very comfy basement thinking I was going to bed.

    But, instead, I wrote a blog post. About being kinda empty.

    Stinky fish trees, yes.
    Funny weird food, yes.
    Soul-sisters, definitely.

    1. Marla Taviano

      I read your post at 1:30 this morning and almost came down and hugged you. Hoping and praying you’re still sleeping or at least resting peacefully (even though Ava and Nina are having trouble with the concept of being truly quiet). Love you.

  2. Claudia Porpiglia

    I hope and pray that you have an awesome dayw ith your friend! May your emotional, spiritual and physical tank be refilled! 🙂

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