I got a funny e-mail from my neighbor today. Her name is Heather, and she lives across the street from me. She’s married to Jimmy, and they have 2 cute kids, Devon and Hannah. I think they’re 12 and 8.

Anyway, Heather ordered my book a couple weeks ago via paypal, so I signed the book and took it over to her house along with her refundable $2 shipping fee. She e-mailed me today and said she really enjoyed the book. She also said she reads my blogs and couldn’t help feeling a bit like a voyeur since she keeps up with everything I’m doing via the blog, yet she doesn’t have one, so I don’t know what she’s up to.

Oh, but Heather, I beg to differ. I’m not normally a person who sits still for long periods of time, but I have a 2-month-old who likes to eat, so I sit in my recliner and nurse her many times a day. From my recliner I have a perfect view of Jim and Heather’s house. They love sitting outside and chatting while their kids are at school and before Jim leaves for work. And for the last couple months, they’ve been building a new front porch and re-siding their house. And I watch them for hours each day through the slats of my window blinds. I’ve even caught them KISSING.

I AM THE VOYEUR, not you, Heather!

I am craving Spring when I can actually get outside with little one (and my 2 medium-sized ones) and talk to Heather (and other neighbors) in real life, face-to-face on her NEW PORCH. Sigh.

The internet is a fabulous tool for keeping in touch with friends, but there’s nothing like sitting on a real porch in the sunshine, sipping something refreshing, watching happy children frolic in the yard.

See you in a few weeks, Heather! btw, the porch looks awesome!

4 thoughts on “voyeurism

  1. AgapeCreations

    Ok. I disagree with most of what you said and I think it would be better understood if we were to sit down ( with Gabe) and I could show you the errors of your logic using God’s word, not mine. Still friends, Dan

  2. estherplank

    Marla, I just wanted to tell you that I received your book in the mail yesterday (after ordering it online), and I have already read the whole thing!  You are such an amazing writer!  Even though I am not married, or even engaged, I was still able to learn so much from what you wrote, and I realize now that I am just dreaming about the fantasy of marriage that so many women my age do.  My boyfriend, Daniel, and I have been together for over 2 years, and we are constantly getting the question, “When are you guys getting married?” from friends, and especially our families.  Yea, there was a time when I thought I was ready, but I have beginning to see that maybe I wasn’t.  Your book convinced me that it’s not necessarily about being “ready,” but it’s more about the mind-set that I should have about marriage.  I definately need to work on understanding what submission to Daniel will really mean, and I most definately need to work on the respect issue. 

    Anyway, sorry to delve into all this.  I really just wanted to say thank you for writing the book.  By the way, your daughters are beautiful!  (And, I do remember your kittens M&M and Skittles from the many times I was at your house…I know that’s random, but that part just made me laugh so hard!!)

  3. AgapeCreations" target="_blank

      Hey, thanks for your thoughts. Yeah.. most of today’s church goers beleive the same way you do. Ok, with all do respect, when someone would just look at the facts without any preconcieved ideas (such as someone claiming to be a Christain) one would have to say by his works, he denies Christ. His life syle is that of a nonbeliever. He had done those same sinful, worldly things before he ever claimed to have given his life to Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17 states that we become new creatures and the old man is dead. The reason he continued his walk with Satan is because he never got saved. Remember, he was a Roman Catholic and any true practicing Catholic deines Christ. http://www.chick.com/catalog/books/0153.asp  Mel Gibson claims he is born again, but he sadly is not. As you know, not everyone that says Lord, Lord , shall enter the kingdom of God. (Matt.7:21) We are told in 2 Timothy chapter 3 that in the last days before Christ’s return, the world would see a lot of evil, encluding believers falling away.  We read in verse 5 that there will be people having a FORM of godliness, but dey the power thereof. Just as Paul exposed the churches for thier sins and told them that God has certain standards that were to live by, it is with that same sound doctine, that I tell those who have ears to hear, the truth according to His word. We are called to expose the darkness and be a pillar of light without waivering. I hope you might reconsider looking a bit further into this matter. Until next time, keep it real, keep it Christ. ~Dan
    Posted 3/24/2006 at 12:23 PM by AgapeCreations

  4. biblestorebrowser

    Is it a girl thing??? Living on a cul-de-sac, I can’t help but look out when I hear a car or truck. As for the neighbors, I don’t mind watching people in general. It’s a way to step into their lives for a moment. I even imagine life inside the houses we pass on road trips. Kind of like reading a book without a plot.

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