URGENT prayer request for xanga friend

EDIT: (12:25pm Thurs) Kristen called at 8:45 this morning, planning to leave VA at 9:00. So, she’s on her way and should arrive sometime this afternoon. Your prayers are awesome–I know she can feel them. And Kimberly Sue, consider this your official invite to the festivities tonight. If I get the chance this afternoon, I have cool things to blog about–a yucky week turned wonderful…

EDIT: (9:09pm) Kristen just called. The shot they gave her slowed the contractions way down. They’re still there but really weak. She was discharged from the hospital at 7:00 with orders not to go anywhere until the morning. Her plan is to leave in the morning and arrive here late afternoon. Her professor is graciously allowing her to miss the last 2 days of class and still receive credit. Jon will either drive down here to pick her up or she’ll make the 5-hour trip home early Friday. Thanks for your prayers–please keep them up tomorrow!

Kristen (kmhunsberger) just called me from a hospital in Virginia. She’s down there for the week doing an internship-type thing for her masters degree. She’s been having contractions all day and went to the hospital around 12:30 pm. They gave her medicine to stop them, and it’s working. She’s 31 weeks pregnant, 13 hours from home, and is supposed to be in VA until Friday afternoon.

She wants to be home right now more than anything. And she and Jon have a decision to make. Does he come get her? Can she drive home alone? (3 hours of her drive are in the mountains–no cell phone reception) Fly home? Plane tickets are over $500. We’re 8 hours from her here; she was planning on staying with us on Friday night.

Please pray for her–for her health, the baby’s safety, for peace of mind for both her and Jon, that they will make the wisest decision. Pray, pray, pray–and get others to pray, too. What a scary time, but our God is so faithful.

I’ll update as soon as I know something more.

8 thoughts on “URGENT prayer request for xanga friend

  1. jbnygaard

    Oh how I wish I lived closer to meet Kristen and have fun with your festivities tonight!!!! Bummer! Too bad I didn’t go with Christian to work today!!! I could’ve stopped over! 🙂

  2. tonialynn59

    Thank you so much for letting us know.  Yesterday a.m. I prayed for my xanga friends specifically and I prayed for her and the pregnancy and being away from home.  Please keep us posted!

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