typos, excerpts, and a fun game

 my EDIT:or just told me there were 5,500 books printed in the first print run. We should be able to get rid of those in what, 60 days, girls? 🙂

Well, I finished the book (reading it, not writing it, but you knew that). And it makes me smile. Just one little thing in the pit of my stomach. I found 4 mistakes. (there may be more, but I was reading pretty fast) Mistakes aren’t a huge deal…usually. Mistakes #2 and #3 are no biggie. And #1 is a misspelling of someone’s name on my dedication page. Most people won’t notice, and she will understand.

#4 is what’s got my stomach a little twisted. This is how the sentence reads in my manuscript: God didn’t make us out of cookie cutters, and He doesn’t expect us to act like He did. Meaning, we shouldn’t all act the same, like we were made out of the same cookie cutter.

Here’s how the sentence reads in the book: God didn’t make us out of cookie cutters, and He doesn’t expect us to act the way He did. Eek! Meaning, God doesn’t expect us to act like Him. EEK!

I’m already working on a little piece of paper to slip in between pages 88-89 of every book I sell–Author’s Disclaimer: This is not what I wrote! This is a typo that sounds like my theology is skewed! (or something like that) Or I could just let it go. But I hate the thought of someone reading it and being all confused about what I believe. Sigh.

The good news? I talked to my editor (who was waaaaay apologetic that it got by him), and he says they can make all these changes before the 2nd printing. (I forgot to ask him how many books are in a printing–I think maybe 6,000). Sooooo, we need to unload 6,000 books pronto, so I can fix a dear gal’s name and not get e-mails about God not expecting us to emulate Him and whatnot. You with me?

Okay, the subject of this post says “typos, excerpts, and a fun game.” Here’s your excerpt (from p. 185)

    “When my son was a year old,” said another friend, “I left him downstairs while I ran up to get a diaper because he had filled his pants. Moments later, I found him eating dirt. Lovely. I assumed he had gotten into one of my houseplants. Two seconds later, my nose told me it was not dirt. He had eaten 80 percent of the contents of his diaper and smeared the rest all over himself. I had to soak Q-tips in warm water to get it out of his ears and nostrils.”
    I am thrilled that (so far!) my kids have stuck to a feces-free diet, but the poo-ingesting is more common than you might think. 

The 2nd paragraph^ is me talking, if you didn’t figure that out. Like I said earlier today–oh, the irony.

The excerpt is a nice lead-in to the final part of my subject–“a fun game.” You will notice that I called the person quoted above, “another friend.” She obviously has a real name. I obviously didn’t use it. Many of you will see your name spelled out in black ink in the book. Some of you are going to read your story (see above) but not see your name. You are going to be itching, just itching, to say to everyone who reads the book, “Page 76, 2nd paragraph, the story about the _________. That’s me!!”

So, if anyone wants to guess who the mama of the afore-mentioned poop-eater is, have at it! (and for the record, Nina did not EAT her poop today. I’m sure she’ll get around to that tomorrow.) This will be the only time I do this on my blog. I know this person well enough to know she won’t care if people find out her identity. And I like embarrassing her.

Here’s the other part of the game: after you get the book, if you want me to identify you as the person in a story/quote in the book, message me. I’ll copy the quote on my blog and let people guess who wrote it/who it’s about. 🙂

Isn’t that heaps of fun?

Thanks sooooo much for all your encouragement. It means the world to me. I love how we all spur each other on–like Beth Elaine’s bags and Jessica’s cakes for example. 🙂 Speaking of that, I’ve been seriously considering a cool idea. You know how all my sisters are going to sell their handicrafts on my web site? Well, what if we had a XangaLand web site where we could all offer all our…stuff we have to offer? Just an idea…lots of logistics…just want you all to pursue your dreams.

Love and hugs! Sorry about the 10 blogs in 2 days. My husband goes out of town, and I get all needy. 🙂

45 thoughts on “typos, excerpts, and a fun game

  1. Clara

    Just select what you need to wager on, while keep in mind that your likelihood of earning reduce steadily the more complicated mixtures you

  2. Anonymous

    OhMy!  Marla, love… I just remembered!  You do personally “know of” a poop eater!  It was an acident this particular little girl may not wish to remember… but this particular little girl we both know of, thought my little angel’s “leak” was a crumbled piece of brownie!  After a good laugh from everyone present… she quietly passed on her own serving of desert!  Poor dear!  Not that we could blame her!!  I won’t mention names… as I’m sure she wouldn’t want me too… but all the same… you do personally “know of” a story of fecal digestion!

    I completely forgot!  Hang in there Nina… just say NO!

  3. Nixter77

    I am in for the Xangaland crafty website blog thingy too.

    Sorry about the typos – but yay they can fix them up on the 2nd print run!

    I can’t wait to read your book – woo hoot! Love ya

  4. gsowell

    I LOVE Krista’s pic. Kain in a wig. What could be funnier? Keep it Krista! Keep it!

    All the pregnant people I know are probably getting a free book. What if I go promote it at the hospital’s OB unit?

  5. meganweist

    you think I didn’t add up that math in my head
    my fave was the other day, he watched them both for a grand total of 3 hrs and freaked out and called me “how on earth am I supposed to feed him while she needs something & is crying”

  6. faithchick

    I would stuff papers in books for 5 cents a piece.   Or out of the goodness of my heart-one of the two.
    Megan & Krista, I got a “why’d you let her play with the lotion?” the other day.  Putz.

  7. ladymiss3739

    Sorry about the typos…you’re handling it with more grace than I would be at the moment!  Can you really slip papers into the pages of the 6,000 books?  It would be a lot of work, but you could invite people who live close by (cough-cough-ahem) and we, I mean, they, could have a stuffing party.  Just a thought!

  8. kellycohan

    I’m simultaneously revolted and relieved that kids survive eating their own poo. And I hope to someday be blase’ about it like Krista. I love Kerry’s comment!! Just like a man. 🙂

    Can I tell you how much I’m looking forward to this book?!? Brit and I are thinking about our first now, but I’m not really enthused about reading lots of non-christian baby books. Which is very unlike me (I usually love to immerse myself when I’m getting into something new). And which is why I’m really excited about Diapers. Thanks in advance, Marla!

    P.S. I do a lot of editing in my job too… hate hate hate typos/mistakes. I feel ya.

  9. kkakwright

    oh sorry.  shoot.  i didn’t mean to.  i didn’t get that when i read it.  sorry marlavous.

    the best part of the entire story was kerry’s reaction when he came home from work.  he said, “why did you let him do that?”.  AS IF, i scraped out his diaper, put it on a nice little plate, sat him down at the table and gave it to him for lunch. 

  10. mtaviano

    ^Terri, thanks for the book order! But you already get one for free. Which DIL do you want me to sign the other book for? 🙂

    ^Bethy, you should ABSOLUTELY read the book before you have kids. Absolutely.

    ^B.E., I added a link to your site.

    ^Jess, I added a link to yours too.

  11. bethelaine

    so sorry about the typos!    at least you caught it now!

    thanks for the shout-out about the purses.    a common website upon which to sell our wares sounds like a fantastic idea!

  12. YoYoYoder

    I wasn’t sure if I should wait to read your parenting book for when I get pregnant/have kids, but now I’ve decided to read it right away. I think hearing other stories like the eating poop incident will ease my worry that I will be a bad mother. Not that you’re a bad mother if your child is caught eating his or her poop! I just mean that it will be comforting to read stories to show that all babies/moms aren’t perfect, weird things will happen–and when they do once I eventually have kids, I will know I’m not alone. 🙂

  13. terriwright

    The more blogs from you, the better! Anyone who reads the other 99% of the book will know your theology. Typos drive me nuts(I correct road signs), but….it’s a tiny mistake. I ordered one already….I guess I’ll order another. *sigh*

  14. gsowell

    ^oooh. Good guess, Maren.^

    I was guessing Krista, but if Maren guessed someone else, then that’s probably not right. I know Kristen has boys, but Landon seems decidedly NOT the type to eat poo.

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