trick-or-treat! smell my feet!

We had soooo much fun tonight! (Well, after we survived the Last-Minute Costume Switch.) After the girls shot down my brilliant idea to go as a 4-woman Punk Rock Girl Band, they knew they didn’t have a whole lot of options. If you’ll remember from this post, I’m a cheapskate and can’t sew.

So. The choices were: a.) soccer player (which Livi has done for at least 3 years) b.) something princess-y from the dress-up box (my girls are vehemently anti-princess these days) or c.) a ghost.

Three ghosts it is.

Except when Nina’s sheet kept sliding around and her eye holes weren’t lining up and she started to cry. “Do you want to be something else?” Yes. “A princess?” NO! “A clown?” Sure.

Big sister to the rescue.

Voila! (and isn’t my birthday banner beautiful??)

I could just eat her. (And yes, she has a pom-pom on her head.)

Her cute big sisters. (No, they’re not twins, but they get that a lot.)

This is our friend Micah, one of the funniest three-year-olds I know. If she were up for adoption (which she sometimes is), I would snatch her right up. But I love her mommy and daddy (Krista and Doug) too much to take her (except for the times they beg me to).

Micah, who generally adores Livi and Ava, was actually a little scared of them tonight.

Here are Doug and Gabe, armed and ready to hand out candy. They don’t know this (and they aren’t going to like it) but next year we’re swapping roles. I told Doug he had to dress up to pass out candy, and so he did. 🙂 Just messin’ with you, Doug-O. (My “little” brother doesn’t live close enough to pick on, so I pick on Doug.)

I’m so bummed that I didn’t get a pic of me and Krista, but Nina was having one Clown Wardrobe Malfunction after another, and it just didn’t happen. This is Krista from the rear, which is the angle most pregnant women preferred to be shot from, no? (she looks hot anyway, so it doesn’t matter)

Livi and Ava with some of their friends from our neighborhood.

Brothers D and D who are seriously going to be famous someday. Last year at the bus stop, they would perform original raps that were stinkin’ hilarious.

And there you have it. Halloween 2010 in the books. Can’t wait to tell you what I passed out while we were trick-or-treating! (Next week!)

Have a great weekend!! I know I will! (I have a 24-hour kiddo-free date with Gabe the Babe!)

p.s. Keep those Expecting donations coming!! 42 on Day One! You people ROCK!!

p.p.s. Apparently! I! Love! Exclamation! Points!

20 thoughts on “trick-or-treat! smell my feet!

  1. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    This looks like so much fun! Nina the clown is adorable; I could eat her up, too! BTW, I’m a cheapskate who can’t sew either. Brennan is going to be a lion. With a store-bought costume, obviously. 🙂 LOVE the birthday banner and the fact that you have a kid-free date with hubby for longer than two hours. That’s fabulous and definitely one of the top 2 ways to spend a birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! Love you and hugs!

  2. erin

    I love these!!! And, in my book, you’re on top of things…. I haven’t even THOUGHT about my kid’s costumes yet…. but we still have two days. Why are you celebrating on the 28th?

    1. Marla Taviano

      See below. 🙂 (Ohio goes trick-or-treating on a weekday before Halloween, usually Thursday.) So basically, I was “designing” her costume 30 minutes before game time. 🙂

  3. ali

    In defense of the city I LOVE, trick-or-treat is almost always a weekday because the community has found that there is less crime associated with the “holiday” when it’s celebrated during the week rather than the weekend. I am sure there are pros and cons to both, but ultimately, the city chooses a weekday for the safety of the kids/community.

    1. Amy

      Ah ha! Now that makes sense — from the crime perspective. So, there is some kind of city-wide announcement about what day there will be trick-or-treating? Does that spill over into the suburbs … out into the rural areas? Inquiring minds want to know ….

        1. Amy

          This is all so fascinating to me. When someone new moved into our neighborhood recently, they asked if kids would still trick-or-treat on the 31st, since it’s on a Sunday. I thought it was an odd question, but now I see it’s not. You learn something new every day!

        2. Amy

          I just did some research online, and found out that there are not just dates, but TIMES! That is so brilliant! In our neighborhood, you just turn out your porch light when you’re done handing out candy, but sometimes you still get knocks and doorbells pretty late … which is not very fun. I am just asking so many questions because I want to learn more. There are a lot of benefits to the Ohio way. Pretty cool!

          1. ali

            But the con is that it’s CONFUSING because we have dozens of suburbs with different agendas. Not to mention, some argue that it’s more dangerous because it allows kids to go out different nights of the week (if the suburbs pick different days). They definitely haven’t perfected the system, and though I see where they are coming from, my purist nature thinks sticking with Halloween night might just be the best way to go.

          2. Marla Taviano

            Amy, I just realized which Amy you are. 🙂 I logged in to WordPress for something and it showed your e-mail address. Wish I could come trick-or-treating in your neighborhood Sunday. Miss you guys!!

  4. Marla Taviano

    As a general rule around here, trick-or-treat is the Thursday before Halloween. But not always. I’m glad, because I don’t have to spend every birthday trick-or-treating. 🙂

  5. Amy

    I have heard rumors that other people sometimes go trick-or-treating before the actual day. That is mystifying. Was it just your neighborhood, or is that a regional thing? In Texas, we always trick-or-treat on Halloween night, no matter what day of the week it is.

  6. Sonshine

    I heard someone else who is from Ohio say that they always have trick/treat night the Thursday before Halloween. What a way to get the kids drugged out on sugar for school the next day! [rolling eyes]

    Marla, thank you thank you for the darling pictures of your even more darling children! Your little clown is too cute for words! 🙂 So, how much of their “take” do you and Gabe get? :):)

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