this is the day!

What a gorgeous day for a wedding. Or a xanga get-together. Ava’s been telling people (at church, neighbors), “I get to skip school tomorrow and go to church for a xanga party!” They just nod, smile, and raise their eyebrows a smidge.

Anyone else skipping school for the xanga party?

So, we bought Nina a toddler bed, and I planned on easing her into it. Letting her play in it but not making the transition yet. Gabe put it together last night, and she was in heaven. “My big dirl bed! My big dirl bed! I love my big dirl bed!” And her sisters were so persuasive. “Pleeeeeeeease let her sleep with us tonight!” Long story short. Put all 3 girls to bed in the same room at 9:00. At 10:45, the older 2 were asleep. At 11:00, I went upstairs to find little one sitting on top of their chests (they both slept in the bottom bunk, so they could be close to Nina). They’re thrashing and moaning, “Get off!” Finally at 11:30 she caved. Up just once at 5:00, and she’s still asleep now (they all are).

Off I go to “clean” my bathrooms, make my bed, vacuum the house for my soon-to-be-arriving guests. Can’t wait to see all of you! We’ll miss those who couldn’t make it. (Love you, Kristen!)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call! And Bethany’s hubby Stewart will be there as back-up for Gabe as you arrive at the church. They’ll be happy to help you carry food, diaper bags, children. Don’t forget the secret code word!

If you’re still wondering what to bring, just grab a 2-liter of pop or a bag of chips or bring nothing. We should be fine!

I prayed for each one of you by name this morning and continue to pray God’s blessing on our day and that everything we say and do will be honoring to Him.


24 thoughts on “this is the day!

  1. CamilleElizabeth

    That’s cool that you got to chat with Nixter77 girls! Thanks for the fun time!

    Where (or what) should the pics go? I didn’t take TOO many, but how can we all share each others with everyone?

    Oh, and also, I am going to change my profile pic soon… I GUESS I don’t really look too much like my logo after all… lol.

  2. Nixter77

    I lurveeeeeeeeeeed chatting with some of you on Skype – it was great to hook up and chat for reals!

    Hopefully next time it will be in person!


  3. ladymiss3739

    I’m not gonna be able to come (Doc said “no”)…anyway…have fun together and somebody save me a cake ball!!!!! 

    Yay for Nina and her big dirl bed.    I worried about Leah “transitioning” when we moved here (the first night would be in a new house without her crib).  I put waaaayyy too much thought into it, b/c she absolutely LOVED it.  When we went home a few months later, she screamed her little head off when we tried to put her to bed in her crib. Leah and Nina will have to plan a get together this summer sometime (Cbus zoo anyone?) after this little guy comes and I’m free (use that term loosely) to do whatever I want.    I think they’d really hit it off!

  4. tonialynn59

    Praying for all of you and especially those that are traveling!  I hope you have a wonderful time.  The sun is shining here and it is to get almost 70, maybe??  So I hope you get as good or better weather!  Have fun!

  5. ergirl053

    I am in a get-together mood this morning!!! So excited to meet you and everyone else! We’ll be coming by your house first, hopefully around 1:30 🙂 SEE you soon!

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