there’s something in the xanga water…

EDIT: I had a dream last night that I completely forgot to mention my own sister in the “pregnant club” and I felt like such a loser.  Sorry, Bethany! Oh wait, you’re not really pregnant…or are you????

Congratulations to my old buddy Krista and her hubby Kerry! They are pregnant with number 3. Come May, she’ll have 3 kids under 2 (or something like that). My new buddies Kristen and Jessica are also having babies, and I have a feeling there will be some more announcements around Thanksgiving-ish. No, not me! Although I can’t help but be a bit concerned that I haven’t had a you-know-what since before I got pregnant with Nina. Krista got pregnant on bc and says God must really want them to have a baby. Well, we’re talking nursing + protection + male sterilization. God, you wouldn’t. (would you??) Let’s not talk about this any longer.

Okay, so I have Gabe’s permission to share what he said last night I couldn’t share… 🙂 Things were a bit hectic yesterday as Gabe’s new iMac wasn’t working properly with our internet connection. (mine was fine) So, we hurry through supper, he’s making phone calls, he packs up his computer in its box, and rushes out the door to the Apple store. When he got back (over an hour later), he’s standing at his desk putting his computer back. I’m sitting at my desk (next to his). He pulls his wallet out of his back pocket and lays it on the desk. Then he pulls his cell phone out of his right pocket and lays it on his desk. So far, no funny. Then–are you ready?–he pulls THE REGULAR PHONE out of his left pocket. He just stares at it in his hand. I bust up laughing. Like ROTFLOL. “How did that get there?” he asks. He unthinkingly put it in his pocket after his phone call, drove all the way to the store w/o noticing it in his pocket, had it in there for nearly an hour, drove all the way back. With an EIGHT-INCH PHONE in his POCKET!! I still can’t stop laughing whenever I think about it.

And about the delicate matter I couldn’t share without being too graphic… Let’s just say that Gabe and I both have what appears to be poison ivy. In many different places. No, not THERE. But I can’t nurse my baby without contaminating her. 🙁 I’m 90% sure that I’m just going to wean her a little earlier than I did the other two. Sniff, sniff. I think God gave me poison ivy just so I’d have to quit cold turkey and not be emotional about it being my last baby… I am choosing to enjoy each day, not camp in the past or long for days gone by. Each stage of life is amazing in its own right, and I’m ready to move on… (sniff) Please pray that it heals quickly though–the itching is almost unbearable at times. Add that to my dry, itchy face (Jess!) and the whole weaning process and whew! I’m a mess.

Oh–Cubbies was awesome tonight! I love 4-year-olds–who knew? One little boy kept calling me “Mommy.” It was too cute. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories in the coming months.

Good night all! Podcast #4 on-line tomorrow night!

17 thoughts on “there’s something in the xanga water…

  1. CourtneyMarieP

    LOL about the phone!  aren’t you glad you didn’t get any phone calls while he was away and weren’t frantically searching for the phone?!!!

    go ahead and nurse, you can’t “catch” poison ivy from anyone….even if it’s, ahem, seeping…gulp!  unless you’re ready to wean then….wean away…

    next week good for a visit?  it’s been a longgggg time, been a long time, been a long time…(isn’t that a song?)

  2. CamilleElizabeth

    Thanks to you for getting my daughter to Cubbies on (almost) time yesterday! I was actually working on my computer as usual, and I decided to take a break and “blog surf” for a sec… I went to yours and saw that you’d asked for prayers and that you were volunteering – for CUBBIES… I said, hmmm, Cubbies…



    Why is that ringing a bell with me??… OH YEAH – my daughter is supposed to BE AT CUBBIES in 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, we got ready and drove right there! Thanks for getting us there. 🙂

  3. mtaviano

    Josh Green…hmmm…blondish, curly hair? I remember the name, can almost picture him. Maybe I knew someone who dated him? Was he an SGA guy? Can’t think of why his name sounds familiar. Nice to meet you, Courtney, by the way!

  4. KmHunsberger

    Xanga water…funny! It took a lot of hard work….let me tell you 🙂 I wish it were as easy as drinking some water 🙂

    I loved the phone story…that is so hilarious. I know I have never met Gabe before, but I could just imagine the look on his face 🙂 Hilarious!

    Sorry about the nursing. I can imagine how that would be so hard on your emotions. Everything about the last child will be hard for me… Feel free to use us as an outlet for your emotions 🙂

  5. courtneylou30

    Hi, Marla! I’m friends with some of your fellow xanga friends (and I’ve read your Blushing book) – thanks for that (I had filled out the in-law survey). Anyway, you look SO familiar to me; what year did you graduate from Cedarville? (I’m wondering if you’re near my brother’s age). 🙂

  6. ch1pch0p

    I didn’t realize our comments from yesterday were so entertaining!

    I’ve thought the same thing about xanga babies…we may have another one or two in my family before too long… (NOT ME)

  7. rachmckinney

    i was laughing so hard!!! that is way too funny! and i totally relate you giving up nursing. we’re done wit kids, and when i gave up nursing J. it was a bitter sweet time for me. i savored each thing, realizing it was a “last ” for me. now i can enjoy all my friends being pregnat, though!

  8. Marketer319

    I agree….there IS something in the xanga water!  It feels like everytime I log on these days someone else is either expecting or announcing a birth.  Sigh.  So I guess we’re at the same campsite, only you’re choosing not to look back and I’m choosing not to look forward!

  9. mrsnorthern8605

    Well don’t expect any announcements from me…I think God is making us wait for a while. Which is ok, because we don’t have the money anyways. In fact, I am starting to get jealous that most of my married friends (on xanga and in real life) have babies, or are pregnant.

    I could see Drew pulling a Gabe move, if we had a phone that is. Apple is good with getting a computer working again. Praise God for those Genuis’s.

    Sorry about the posion ivy! Feel better

  10. angntug

    That’s hilarious…..I honestly went to the store this week and bought a prego test…I never get bloody noses unless I am pregnant and had one early one morning, was extremely car sick I wanted to puke, nursing, no you-know-who, either……negative……I was worried and a little scared the whole week and was begging God that I wasn’t…..I think it’s time to call Tug’s Dr and make that appt…..I think nursing does really weird things to a woman’s body…..then again…..nursing = birth-control, right? lol……I don’t even want to think about it…..

    Normally, poison Ivy is only contagious if the ivy “oils” are still on the skin….once its washed away its not contagious……something you may want to look into….

    My neighbor Betty would benefit from your book……even though she’s in her 70’s, I’d hope it would speak to her, ….here’s her address

    Betty Britt

    3479 Georgian Ave

    Lima Ohio 45806

  11. Nixter77

    Do you think that Xanga water thing that everyone is getting might get to Oz???? Ut Oh.

    Congrats to all the lovely ladies who are expecting.

    nixie = wondering if that xanga water could infect her????

    Sorry about the itches -pray it calms down soon and the whole phone story is just too too funny…

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