the one talent we all have

Do you ever feel like you’re not really in a position to make much of a difference in this world?

Maybe the only person you have any real contact with on most days is your 17-month-old who neither communicates with you clearly nor appreciates you appropriately.

Maybe you dream of having this amazing ministry that reaches thousands of people but don’t have the slightest idea where you’d even start. Or if anyone would even care.

Maybe you have a blog but only six people read it.

Maybe you think you’re dispensable, replaceable, unnecessary, invisible.

Last weekend at the women’s retreat I attended, a sweet gal (whom I know personally but don’t see often) handed me a note. Here’s what it said:

Marla–so many times we are used by God and we don’t realize… I want you to know He has blessed me through you this weekend. I came into this gym a very broken spirit last night, and you were a light! A warm smile, a knowing God was here… through you! Then again this morning. I am so grateful to know you and call you friend. Thank you for being the beautiful spirit that God has grown you to be. Love ya!

Notice she didn’t mention any of my books. Or my blog. Or any speaking things. Or the spelling bee I won in 6th grade.

So, what in the world did I do that was so impactful??

I smiled. I hugged her. I asked her how she was doing. And I genuinely wanted to know.

Can you do that? Can you smile at someone? Hug them? Ask how they’re doing?

Of course you can. And while most people won’t think to take the time to thank you in written form, you have no idea how far-reaching your gesture of love might ultimately be.

When you’re tempted to feel like you’re too insignificant to make a difference, just reach out to one person. Be there.

It will make all the difference in the world.

13 thoughts on “the one talent we all have

  1. Keri

    Wow girl…….I most certainly needed to read this today. I am THERE. Honestly, this post is a good reminder to thank the people in our lives who influence us without even trying to.

  2. Keli Gwyn

    How nice of your friend to let you know how much your efforts were appreciated. Thanks for the reminder that just being there is what really makes a lasting impression.

  3. Bethany

    This is a great post! It always seem to go back to the Christian comparison game I’ve been wrestling with the past couple months. Quit looking at other people who are making such a huge impact, are popular and reaching tons of people–focus on where GOD has placed you and follow Him closely each day and obey the Holy Spirit’s promptings for YOUR individual life. Faith isn’t just about believing in a God you can’t see, but also in an influence you can’t see, but trusting God to create and use for His glory!

  4. Lee Detrick

    I think I have found my spiritual gift. I make greeting cards and send them to college students; have been doing that for my grandchildren for quite a while. A young girl I had been connecting with on facebook told me that my words were so encouraging to her…..who knew? So if I can do nothing but encourage young folks, I can do that.

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