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I’ve been sitting here today meaning to post but not sure what to say. Something has come up. And I have to humble myself, which is never fun. Never fear–Xanga CakeBall Fest is still on. A few changes are just in order, that’s all.

Cut to the chase, you say? Okey-dokey. So, Gabe and I are talking on Saturday, and he basically tells me I’m insane for inviting this many people to my house. I’m thinking, “So, the carpet gets dirty (it’s not clean now) and a few things get broken, and… who cares? I’m thrilled to provide a place for everyone to come, hang out, and meet each other. Woohoo!”

No, Practical Hubby is looking around our home and saying, “Marla. Seriously. Where are you going to put all these people?”

And then I freaked. You see, I thought that my willing heart was enough to make it happen. But you know that verse in the Bible that says, “Before you build your towers, make sure you have enough money?” (or something like that) Before you invite 12-15 women (and their 25 children! this is the part I think I must have glossed over…) to your home, you MIGHT want to think about the size of your home, places to park, etc.

If I lived in a 3200 sq. ft. home in the country, no problem. I live in a 1400 sq. ft. home in a cramped little subdivision. There are four different levels in my house, and many small rooms. YOU WILL NOT ALL FIT IN MY HOUSE! And WHERE WOULD YOU PARK?! (for those of you who have been here, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS? where would I put 35+ people??? WHERE?!)

I spent all day Saturday praying. All. Day. On Sunday, I talked to someone at church and BEGGED to be able to use one of their big ol’ multi-purpose rooms. Monday is their day off, so I should hear from someone tomorrow. I wasn’t going to say anything until it was okayed, but I need you to pray everything works out.

If the weather was going to be nice and my yard wasn’t a swamp, we could have it outside. In my backyard, at one of our lovely parks. But it’s supposed to rain.

The room at church will be perfect. Lots of room for kids to run and play.

HOWEVER, if one of you knows of a better solution, feel free to share. Say, you live in Ohio, and your house is humongous. Or your parents own a very cool party-hosting facility. Or what have you. I’m open. I don’t have to be the hostess. As we’ve already established (and have now further confirmed), this is not my forte anyway. I write books. Most other things are a struggle.

Here’s what I was thinking. I asked to use the room from 3pm-8pm. Krista and Gail (Jamie? Kristen?) would be coming to my house earlier in the day. We’d go to the church together. Anyone who wanted to come before 3pm could also come hang out for a bit. (there are lots of places to park here during the day while everyone’s at work). Anyone who wanted to come back to my house after 8pm would also be welcome. I just can’t fit 15 women and 25 kids here all at once. (again, I’m so sorry.)

Other related updates:
–Kristen (kmhunsberger) might come if she can get her darling sister to accompany her on the long trip. If you haven’t already, go to Kristen’s site and tell her (and her sister) you want to see/meet them!

–My sister Bethany is coming and bringing some APRONS! If you wanted one, you can buy one and not have to pay shipping.
–Also, remember, if you want any Diapers books (or know someone who does), I can sell them to you Monday for $7 apiece since I don’t have to ship them. And PLEASE take some postcards!
–THANK YOU for the Amazon reviews! There are 10 now, thanks to Abi, Allie, and Terri! Thank you, girls! Please don’t think you have to be some literary genius to write a review! Just say, “I loved the book. It was great. I’d buy it if I was were you.”

I’m believing God to work this all out. Obviously, when left to my own devices, things go awry. Very, very awry. Love you all! I WILL see you Monday!

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  1. DerrickandKenny

    Here is an idea.  Find the biggest house in the area that is for sale.  Call the realtor and ask to see the home for several hours.  Invite everyone to that house and you won’t even have to worry about cleanup. 

  2. jbnygaard

    Everybody coming to XangaFest….be praying. I’ve got a friend (single 50 year old woman who lives in Columbus who is the President of Huntington Banks in downtown Columbus.) She knows a lot of people in high places and is trying to come up with a place for us. If I don’t hear from her in a couple days….she can’t come up with anything…but she was willing to try. She also knows Krista’s husband, so she was very willing to help. 🙂

    Also…just a reminder. I think we should all be praying about this event. Just that God would bless this time together and for safety, and for AWESOME fellowship!

  3. ladymiss3739

    How far away from your house is “too far” to move the get together? 

    And, I’d love to meet you all, but if people think they could also swing a get together (maybe outdoors…like the cbus zoo) this summer, Leah and I could wait until then to meet people and then Gabe would be here by then, too.  I don’t have to meet you all this xanga get together.  And if I remember right, the whole thing started simply with Gail and Krista coming to visit you!   

  4. Airdee26

    I hope it works out at your church.  My house is about 1300 sq ft so there’s no way we could use that. 🙂  I know Panera has those party rooms you can reserve but I’m not sure if that would be big enough either.  The one off of Fishinger in Hilliard doesn’t seem big enough for 40 people.  Maybe the ones on your side of town are bigger?

  5. CamilleElizabeth

    I don’t have to come – that would be minus 1 lady and three kids… Does that help????????????????

    (please say no, just come anyway…)

    Do you think my place would be more suitable? Not sure it’s any bigger, but I thought I should say that.


    It will work out, don’t worry!

  6. jessyomama

    i know it’s probably too late, but maybe for xangapalooza (or whatever it’s called) next year, there’s this really beautiful and wonderful place called Innkeeper Ministry that hosts stuff for ministry-related stuff. I don’t know if this counts, but they have a separate house that actually houses quite a few people (I think 30-ish) and they don’t prepare any food and you have to completely take care of yourselves. But it’s a beautiful brick house on this huge property with lots of walking trails and stuff… Anyway… If they consider Xanga a “ministry” then… you never know…

  7. kkakwright

    i just figured you and gabe lived in a mansion….hmmm….what to do?

    jamie and i could split a hotel room.  we could leave all of our kids at your house and then she and i could spend the night in a hotel and come back and get the kids around noon the next day.  sound good?  oh….come on…….

  8. gtaviano

    @MileBaroque – I think your post was the best here. I’m really trying to believe that EVERY one of the 40 guests (or even 3/4) loved being in a 1,000+ sq. ft. house for a holiday, but I just can’t.

  9. gsowell

    DeWayne asked what kind of massive big house you lived in. I said, “Marla’s not worried. She’s so much more layed back than me. I’d be a basket case!” Sorry I mistook your quiet for confidence! Praying, dear friend and hostess. If it helps, I could ditch my kids at my mom’s . Though they were looking forward to seeing your girlies.


    @faithchick – 

    , that happens in my house all the time. Why, why, why do we all want to be rightbymommy when she’s trying to get all items of dinner prepared and finished at the same time? Madness!

  10. bekisue

    I’m so sad that I can’t come. I so wanted to meet everyone. I didn’t know there would be 25 kids there. That sounds awful! haha! I’m praying for a solution for you though. If it were warmer, I have a fabulous barn that would work great. Maybe we could do another one in the summer or fall and do it that way. I love you for being so real about you abilities. So sweet you are.

  11. terriwright

    Oh, good heavens. 40+ people will be fine at your house. They’re all going to squish into one small space anyway, and talk non-stop, so you really don’t need much room. PROBABLY, all will be in the kitchen…no matter even if it’s as small as mine!!!(Mine is a one-person-turn-around-in-kitchen). Remember……..Satan gives you doubts and feelings of in adequacy…whether it’s house or person.

    By the way….what IS sod?????

  12. mtaviano

    Gabe finds it amusing that the only 2 people who questioned the wisdom of this plan long ago (besides himself) were MEN. (Christian and Jim)

    And Emily^, he doesn’t believe that EVERYONE loved Christmas Eve all scrunched up together. Again, I’m sure he’s thinking of the MEN. 🙂

  13. DerrickandKenny

    I was really hoping to see a picture of all of you in your house.  For several weeks now I have been wondering how this would work.  Too bad Gabe spoiled the fun with logic.

  14. MlleBaroque

    Don’t stress if you can’t get a bigger place.  I mean, if Gabe still doesn’t like it then obviously go with what he thinks, but it can be done.  My in-law’s house is just a little over 1,000 square feet and they have the whole family over for Christmas Eve.  Last year I think there must have been 40 people in their house!  And I am sooo NOT exagerrating. (And that includes about 12 kids under the age of 8.) Everyone just finds their own little spot to sit or stand and everyone loves it. And if Gabe doesn’t mind, you can always move some furniture out of the way to leave more room.  Just a thought if the church doesn’t work out.

  15. jbnygaard

    Christian was JUST asking me the other day how everyone was going to fit in your house. 🙂 I am a bit like you….I go along with the plan and don’t quite think about all the details.

    I’m trying to think of a place we could all meet. Hmm…I just thought of someone. Let me check her out and get back to you.

  16. faithchick

    p.s. yesterday, i told my family that i was about to go insane because our entire family of four was standing in 5 square feet of space in our kitchen–while i was trying to cook dinner, no less.  2 at my feet, 1 at my side, me going insane. 

    but, we were all there!  so technically, you can fit 1,120 people in your house if we follow the routines and preferences of my family.

  17. faithchick

      oh, funny.  from this perspective, not yours i’m sure.  missy & i were just discussing today that you must be flipping out.  maybe you can do a drawing.  choose 5 people from a hat that are allowed to come.

    it’ll all work out just fine.  (are there really 25 kids?!?). 

    also-keep this in mind, i’m on leah duty if (oh, sorry missy, i mean WHEN) missy goes into labor.  so if it’s around monday, our crew of 5.5 will be out of commission. 

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