thank you, Jesus!

We’re in! They accepted our application, cakeballs and all! Hallelujah! Thanks, God!

I’m going to message all of you (who said you might/will come) this afternoon with my address, the church’s address, my phone #s, and all that. If you don’t get a message by 4:00 and you want to come, let me know.

Anyone who wants to come to my house any time between noon and 2:30pm is most welcome. I won’t have lunch prepared, but you’re welcome to raid my fridge if you don’t eat before you come. (feel free to stop at McDonald’s on the way and eat it when you get here)

We’ll caravan to the church around 2:30pm. We have the rooms (2 big ones) from 3-8pm. (I had to promise not to put all the kids in a room by themselves and let Livi babysit them while we chat in the other room in peace.) Come any time, stay as long (or as short) as you want.

Gabe will be on hand from about 3-4pm to direct you to the right place when you get to the church. If you plan to arrive after 4, you can call my cell when you get there, and I’ll come find you. Or you can let me know what time you can get there, and I’ll post a sentry of some sort to wait for you. Or you can just follow the smell of cakeballs (or pizza) or the sound of laughter.

I will give you a secret code word when I message you. You must say this to Gabe before you enter the church. To keep us safe from lurkers/stalkers, he will admit 1.) no men and 2.) no women who do not know the secret code word.

I’m going to check on the table/chair situation in the rooms. There are a lot of other things going on at church that evening, so I may need some of you to bring camping chairs/beach towels (for kids to eat on). I’ll let you know.

I will also check on the toy situation. Feel free to let your kids bring any they can keep track of (and that aren’t breakable).

Don’t stress about bringing tons of food. Especially if you have a ton going on this weekend (like Krista). Bring one thing, three things, no things. It’ll all work out.

Again, anyone who just can’t stand to end the party at 8pm is more than welcome to crash my house until whenever a.m.

More details to come! I’m excited now! And someone else is hosting the next Xanga Fest!!

14 thoughts on “thank you, Jesus!

  1. AdamMacsgirl

    Hi Marla!

    Would it be ok if I joined you? Nichole is my best friend and she and Kylie are coming to visit over the weekend! I actually work at Cedarville University in the Alumni Relations Office so I got Monday off. Also, I go to Shawnee Hills with Josh and Jess. 🙂

    I am happy to bring whatever you need! I have a great Oreo Truffle recipe that is a big hit at parties. 🙂

    Thanks for doing this!


  2. bekisue

    Ok! I’m going to talk to my “employer” tomorrow and see if I can switch days on Monday and come with Gail. I wasn’t going to, but the opportunity to use a code word really perked my interest! Can’t wait. Hope I can come.

  3. ladyjabez

    This is all so very exciting!!!  The Secret Code Word has me all giggly 

    (although Gabe knows who I am I’m still going to insist he hear me say the magic code…. maybe by then we’ll even have a handshake?  One can only hope…)

    Thanks for planning all of this!!!

  4. CamilleElizabeth

    Hello, everyone!

    Sometimes, when my husband asks me what I am making for dinner, and I don’t feel like cooking (or have anything to cook with…) I say, “We’re having napkins. And air.”

    I happen to have some extra napkins I can bring for everyone to share. You don’t have to eat them, I promise.

  5. KmHunsberger

    Yeah…this is definitely out of control

    Is it ok that I am still unsure of whether I will be there or not? If I am, I WILL be spending the night, I can tell you taht much And I can bring something. I would love to host the next one, but I think I live too far from all of you southerners

  6. ladymiss3739

    I’m going to need to know Kimberly’s rules of conduct in advance. If we all need to pick up a pair of black heeled boots like hers to enter, we’re going to need time to shop.

    SO glad it’s all coming together, Marla! And to think the whole thing started off small!

  7. gsowell

    As detailed as I am, I do tend to end up with the “Whatever, it’ll all work out” like you do on the food/snacks. And it always does. And God is good. And I am beyond giddy for this event!!!!!!!!!

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