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Jess asked, Does it make you sad when you see your books “New & Used” for sale on Amazon. I think it might make me cry a little bit. No, it doesn’t make me sad. I’ve toughened up over the past 2 years since I got my first book published. It does make me sad when my books go out of print however. That’s no fun. Let’s just say that having a book published isn’t all wine and roses. Lots of highs, lots of lows. Lots of disappointment and discouragement. Lots of blessings and seeing God’s hand in all sorts of unexpected places. I have to be very careful not to find my worth in what people are saying about my books or how well they’re selling. I’m learning. I’m growing. God loves me. Life is good.

Tonia asked, If you were going away for awhile and could only take one book and it can’t be the Bible, what book would you take? I’ll even let you choose two. Well, if I’m going away for a long time, I would take 2 really long books, because I’ve gotten pretty fast at reading over the years. I think I’d take Pride and Prejudice. I’ve always wanted to read it, but it’s just sooo long. And a good, easy-to-understand Bible commentary on the Old Testament. There’s lots I want to know.

Abi asked, If you could go on a clothes shopping spree for yourself, and money is no object, what stores would you choose? Honestly, I’m so clothes illiterate, and I hate shopping for clothes, and I hate the thought of spending money on them. Sooo… Plato’s Closet (secondhand store). Seriously. If that’s not a good answer, Gap. Target. Old Navy. Spending a lot of money on high-end clothing is just wrong–for me. I’m not judging anyone else, but my own convictions tell me it’s not good stewardship. I do like cute clothes. I just think they’re more fun when they don’t cost much.

MarlaWho asked, How did you get interested in writing books? I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love to write. I learned to read early and wrote poems in first grade when I was supposed to be doing phonics worksheets. Writing has always been a part of everything I’ve done. Journals, “books” made out of notebook paper and cut-out catalog pictures, lists, letters. I love to write. Love it. I’m never not doing it. If I’m not close to a computer and don’t have a pen in my hand, I’m writing in my head. Almost always. (It’s hard to shut off, but there are times when I need to, obviously.) After 25+ years of writing, I suppose getting a book published was just the natural thing to do next.

Camille asked, If you were going to be away from home for two months and could only take one CD with you, what would it be? Fernando Ortega’s The Breaking of the Dawn.

Maren asked, What bores you? Watching (most) movies. Why can I never win these drawings? Your day will come. I can feel it.

Jamie asked, If you had a fire and had time to go back in the house and get three things (besides your hubby and girls) what would you go back for? My laptop (with our photos and my writing on it), journals, the girls’ memory boxes.

Kelly asked, Did you ever have a tidbit of sadness that you didn’t have a boy? Yes. In all my years of imagining my life as a mom, I just assumed there would be some boys. The Lord is gracious though. I can stand before God and men and honestly say I am 100% content with my 3 girls and no boys. Any desire I used to have for a boy is gone. Praise the Lord for a hubby who feels the same. (we’re definitely bracing ourselves for some drama over the next 16 years though) Moms who have boys can relate to each other better (in that way) than I can relate to them, but I have some amazing friends with boys. We still have a close bond. And there are a lot of little boys in my life who bring me great joy. I used to be hurt when people made comments about how upset I must be that I didn’t have a boy. Now I just smile. When God gives you something, and you’re content with it and content in Him, it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I am officially tired of answering questions for today. (they are great, by the way!) And I’m volunteering in Ava’s class at 2:00. And we all know what tonight is. Tomorrow though…is only a day away. Have a good one!

7 thoughts on “since you asked…

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    Yes, you are in store for some drama with yor three girls!  I think that is why God gave me Tina…He knew I would mess it up if I had a “normal” girl.  I am sure we would not be speaking to each other by now!  🙂

    Also agree about the contentment thing…When you realize that God only has a Plan “A” then you are able to accept where you are and find true joy and contentment.

  2. angntug

    will you let me know how much for “is that all”, with shipping? Or, maybe you could bring a copy the next time you come to lima, and we’ll skip the hassle of shipping? 🙂 i am never lending your books out ever again…. 🙂

  3. sarahlester

    Hehe…I wanted a girl SO BADLY when I was pregnant.  The tech wasn’t able to tell from our ultrasound so we went the whole pregnancy without knowing what we were having.  The day before Evan was born they did an ultrasound since I ran into problems with possible toxemia and they wanted to check the amniotic fluid levels, and that’s when they were finally able to tell Evan was a boy.  I felt so guilty when they told me and my heart sank – I’d been counting on and dreaming of a little girl.  But I am SO GLAD I have my little boy.  I cannot imagine life with a girl instead (although I hope I get to find out what it’s like one day!).

  4. ladymiss3739

    Contentment came up in more than one of your responses…hard to learn sometimes, but sounds like God has been teaching you! 

    If you wanted to “fix” a contest so Maren could win, I think most of us wouldn’t care (except maybe Kim). 

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