prelude to an update

I am plumb tuckered out. Yes, sir. A nap on Sunday afternoon usually means I’m rarin’ to go all night long. Tonight I was ready for bed at 8:00, nap and all. Whew.

This weekend was amazing. To put it mildly. And to be honest, even if I weren’t exhausted, I’m not ready to write it all out yet. I’m still processing it.

If I had to sum it up in three words: God is good.

Wow, is He good. And He got an awful, awful lot of glory this weekend. Blessed be His Name! And, as you might expect, someone’s not too happy about it. I can almost hear the clashing swords of spiritual warfare. The devil’s attacking, and I’m so cotton-pickin’ tired, I barely have the strength to fight him off. HOWEVER, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, and I’m determined that the enemy not get even an ounce of the glory that belongs to my God.

So. Soon I’ll give you an update on my weekend. Details, yes. But parts I’ll leave sketchy out of respect to some very precious people, because it’s not my story to tell. Just know that if you’ve been praying, God’s been answering. And health-wise, my face feels so much better. My girls feel so much better. Thank you.

And please keep Amy and Billy in your prayers as they face life after Abigail.

Praise the Lord for this gorgeous weather. The girls and I played outside before Nina and I napped. Then after nappy time, we walked through the woods behind our house to a park. Ava and Nina played on the playground while Livi and I played catch with a tennis ball and baseball mitts. She has developed a sudden and severe love for softball. And she has quite an arm on her–powerful and accurate. We had a really neat discussion as we threw the ball back and forth. It’s a beautiful thing to watch children grow up and discover the things God uniquely created them to enjoy.

We finished off the evening with a late supper at Johnny Buccelli’s with a $10 gift certificate I got at for 80 cents. Nice.

Speaking of gift cards, Gabe “encouraged” me to get on the Victoria’s Secret website to see what I might want to use my $21.68 for. It seems we might not be seeing eye to eye on how it should be spent. I’m thinking the anonymous gifter was envisioning practical, unused underwear. Gabe’s idea was a little less, um, practical. And mine was along the lines of, “I wonder if they sell cinnamon candles. Or journals.”

Anything you’d publicly like to praise God for today? I’d love to hear about it! Happy Monday, friends!

17 thoughts on “prelude to an update

  1. Denise

    I totally did not see you! Then again, it’s a wonder I saw anyone – I was exhausted! Daylight savings time killed me Sunday, I was not at all awake…I even helped Drew run multimedia – both of us almost fell asleep because we were tired! Sorry though – to make up for it let me wave right now *waving!* there ya go!

  2. Kim Webb

    Great post. We will continue to fight the fight but the victory is already won! Praise God. He is good all the time!

    I am with you on the gift card, tell Gabe to use his imagination. 🙂 Love you.

  3. Missy

    Praise the Lord for a wonderful day where we enjoyed good health, lovely weather, and compared to the past few weeks, relative productivity!!! 😉 Such an encouragement!

  4. Rhonda S

    I’m praising God for wonderful weather this weekend. Three generations of my family took a long walk through the woods Saturday. It was awesome to share God’s beautiful creation with them all – ages 3 to 67. I also praise Him for honest sharing friends in my small group at church. It is so encouraging when we take off our “church faces” and share our struggles. I have a tough time opening myself up to others and this study has been a real blessing.

  5. Brian

    What a Friday night / Saturday morning the three of you had. Glad to hear you and the girls are feeling better. As for the giftcard, gotta side with brother Gabe on this one. I’m just saying …

    I’m praising God for his grace and the portion he pours [endlessly] into Kim and Kara that they give to me.

  6. faithchick

    maybe you should read your book. and then it’ll be really easy to figure out how to spend your $$ . 🙂

  7. Jacci

    So glad that everyone is on the mend, and that you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend! Hoping you have a week that is equally as blessed. Oh, and rocks!!! I got a $10 gift certificate for $3, but you did even better!

  8. Jennifer

    Praise God for a challenging and encouraging conference last week for Wes! He shared his heart and his renewed vision for ministry with our church yesterday, and while I don’t know what will happen, I’m encouraged by his excitement.

  9. Megan

    I’m praising the Lord that He is the Comforter. We had a very trying week last week….loosing a dear friend who was only 20. God is always good and so faithful to us in our deepest sorrow and time of need. I am also praising the Lord for the opportunity he gave my husband to speak His words of LIFE at the funeral service and praying that God’s word would accomplish what He has promised in the lives of those who were there to hear!

  10. Rebecca

    That God, in His masterful way of blessing us, nudged my pastor to sing a song yesterday that was thrilling to my heart! He sang “That I May Dwell in Your House Forever” which just happens to be the song that he played on the piano almost three years ago when my husband and I were first announced as a married couple! Oh, the joy it brought back to my soul to hear that song. My husband and I are STILL honeymooning–even with an 18 month old and one due in May! God is good…so very good. He is good all the time, and all the time He is good! 🙂

    Prayers and blessings! So glad you and the girls are feeling better.

  11. Emily

    Praise God for good health! After being sick for a week I am finally feeling better!! Oh, and for great bloggers like you that give encouragement and lift us up! Thank you Jesus! 🙂

  12. Charity

    Praise God for over $60,000 raised for our children’s hospital by our local college. I am always amazed at the selflessness of the college students participating in the dance marathon, when I know I wasn’t thinking of others at that age! We are involved in it because of my daughter’s heart condition and I am so blessed to see others giving of their time, energy and money to help out children.

  13. Joyce

    Praising Him for daughters…mine arrived home Saturday from university for a week of spring break. I can’t guaranteehow spring-like the temps will be but the sun is shining today and we are loving having them home. I’m always grateful for travel mercies too…much more aware of them now that we deal with regular long haul travel. Glad your weekend was fabulous…happy Monday!

  14. Colleen

    Up late again I see…me too…can’t wait to hear about that retreat…I’ve heard great things from others already. As for that VS card…you know they have 5 panties for $25 all the time…so through in the money you WOULD spend on your “used” ones and add it to the pool…you’ll get 5 new ones…I’m supposing Gabe will like them just fine:)

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