playing hooky

I turned on my computer at 9:00 a.m. Monday and found three messages from my friend Gail. “We’re going to the zoo today! Can you meet us?”

Gail, her hubby, and their three girlies (Caroline and Susannah–7, Josie–4) live in Kentucky. We stayed with them back in August of last year when we went to the Louisville Zoo. Zoo #1 of 52. We also stayed with them on our way to the Nashville Zoo.Their girls are on Fall Break this week, so they’re spending time with family in Ohio.

When I read Gail’s message, my first thought was–drop everything and head to the zoo with Nina. Then my second thought was–Livi and Ava love Caroline and Susannah with everything in them. They haven’t seen them in over a year. How can I go to the zoo without them?

So I jumped in the shower, got dressed, packed a lunch, called the girls’ schools, and headed to pick them up (90 minutes after they got there). When I got to Ava’s school, her principal (a woman) said, “Ava’s not sick, is she?” I explained the zoo thing. “Oh, I’m so glad Ava gets to do this,” she said.

Now, that’s what I love in a principal. Someone who realizes that skipping school is sometimes more important than going.

Anyway. We had an awesome day. Josie and Nina took a little while to warm up to each other, but the older four were skipping, hugging, giggling and hand-holding like old pals in a matter of seconds. We came home exhausted but oh, so happy.

Nina, Josie, Livi, Caroline, Ava, Susannah.

Gail with the girls. The brunette addition is Lily, Gail’s niece (and daughter of my dear friend Beki).

Gail and me. (photo credit: Nina Taviano)

Komodo, Josie, Lily, Nina.

Caroline and Liver Lou.

Hanging out in the African Village Grainery.

Love you, Gail and fam! And you too, Beki! We love making memories with you!

Friends. The Zoo. Hooky. Does it get any better than that?

14 thoughts on “playing hooky

  1. jess

    gail–i love your red jacket!
    marla–i love these pictures! those are a bunch of pretty, pretty girls! what a fun day!!!!!!!!

  2. Jonna

    Nope… I don’t really believe it does. Thanks for… you know. Hooray for the Hooky thing… I allow mine a day off here and there if they make honor roll. It makes a pretty good incentive.

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