pics galore!

XangaFest 2008 Group
Click on the pic to see it bigger. (Holly and Coral missed the pic. Then Erin, Savannah and Lia came later. Grand total = 39 women and children. Wow.)

Click here to see more shots from our day!

14 thoughts on “pics galore!

  1. Airdee26

    It was nice to meet you…thank you for planning it.  Sorry I missed out on all the fun…next time I’ll be extra early, to make up for being so late 🙂

  2. tonialynn59

    Thanks for posting those!  I loved figuring out who is who.  I was right except I don’t know who Sara or Beki are.  Another one I didn’t recognize but can’t think of the name.  I even had most of the kiddos right.  Everyone looks like they had a blast!  Good for you!  Great job of planning, Marla!!

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