our dear friend Margaret (1926-2010)

One of the sweetest, most godly and beautiful women I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. We love you so much, Brownie, and we’ll never forget you!

From a post I wrote on June 9, 2009:

This is Margaret. We call her “Brownie.” She calls Gabe her “boyfriend.” She says he’s a rare find–a young man who has the time and patience to listen to “an old woman.” I told her this weekend that if she were in her 60′s I might be jealous. But since she’s 83, I’ll let it slide.

Margaret and I go way back. Her husband was the pastor of my grandparents’ church when I was little–First Regular Baptist Church in Bellefontaine, Ohio. When Gabe and I lived in Bellefontaine (2004-2006), Margaret would order books from me, and Gabe would deliver them. That’s when the “affair” started. An errand that should have taken 15 minutes stretched into an hour. “Oh, we were just chatting,” he’d say. Likely story.

I might have to interview Margaret on my blog sometime. She’s a riot. And one of the sweetest, spunkiest, godliest young women I know.

She touched lives and led people to Jesus all the way to the very end. Such a beautiful inspiration. I love you, friend.

5 thoughts on “our dear friend Margaret (1926-2010)

  1. Rick and Kathy Ramsey

    Margaret was one of the first friends my wife made in Bellefontaine. Let her to a knowledge of the Lord and gave her strength and courage in the face of trials. I know that she is relishing every moment with her risen Lord and look forward to the day when we may meet again.

  2. Liz

    I wish I had known Brownie, she sounds like an amazing woman. I wonder what it was like when she met Jesus face to face. What a celebration!! I bet they are still dancing and singing. i also wonder how many people are in Heaven because of Brownie?

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