open-heart surgery

Another misleading title. Sorry. Everybody’s healthy. Promise.

I went to my first choir practice ever tonight. Well, since I was small.

I’m singing in our church’s Christmas program this year, because my friends loved me enough to beg me to do it. And I’m excited for the excuse to spend more time with them.

And our choir director/pastor’s wife is one of my favorite people alive.

We introduced ourselves tonight, and she (Tammy) asked us to share one word (just one!) that described our heart right now.

My word was discouraged.

But as of 10:50 pm, I’m officially changing it to hopeful.

What ONE word sums up the condition of your heart right now?

(I’m betting an undisclosed amount of imaginary money that a handful of you will be physically unable to leave a one-word comment.)

44 thoughts on “open-heart surgery

  1. Stephanie your sister


    I was going to say anticipatory, but I don’t think that’s a word. Maybe it is. Either way.

  2. Emily

    Last night I said humbled. Today I say longing.

    I was going to be creepy and come up to you last night and tell you how I read your blog daily and love it, but quickly decided against being creepy. 🙂

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