nice knowin' ya!

No, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just sayin’ that it’s nice knowing you.

And the apathy I referenced earlier? Yeah, it’s an official diagnosis now. So, this post is going to be what most would consider a cop-out.

Too bad I don’t care.

Thanks for your comments yesterday. Some were funny, some were sweet, some beg to be addressed. So, if you were brave enough to leave a comment, you’re getting an extra-special shout-out today (whether you like it or not).

Colleen–you’re totally not a stalker. And we met at your house for the Ohio State/Michigan game. As we pulled into your drive, Gabe said, “Remind me again how you know this person.” I said, “I don’t. This will be the first time we’ve met.” Who knew that would be the start of showing up at a long line of strangers’ houses?

Emily Kay–so glad we got to meet. You have a beautiful family.

Stacy–I expect to see you at the Zoo Party now. Believe me, you won’t be the only shy/scared person there. Bring a friend if you’d like! And I don’t bite.

Amanda–I feel like I know you pretty darn well too. You even keep popping up in my Bible study workbook.

Jamie–My birthday girl. Thank you SO much for showing up at my house Wednesday and whisking Livi and Ava off to lunch and COSI. And then bringing back pizza for supper! You’re an amazing friend!

Bethany–I love you. It warms my heart to know I inspire you. You inspire me too–more than you know!

Valerie–You’re so welcome. I’ve prayed for you! Kelli is awesome. I’m so glad you two have each other!

Liz–Thanks for not judging me!

Amy–I love you more! And I will never, ever, ever forget sweet, beautiful Abigail!

Meg–Can I just say that Spicy Magnolia is like the coolest name ever?

Joyce–I’m glad you think my blog is friendly. And double-glad you don’t know any of my ex-boyfriends!

Gail–Love you, girl. And your ex is NOT responsible for hooking me up with G the B. In fact, Gabe strongly disliked the boy–thought he was flirting with me. Ha!

Erin–I would LOVE to get to know you better! Let’s make it a priority! See you Sunday!

Kori–We will meet some day for sure! And without you introducing us to Monica, there would be no Zoo Trip to Cali. Seriously. Thank you!!

Denise–I do think your son is precious. And so are you!!

Ali–Crack me up. I thought the same thing. “Whatever, Mo. So your sister has a blog. Whoopty-do.” And oh my word. Look at us NOW!! Love you!

Cheryl–See you Saturday! And looking forward to your book!

Christy–I loved you from the moment I first met you. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you fit into our family immediately.

Christine–Hooray for zoos! And Jesus! Where do you live?

Roxanne–You thought I was weird?? I love that your daughter loves orange! Your kiddos are gorgeous.

Holly–And one of my friends here in C-bus hosted a 5-day club for you at her house back in your younger days.

Kelli–I also know that you have some suspicious red spots all over your feet. Teehee. Love you!

Lanette–Nice to meet you! You and your daughters are stunning!

Dina–Nice to meet you! We loooooved staying with Trey and Amy!

Elizabeth–Next time I come visit, don’t clean your house! You touched a special little place in my heart, friend.

Lisa–I adore you right back!

Alissa–I have no words. I don’t even want to know what you thought of Emily and me back then. Oh, wait. I think you used to tell us.

Jess–Yes, Kelly and I went to the same high school. I think you qualify as my very first EVER blog friend. Wowzers. That’s awesome.

Rachel–Praise the Lord for Anna! He is so good!

Ashley–That was funny when you thought you had the wrong number! I’m planning on going back to Binder Park to visit “my” giraffes. We’ll have to try again!

Rachel L–Thanks for driving all that way to meet us in Memphis! That was fun!

Omom–I bet we’ll meet someday! Hooray for your giraffe-lover!

Sarah–I’m still blown away by the delicious spread you had waiting for us! And by your bravery driving into Philly! You rock!

Deborah–That was a year ago we “met.” I was in a hotel room in Charlotte, NC for a She Speaks Conference when I got your e-mail. That was cool.

Wendy–Oh, I’m so glad we’re staying in touch! Even if I didn’t know it! You did a great job leading that study!

Rhonda–I loved hanging out with you at Living Proof Live! You are so sweet and encouraging!

Krista–I’m all about the winding country roads and blue skies, too!

Alexis–Correct. I’m enjoying your blog and looking forward to your book. Travel memoirs = sweet.

Sarah G–Oh, girl! I’m sooo sorry! Someday it will work out! I will never forget you coming up to me and telling me about Arneta at that retreat!

David–Two dates, not one. 🙂 See my comment on yesterday’s post.

Kelsie–Thanks, friend. I appreciate your comments.

Nadine–I think you’ll find that anyone who has ever known me (high school, colllege, camp, teaching, now) will attest to the fact that dressing up just ain’t my thang.

And, wow. It’s a good thing not all of you commented. I would’ve been up all night.

Thanks, friends! See you after the Big Zoo Party tomorrow! Please pray God works everything out according to His plan–and that He gets ALL the glory!

Happy Weekend!

7 thoughts on “nice knowin' ya!

  1. Cléo

    Fantástica, tenho vontade de realizar um desejo meu semelhante ao de vocês, conhecer o mundo e suas maravilhas, principalmente o mundo animal…Beijos do Brasil!

  2. Marla Taviano

    Gail–That’s right! We already talked about all of that! You could be on to something!

    Kelli–Just say the word, and I’ll never mention it again. 🙂

    Stacy–I believe you! Next time!

  3. Kelli

    I just can’t get rid of the red feet story can I? 🙂 HA! I still haven’t gotten it all off the bathroom floor and I think of you every time I see it!

  4. Gail

    Clarification: I knew about Gabe’s feelings for the flirter. I am suggesting that Gabe’s desire to stake claim on you may have been hurried up by his dislike for the “competition.” Thus making this unnamed fellow sort of responsible for hooking you up. That is my theory and I’m stickin’ to it. How funny!

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