my pleasure!

Don’t you just LOVE it when you grab your tray of food at Chick-fil-A, say thank you to the cashier, and he/she says, “My pleasure!” Oh, it makes my heart go pitter-pat. Partly because polite people are a dying breed in this country, and partly because CHICK-FIL-A! YUM!

Be still, my heart. And my salivating olfactory glands. (okay, pretty sure that was the wrong word–I think those are in your nose–gross) Anyway.

I have a friend who makes my heart go pitter-pat. Her name is Lysa, and I think you’re going to like her too. And if you’ve stopped by from Lysa’s blog, welcome to the madness that is It’s my pleasure to have you here! Really! We discuss topics like s-e-x and the acceptability of wearing used underwear, but Lysa talks about tee-tee (pee-pee for you Northerners), so you should feel right at home!

Lysa and I met briefly at the She Speaks conference last June, and we’ve gotten to know each other through e-mails and blogs since then, but I’d love to live right next door to her. A year ago, I wouldn’t have said that. Lysa doesn’t know this, but I used to hear her sweet, southern voice on those 1-minute Proverbs 31 radio spots and think, “Ugh. So fake. I could never be friends with someone like her.” (I know!) She just sounded so nice. And perfect. Like the 31st chapter of Proverbs was written specifically about her. No thank you!

For those of you who don’t know, Lysa TerKeurst is the President of Proverbs 31 ministries. She’s also the author of many books and a prolific speaker all around the country (and probably the world!). When I went to She Speaks in June, I really didn’t know much about her. Well, except that she was perfect. And then she got up to speak at the opening session of the conference.

Oh my word. In less than two minutes, I fell madly in love with her. And repented of my heinous sin of judging her–and so wrongly! FORGIVE ME, SWEET LYSA! Girls, Lysa is the real deal. One of the most UN-fake women I know. She is gut-honest and down-to-earth. Stunningly beautiful, yet so open about her insecurities. Brilliant and gifted, yet flawed just like the rest of us. And she is passionate about her family and encouraging women and SHARING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. She is not perfect. And she would never, ever try to get you to believe that. And that sickeningly sweet southern drawl?? She can’t help it! That’s how they talk down there in those parts! I know! (and now I reeeeally want a southern accent of my very own!)

Lysa’s past is crammed full of some awful and hurtful things, and God has taken them and redeemed them and is using them for His glory! Amen and hallelujah! Seriously–if you need some encouragement, Lysa is your girl! A daddy who abandoned her when she was little. An abortion. Two sweet boys from Africa who became her sons on the spur-of-the-moment. Love that story! And–get this–her husband, Art, owns and runs a Chick-fil-A! Can you even imagine?! (He and Lysa just got back from a Chick-Fil-A convention–these Jesus-loving people are so awesome!)

Lysa is giving away some of my books on her blog, and in her honor, I’m giving away a $10 gift card to Chick-fil-A! And somebody better hurry up and win it, because it is BURNING a hole in my pocket!

Just leave a comment (only 1! U.S. addresses only!) telling me either a.) what you love about Lysa or b.) your favorite entree at Chick-fil-A or c.) a time you judged someone before you knew them and found out you were drop-dead wrong about them.

Love you, Lysa-Girl!!

And two quick Items of Business before I go:

1. We raised $150 for the Cambodia Kids yesterday!!! Woooohooooo! Praise the Lord! Thank you sooo much!

2. My Wait-Until-You’re-Married-to-Have-Sex Talk was so much fun! God is so good! There were six couples there, and I talked to them for about 45 minutes or so. Then we split into groups, and I got to chat with the girls. Wow. The talk went so well. And the small group girl time was just phenomenal. Praise you, Lord! Wow, wow, wow.

Thanks, friends! Happy Thursday! Let the CHIKIN Wars begin!!

82 thoughts on “my pleasure!

  1. Cathy B

    Love their chicken tender salad..but one of the reasons i love them most is that their founder was christian and they include faith based toys in the kids meals! I just found Lysa site yesterday… she seems sweet. that’s how i found your site.

  2. Deanna

    Don’t know if I’m in time for this or not, but either way I’d like to say that I, too, love Lysa T. and her blog. I love that she tells the good the bad AND the ugly! Everything from her wonderful success at GNO to her son wrecking her car in her own driveway!…and all the other stuff in between πŸ™‚

  3. Pamela

    I love Lysa for who she is and the light that emanates from her very being. I recently wrote a blog about a sweet high school friend of mine that is suffering from a severe head trauma and left a comment on Lysa’s blog for people to pray. Amazingly enough, in the midst of her busy life, Lysa herself left a comment on my blog saying she would be praying!
    How very human and heartfelt of her.
    And Chick Fil A ROCKS!!!!

  4. Erin Reaper

    I LOVE the chick-fil-a sandwich on whole wheat πŸ™‚

    I have to be honest…when I first met you I judged you. πŸ™ I thought you were the typical popular girl…and I am just a normal average girl. I was intimidated by the fact that you have sooo many friends and everyone loves you. I put you on a pedestal…the perfect christian wife and mother.

    As I’ve read your blog and even more recently I have found that you are so vulnerable! I love that. I love that you can share with us about your thrift store underwear. I love that you can share about your insecurities and fears and short comings. I also love that God uses you and your gifts to touch so many people. I love that you allow God to use you in whatever way He sees fit.

    You’re great!! πŸ™‚

  5. Colleen

    1) just got introduced to Lysa…thank you Marla…just added her to my blog list…
    2) my sister in law introduced me to chick fil a because she worked there all through high school…we LOVE chick fil a…and I think wednesday nights kids eat free?? the girls love the nuggest and I get the sandwich, but their oreo milkshakes are awesome!
    3) more often than not, I start out thinking someone is so sweet and sincere and then find out it isn’t quite so…that makes me sad…BUT…I”m learning

  6. Jennifer Selver

    Hello Marla,

    Wow! What an interesting, non conventional blog you have. This is my first sighting of your website. I was “referred” by Lysa from her blog.

    Lysa’s blogs, devotions, and even 1 minute segments on the radio are so timely & relevant to my situations. I really enjoy reading & listening to them. I enjoy hearing women of God take the Word of God and turn our hearts to the person of God! Praise Him!

    About Chik-Fil-A, I am so excited to hear about the wonderful things going on with the company & to see them glorifying God. I used to work right across from Chik-Fil-A & use to go there often for their Tuna Salad Sandwich! I LOVED IT! Unfortunately, I don’t think they make it anymore πŸ™ But, just in case the head guy in charge is reading this, I would love to see it back on the menu! Anyway, I digress, NOW my all time favorite menu item is none other than their WAFFLE FRIES! Yummmmmy!

    I will be a regular to your blog, Marla. Thanks for all you do for the cause of Christ.

    In Christ Alone,

  7. Lisa

    My son Clay was killed in an auto accident when he was ten. After Clay’s funeral I was looking at the cards that were taken off of the flower arrangements to see who sent flowers. As I was going through the cards, I found one that read, Chicken and family. I had no idea who this was, so I asked my husband. He explained to me that Chicken (the name everyone called him) was a man that worked at the Huddle House. I didn’t know Chicken but was touched that he felt compelled to send flowers. A few months later while we were at the florist where Chicken ordered the flowers I mentioned it to the florist. She said that Chicken came in and ordered the flowers, and she let him make arrangements to pay $5.00 a month until he paid them off. I was even more touched. The story gets better. It was now probably more than a year since Clay’s death, and Paul and I decided one Saturday morning to go eat breakfast at the Huddle House. Paul was sitting facing the window, and I was facing the people in the restaurant. A restaurant employee walked over to a table and started cleaning it off. He was to me a rough looking man, not necessarily clean and a little disheveled. I quickly judged him by how he looked and said to Paul, β€œI hope that guy is not cooking our food.” Paul turned around, looked at whom I was speaking about, and said, β€œThat is Chicken.” I was ashamed! I had judged this man by his appearance and not his heart. Why do we do that; judge people by how they look, what they wear, or what they possess in the world? I learned a big lesson that day. Thank goodness God does not judge us by our appearance, or sometimes I would be in big trouble. You know that I had to go up to Chicken and thank him for the flowers he sent to the funeral. He told me that he was working the morning of our accident and could see all the things going on (the Huddle House is a short distance from the scene of the accident). He said that he felt he needed to do something and sending flowers was what he came up with. What a nice man. I look for Chicken now anytime I go in that Huddle House so that I can speak to him and I thank God for sending him into my life to teach me a lesson about judging.

  8. denise

    I got to see Lysa speak at a MOPS convention almost 2 years ago. It was an adoption talk (I have twin boys we adopted). I loved hearing her story, then later found her blog. She is am awesome writer, and I totally want to see her speak again!

    My favorite Chick-fil-A item is their ice dream with a little diet dr. pepper on top. It is sooooo good. Thanks so much!

  9. Darlene

    I, too, love Lysa’s openess and I have learned so much from her blog. Just the other day I was facing a trial and I logged on to her blog and the first sentence was just what I needed. Her blog is one of my favorites!

  10. Caroline Grossman

    Marla, I am coming over from Lysa’s blog and look forward to learning more about your books.

    I would love to be entered in your Chik-Fil-A gift card giveaway. My family loves their food.

    What I like about Lysa is that she is real. I have not had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but her blog is real life and how the Lord is the center of all our solutions. What’s not to love about that?

    Blessings to you,


  11. Terra Crihfield

    I love love love Chik-Fil-A. I would have to say my favorite meal is the chicken nuggets and waffle fries with a large sweet tea. I really love taking my 1 yr old niece there with me and we share and love and enjoy the little chicken pieces together, but she is really partial to the waffle fries.

  12. Darla Leatherman

    I first heard Lysa speak at a Hearts at Home conference and just thought she is so funny but over the years I have come to appreciate her love for the Lord and her openess. I feel like I know her as well as one can through her blog, books and talks. I love her story about giving her Bible away to the man sitting next to her on the plane.

  13. april

    Lysa is so real and so funny and obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    I lvoe everything at Chick-fil-a. as a mom of 2, I love how kind they are there, and when I am alone with my 2 girls, teh workers there do all they can to serve me and make our eating experience so pleasant.

    oh my goodness I am so guilty of judging people. God relaly worked on my heart this past summer on that.

  14. Missy

    1. Never “met” Lysa till today, but I love her honest, heart-warming, funny, open conversation. She’s sweet!

    2. I like the Original Chix Sandwich with mayo. And their waffle fries. AND that they are one of the few places on the planet to have caffeine free diet soda for pregnant/nursing people.

    3. I never judge people.

    4. I sometimes lie.

    5. The last time I judged someone where I’ve since then been proven wrong was actually one of the leaders at our church. I was convinced he was all business and cared more about his way/agenda than people. I was completely wrong about that.

  15. Jamie Nygaard

    Oh dear…

    1. I’ve never heard of Lysa. (I feel sooo incredibly out of the loop after reading all of these comments.)

    2. I’ve never been to a Chick-Filet. I didn’t realize there were so many choices and realized that I am been missing out in something big my whole life. Maybe we can go there when I come visit you sometime?

    3. I can’t think of anything for the moment. I’m too depressed realizing that I’m the only one out there that didn’t know Lysa AND hasn’t experienced Chick-Filet. πŸ™

  16. Alyce

    Hi Marla..great to meet ya! I’m coming over from Lysa’s blog. I just have to say that I love me some chickfila! BUT..I love reading Lysa’s blog and getting to know her through that. She is just so real and genuine. love it. We don’t need any phonies out there..just real people that make real mistakes like the rest of us!

  17. Lorena

    Mmmm….I love food. And Chick-fil-a!! My favorite is the nuggets dipped in the polynesian sauce!! Pick me!! Pick me!! :o)

  18. Gail

    A. I have perused Lysa’s blog every so often since you opened my eyes to her back whenever that was. She’s great.

    B. I have never lived anywhere civilized enough to have a local Chick-fil-a. In fact, I have only eaten at one a couple of times, but it was gooooood. No idea what I had, though. I just searched, and there is one near one of my favorite shopping centers. I think you should cancel the contest and just send me the gift card to broaden my horizons.

    C. I am not one to make snap judgments too much. I learned long ago to give people the benefit of the doubt. A handy trait for a pastor’s wife! Sadly, I often expect people to be as generous about withholding judgment about me, too. I’ve been burned a time or 10 when people jumped to conclusions about who I am.

  19. katie neer

    I’m just browsing your website while at work…had to leave a comment cuz I’m doing the beth moore stepping up study right now with a group of ~20 women at my church!!! I am learning so much. Thought it was neat that you’re revisiting it at the same time. πŸ™‚ and i have the same writing callous on my finger too…

  20. Deanna

    Oh how I love Chick-Fil-A! I’m easy to please when it comes to the menu… I love the waffle fries and I usually eat them with a special sauce I make by mixing mustard & mayo together! And oh, the pickle on the chicken sandwich is a little slice of Heaven here on earth!

  21. Carrie - clearance sticker issues

    Oh no not another blog to follow! I am going a little overboard with my blog reading — laundry piling up, not cooking as good as I should before my man comes home etc. However, I am all up for becoming more like the PV 31 woman! I’m there! She wouldn’t judge other women like I tend to automatically do!
    Chick -Fil-A … traditional sandwhich, extra pickle, mustard, waffle fries and an UNsweet tea!!!

  22. Emily Kay

    Ooooh I could eat Chich-fil-A every day for the rest of my life and die happy! πŸ™‚ I have too many favorites to mention, but a few of the things I regularly order are a kids’ meal with a side salad (gotta love their Ranch dressing and sunflower seeds!!) and a lemonade (best.lemonade.EVER!) or the chicken strip salad (strips on the side, please!) or the #1 breakfast meal with a Coke (I swear they have the best fountain Coke ever!). I LOVE ME SOME CHICK-FIL-A!!! πŸ™‚

  23. Donita

    To this Arizona-girl Chick-Fil-A is relatively new! But oh, do I love the classic sandwich and that sauce. And the “My Pleasure” with which it is served. (Not to mention the Christian music I get to hear.) My son, on the other hand, could pass on the chicken (!) but loves the fruit salad from “Chick-Fa-Yeah”.
    I’m right there with you buddy…Yeah for Chick-Fa-Yeah!

  24. Jonda

    The original chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A rocks! And so does the movie, “Fireproof”. I asked my husband for the “Love Dare” book for Valentines. I can’t wait to start it.

  25. Jodie

    What I love about Lysa is that she is so down to earth. She has a real heart for women and it shows through her words on her blog, as well as seeing and hearing her speak. Thanks for your love for the Lord Lysa!

  26. Angie

    I just stopped by your blog from Lysa’s. I think I am going to like it here!!

    I am fairly new to Lysa’s blog as well, but really enjoying it. I love the waffle fries with their BBQ sauce at Chick-Fil-A!! So, so yummy!

  27. Laurie

    I love Chick-fil-A!! My favorite? Just so many things, but I do love their original chicken sandwich and waffle fries. Their ice cream reminds me of homemade ice cream!

    I’ll be checking out Lysa’s blog

  28. Shirley Smedley-Theiss

    I was blessed to hear Lysa at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC a couple of years ago. She became “my kind of woman” when she related the story of how her husband had sent up a note to her on stage. She thought it was going to be an encouraging note like “I am praying for you”. Instead, it was “You have a booger in your nose.” Then she said, “You are thinking: did that woman say ‘a booger in your nose’?” Now that is what I call “transparent”, completely real and honest! Loved that about her, and also the rest of her messages that weekend. Blessings on your ministry. Shirley

  29. Holly J

    My favorite Chic-Fil-A is the nuggets with honey bbq sauce. And I must confess, I usually take an extra packet or two so I can use it on something at home! Of course, I must follow it with a lemonade! πŸ™‚

  30. Angie

    I read Lysa everyday and love her sweet spirit. She truly inspires me and I love that she is so down to earth and so funny. She lifts my spirit everyday. I am also looking forward to getting to know you better Marla. Chick-fil-a is a great place to eat, truly a favorite of mine. Thanks!!

  31. Denise

    I am heading over to lysa’s site after I type this! My favorite Chick Fil A dish is the grilled chicken sammy, no pickles (eeewww), with honey mustard sauce on it. I LOVE their fries, I mean LOVE….if I could marry their fries, I would. Man, now I think I am going their for lunch today since it happens to be across the street from Target, where I am also going today. Thanks a lot Marla πŸ˜‰

  32. Amy

    My favorite is the plain old chicken sandwich, hold the pickle. How can something so simple be so delicious. The only improvement on that would be to add a large lemonade — so sweet!

  33. Terri Sue

    I love Lysa because she stretches me to grow. I love Chick FIl A because it’s good food and they close on SUnday. My best friend in grade school happened because I judged her too quickly and then had to eat some words and got to know her! God started working on me quickly with this issue!
    Be blessed!

  34. Christie Darago

    I remember when I met one of my dearest friends for the first time. I was so intimidated about how pretty she was, and my incredible insecurity, that I thought there was no way she would want to be my friend. Well, as time passed, I realized just how wrong I was and was reminded that “God doesn’t look at the outside, but at the inward beauty of the heart” and that I need to be the same. We turned out to be great friends and I learned an invaluable lesson.

  35. Mary

    I LOVE chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwiches but especially the waffle fries! And I love Lysa too! Her blog is so inspiring. Pick me pick me!

  36. Anna Walker

    My hubby LOVES Chik-Fil-A and wishes that they would move to a freestanding restaurant instead of being in the mall so that he could get his fix more often. This certificate would be for him-perhaps as part of his anniversary gift (we get to celebrate for a whole MINUTE as the clock strikes midnight between the 28th and March 1st, as our REAL anniversary only comes along once every four years!!

  37. Mary

    Honestly my favorite entree at Chick-Fil-A is not an entree but the little placemats that they give you with a kids’ meal. My kids have been SICK all winter so I end up in the line at CFA because I can count on them helping a sister out with germs!! I personally love the chicken strips…plain and simple. THanks Marla!

  38. Wendy

    It doesn’t get any better than Chick-fil-A! I know we women like to watch our weight and we try to eat healthy, i.e. no fried food, cut out the carbs, eat lots of salad, you know what I’m talking about! But there are just some things you gotta do in life…like go to Chick- fil- A and eat like you are meant to!!! I’m talkin’ original CFA sandwich (extra pickles for me), waffle fries with lots of ketchup, and a large sweet tea. I do use light mayo, just to cut down on the fat πŸ™‚ That to me is a perfect meal at Chick-fil-A. I know they offer “healthier” choices, but it would just be plain wrong for me not to get the above mentioned meal πŸ˜‰

  39. Robin Purdy

    I just started reading Lysa’s book on walking by faith. My husband and I are just beginning the journey of missions in Africa. Hopefully in 2 years we will be in Africa serving the people and trying to convince my husband we should adopt every child that we get to be with:) Only reading the first three chapters has made me fall in love with Lysa and her honesty yet deep commitment to follow Christ.

  40. Terri

    I’m here by way of Lysa’s blog and I have to say I think I’m going to be a regular reader of your blog as well. I was intrigued by the descriptions of your books, so of course, I’ll be checking them out, too. I’m drawn to Lysa’s blog because she’s addresses issues that are right where I’m at…or have been…or maybe will be. Very relevant and wonderful perspective!
    Terri in AZ

  41. Rebecca

    Okay, first off…you are CRAZY!!! (In a good way, of course!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ You crack me up Sister Sue!

    Alrighty then…down to business!

    What I like about Lysa? Well, she’s real. What she shares makes me cringe with embarrassment at times, but also make me think, hmmmm, real deal kinda gal. I like that.

    My favorite entree at good ole Chick-fil-a?? I have to admit it…the Chicken Biscuit is my all-time fav-o-rite! That along side of some good ole sweet tea and I’m having a hay-day kinda day! πŸ™‚

    About the judging thing? I judged Lysa by a comment she made on her blog that I didn’t think was a Proverbs 31 comment. Anyway, I emailed her (I did this instead of posting because I didn’t want to tear her down in front of others or give food for fodder, know what I mean?). Anyway, she emailed me back PRONTO and told me where she was coming from and what that particular statement meant. I thanked her for her quick response and realized two things: this women was just being gut wrenching real and that just because I wouldn’t have made that comment doesn’t mean that it was a wrong comment to make. Yup, yup…that was my pious self being taken down a notch or two…

    Anyway girl, I gotta jet. Love reading your blog…and Lysa’s, too!

    Prayers and blessings,

  42. Angela

    My fave order at Chik-Fil-A is their chicken salad sandwich and their chicken soup (with lemonade on the side, please!). I know it’s off to some – most aren’t even aware those items are on the menu, let alone someone’s favorite thing to order. But I guess it’s just me. I suppose I’m a bit of an anomaly myself. πŸ˜‰

  43. Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light

    I don’t know Lysa yet, but I look forward to checking her out! I am a huge Chick-fil-A fan, though….#1 with a Diet Lemonade and chick-fil-a sauce, please!!! I am pumped that they are building a new one just about 2 miles from my house (it’s going to be very dangerous)!

    I know there has probably been a time when I judged someone without knowing their story, but I am having a hard time thinking of it right now. On the flip side of that, I have been pre-maturely judged quite a few times, and it is awesome to see someone see you in a new light (when they decide to really get to know you)!

  44. Beth@sportsmomma

    Oh my goodness! Chick-fil-A and Lysa! What a great post! Love them both! Proverbs 31 Ministries are located not to far from me- I want/need to become involved!

    Oh, I LOVE me some Chick-Fil-A tea! My one true addiction!!!

  45. Emily Rose

    I’ve been guilty of pre-judging people before but I try really hard not to do that. There is a “crazy” lady in town that everyone kinda jokes about. She’s older and dresses strangely and always looks dirty and her hair is a tangled mess. She stands on street corners and waves to the truck drivers. She’s even been arrested a couple of times for soliciting prostitution among other things. One day she was standing outside my work and I spoke to her and she smiled and told me how pretty I looked. My heart just went out to her, I can’t explain it but I felt such compassion for her. I found out she lives in a very old mobile home that is falling apart, and has no family. That Christmas I made a care package and put some inspirational books, a shawl, bath&body works products, candy and a few other little items and wrapped it up and drove over to her place. She was sitting all by herself outside, she recognized me when I pulled up and was so happy. I gave her the gift and she started crying and gave me a big hug. It really made me realize that even though people seem different, act strange or do weird things, they all need love.

  46. Kristin

    I love that Lysa is so transparent and real. She loves Jesus and shares that love so freely. I also love that she was the tool that helped prepare my heart to say yes to God. Not long after I started visiting her blog regularly I was asked to be the Director of MOPS. Her servant attitude led me to answer yes.

  47. faithchick

    i like their pickles. πŸ™‚ they’re way better than other fast food pickles.
    but, mostly, i love their crispy sandwich with plenty of mayo. and the fruit cups for the kids that have more than melon in them.
    fabulous & very kind post you wrote about lysa. I’m sure she’s encouraged!

  48. Gabby

    I love a weird order. A kid’s meal with a side salad. I love those honey roasted sunflower seeds on it. Man, they are awesome!
    And I heard Lysa on the radio and thought the same thing, and I haven’t heard her in person, but after reading her blog, I was so ashamed of myself for judging by her upbeat voice. I guess we all struggle with thinking someone else has it all together, and hating that we DON’T.
    I absolutely LOVE the scrabble letters. So good!

  49. Ali

    Your chick-fil-a comment reminded me of when I worked at the Marriott and we were trained to say ‘my pleasure’, never ‘your welcome.’ I think, if they could, they would have trained us to wipe the booties of the guests, as well. It was quite the kiss-butt environment. I don’t miss it one bit.

  50. Penny

    I love the Prov 31 Min daily devo! I am new to all bloggers, but love the encouragement Lysa gives. I love chik-fil-a sandwich, x-tra pickles!!

  51. Lindsey

    I love Lysa, and I too can attest that she is the REAL deal! I really admire how she has totally allowed The Lord to REDEEM her past. She gives all of her past and insecurities to Him and lets him use them for good. That’s big!

    My favorite CFA item is the DIET LEMONADE….fresh squeezed each morning with only three ingredients: lemon juice, water and Splenda!

  52. Holly V.

    I do LOVE their chicken…but love their cheesecake, too! And their sweet tea is so yummy.

    But my FAVORITE thing about Chik Fil A is that when I take my kids there for dinner, there is Christian music playing. This totally rocks!

  53. Emily

    Oh, how I love Lysa too! I have been reading her books (right now “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” is on my night table!) and they are amazing. I’m TOTALLY jealous that you’ve met her! πŸ™‚

  54. Kim Webb

    Many years ago I met a lady at church and thought the same thing. The more I heard about her and her perfect family, perfect life and sweet little voice I thought I was going to gag. (she would say “O my” in her sweet little girl voice) Her and her hubby were also some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. I never thought I would want the same world as her, we had nothing in common except we loved the Lord.

    We ended up in small group together and she started to open up about her insecurities – wow, we have the same thoughts and feelings. Long story short (I will try), she is one of my best friends, she is one of my cheer leaders in life, she is a person that always bring me back to God, we will be friends for life. And our paths would have never crossed if it were not for that one thing in common 0 Christ. I am a better person for knowing her and I hope she would say the same.

    And yes I have repented for the many times I have judged her and her family.

  55. Liz Wrigglesworth

    I love the original sandwich of course with honey roasted BBQ sauce on it!
    And that’s all I’m going to answer right now since it’s 2:41am and I can’t sleep… I have the flu!!
    Oh and to answer the question about chick-fil-a in Fireproof… It is!!! We are having a fireproof couple weekend at our church in Dayton, OH if anyone is in the area (it’s on march 20-21) it’s $20 per couple.. It includes movie and dessert on friday night and then breakfast, chick-fil-a lunch and the session materials. If you are interested in learning more about it… Contact Marla and she can give you my contact info!

  56. Shannon (SeeSaw Faith)

    Hi Marla! I am visiting today from Lysa’s blog and I must say, I love the real feel to your blog!

    I first heard about Lysa when I attended Hearts at Home for the first time. She was the main session key note speaker, as well as leading a workshop. By the time I walked out of her workshop, I was in no doubt that God had spoken to me, using the sweetest southern accent I had ever heard (I used to think I had that distinction!)

    I am going to poke around your blog some more if you don’t mind. I tend to make myself at home.

    OH! Don’t enter me in your contest! HORROR OF HORRORS! I don’t live near a Chik-fil-a. I get to have it once a year when we take our youth group to camp in Ohio. We go to Kings Island amusement park and they have one there. I KNOW! You just wanna CRY for me don’t you!

    I have registered to win one of your books on her blog as well. Looks mighty interesting!

  57. Elizabeth M Thompson

    Lysa cracks me up! I am a California girl and I love her Southern charm and girliness.

    And as for Chick-Fil-A, I was thrilled last year when Krispy Kreme went out of business and was replaced by Chick-Fil-A. donuts are great and all, but really who needs them? Bring on the chicken.

  58. Conny

    Chick-fil-A! You’re speaking my love language….
    The other night, hubby & I *finally* watched FIREPROOF….and you know the MAIN THING I got out of it was this: when Catherine (wife character) is sick in bed, Caleb (husband character) brings her food…and I *swear* it was CHick-Fil-A!!! I told my husband: TAKE NOTE!! Chick-Fil-A can heal illness and save marriages. I’d love to win this certificate & would drive the 80 long miles to the nearest Chick-Fil-A to use it to buy some nuggets & waffle fries!! πŸ™‚

  59. Amy

    She’s honest! I love to read Lysa’s blog because she’s honest and tells things like it is but is funny and deep-truthful at the same time. Where else can you learn scriptural truths while alternately both laughing and crying??

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