my heart is busy (again)

Thanking God tonight for a weekend overflowing with blessings. It’s one of those times when I just shake my head and exhale loudly and wonder if my heart might burst. I don’t know that I can remember it all, so I’ll go backward from right this minute.

Just said good-bye to a sweet friend who came over to chat for 90 minutes on my back deck (until we moved to the kitchen table to escape the mosquitoes).

Met a new friend at church who was visiting from out-of-town and now we’re facebook friends. She asked me about Cambodia in the bacon line (you should definitely visit our church) and I knew instantly that we’d be good friends. Plus, we went to the same college and she lives (temporarily) in a town in southern Ohio that I lived in for a short while.

Got invited on a movie date to see The Help by one of the cutest girls I know.

Spent some time chatting about our next Love C-bus event with two of my Missions Team buddies.

Hugged friends at church who I haven’t seen in awhile.

Got to eat Mexican in a big, comfy booth surrounded by my little family that’s always extra-huggy and fighting to be close to me after I’ve been away for 24 hours. The food was delicious, and the love made my heart sing.

Met some of the most amazing women at the retreat I spoke at this weekend. They laughed with me and cried with me and made me feel like we’d known and loved each other forever. They promised to pray for my family and got all excited about our trip to Cambodia.

I got to hear condensed versions of several women’s life stories, and my heart is blessed. These women have been delivered from some serious stuff, and some are still fighting a good fight every single day. Praying for them.

I got to talk about Radical with 13 beautiful women Friday night, and God is moving big-time in their hearts and lives. So, so, so encouraging and gave me the oomph to keep going on this justice journey thing.

Got some thrilling e-mails/facebook messages from folks who want to help bless the Boys’ Center in Cambodia with gifts of toys and money. Stories of getting their kiddos (and even their schools) involved. Be still my heart.

Some gifts from some women who felt God telling them to bless our family and our upcoming trip. Man.

Storing up these moments and pondering them in my heart. And writing lots and lots and lots of thank-you notes this week.

Last thing: if you’ve been a Prayer Doula in the past (someone who prays for one of the expectant mamas in Haiti–Heartline Ministries) or if you haven’t, there are 8 women due soon that need our prayers. What an honor to lift up these women to our awesome God!

Happy Monday, friends!

2 thoughts on “my heart is busy (again)

  1. Brooke

    sounds like a full and blessed weekend!

    God just shut a door in front of me. Maybe to show me that I can’t plan it all out? Either way I’m disappointed.

    1. Ben

      Brooke: I had a door close on me the other week, one I REALLY didn’t want to see close. My goodness it is NOT fun!

      One’s life never makes sense unless seen through the lens of hindsight… I’m not going to pretend to know what you’re going through, but this song ( helped me out when I needed some encouragement.

      I’ll be praying for you 🙂

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