more great news! (and a touch of freakiness)

So, Gabe and I are chatting about the xanga thing about 20 minutes ago. I tell him to guess what the secret code word is. (his first 3 guesses in a moment…) He says, “Everyone should have their own secret code name too. Like 007.” I look at him blankly. “You know, James Bond?” Well, I do know that 007 means James Bond, but I never really got into those movies, so no, I don’t know what he means really.

So, I check my xanga moments ago and see a comment from 007faithchick herself. “We should all have our own secret code names,” she suggests. “Like 007…” Can she read my husband’s mind?!? Is she spying on us from her super-secret location, somewhere in the midwest U.S. of A.? Faithchick, come clean!! Have you somehow hacked into my home?!? freakychick! (and what are you doing up at midnight anyway?)

So, I made Gabe guess the secret code word. He guessed:
1.) cakeball (he was so proud of himself, so sure this was it.)
2.) baby oil (um, no)
3.) xangatherpalooza (nope, we need a word people can actually say)

The great news! My friend Holly is the MOPS coordinator at our church, and they use those same 2 rooms. (they have MOPS Mon. morning, and they’re going to leave stuff set up for us) She says there are tons of tables and chairs and many, many, many toys. Slides, big balls, riding toys GALORE. The kiddos will have a blast!

One other thing–we won’t have access to a refrigerator or a microwave (that I know of), so if you’re bringing something that needs to be hot or cold, try to bring a crackpot or a cooler or something.

Here are some things we need: (what am I missing?)
–paper/styrofoam plates
–dessert plates
–plastic silverware
–ice (and cooler)
–drinks (2-liters? bottled water? cans of pop? capri suns? ??)
–name tags/markers
–$ for pizza

What else?? Ooh, I’m just getting so excited!

Off to do a final run-through on my freshly-edited Expectant Prayers manuscript. Then head to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon after Bible study and lunch. Cubbies tonight was…don’t ask.

Four more days!!

16 thoughts on “more great news! (and a touch of freakiness)

  1. faithchick

    @ladymiss3739 – 

    @ch1pch0p – i just got caught up on all this flamboyantness–goodness a lot happened while i was out earning a living!  uuuuuuuum. maybe we can bring sandwich ingredients in a cooler & cook ’em at kim’s if we can, but if not, they’ll still say good? 

  2. ladymiss3739

    @ch1pch0p – 

    Good. I need advance notice of these things. You know, to practice.

    Marla, you read my mind…Jess and I were going to bring in the oven kind of things, so we’ll have to rethink our food stuff! JESS!!!!!!

  3. faithchick

    yes.  i pretend to be overly afraid of xanga stalkers, but i’m really one myself.  and i’ve been watching your every move.   but, i know the password, so gabe has to let me in.

    and…i was making a cake….it’s finished…hallelujah….and i even got to sleep in a little bit.

  4. gsowell

    I will take care of the name tags and markers….seriously. As dorky as that is, it really helps!

    My sister will bring 4 2-liters.

    If she backs out again, I will bring them.

    Oh, and we’ll have some sort of snack, but I can’t promise the homemade-y-ness of it!

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