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Last year at this time I was freaking out about our taxes and praying my eyeballs out that we’d still get to do the Texas leg of our Zoo Trip. This year, I’m freaking out about taxes (not really–just finished at 12:20 am!) and wishing we were headed to Texas!

God worked out every single detail last April, and while we loved every bit of our Zoo Adventure, there was just something crazy-special about the Texas (and Oklahoma!) Trip.

Seeing all my Texas friendsbluebonnet pics this week is killing me. Crazy, since I hadn’t really even known or cared about them before this:

Here’s a pic from each zoo we hit on that 11-Day Trip of Sweetness:

The Tulsa Zoo w/Elizabeth and Marina:

The Oklahoma City Zoo w/Megan and Jenn:

The Fort Worth Zoo w/Amy:

The Dallas Zoo and then on to Kaye‘s:

The Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, then on to meet Amanda and Kelli:

The Houston Zoo w/Kelli, then on to meet Mary:

Sea World San Antonio w/Kimberly:

The Alamo (what, not a zoo?) and staying w/Jim, Sandi (who actually had to fly to CA hours before we arrived!), and all their pups:

The San Antonio Zoo w/Emily and then on to meet Mel:

And last, but not least, the Memphis Zoo with Rachel:

This is what happens when you’re 3 years old and your parents drag you to 9 zoos in 11 days.

Click on the name of each zoo (like you don’t have Easter eggs to dye and Good Friday services to prepare for) to see more pics of that particular zoo.

And if you’re extra bored:

1. If you’re from Oklahoma or Texas, give your state a shout-out.

2. If you’ve ever visited one or both of those states, tell me when and why.

I got to see Kelli, Amanda and Mel again in January (so awesome), but it’s been a year since I’ve seen the rest of you!! Sniff, sniff. Love you all, my special Okie/Texas friends!

30 thoughts on “missing texas

  1. Amy

    Wah! Wah! We miss you so much, too, Marla!

    It’s funny how that bluebonnet picture doesn’t really communicate very well where we were actually sitting. It wasn’t quite the serene, quiet setting that it depicts! No matter — we will probably get our family picture taken there if we don’t have time to drive outside the city for it.

  2. Rachel

    What a sweet shout out! Meredith, Russ and I actually went back to the Memphis Zoo last week for Spring Break. They finished the Grand Teton section, complete with an “Old Faithful” fountain. Very cool! We’ll have to plan to meet again there when they finish the new Hippo exhibit in 2011. Have a very special Easter weekend!

  3. Bethany

    Cute pictures! I was in Texas for the 1st time in January and was so delighted to meet you! I’ve never been to OK. but would love to visit someday. I loved Texas and definately want to go again sometime.

  4. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    *sniff sniff sob sob*

    We miss you, too!!!!!!!!!!!! Oklahoma just hasn’t been the same since you left us.

    (Um, what is happening with my hair in that picture? Heaven help me.)

    Also, the girls and I went to the FW Zoo last month and it’s definitely still one of the best EVER.

  5. Kay

    Because we lived in Texas for over 12 years I’ve been to most of your zoos! In fact, all of them in Texas. What a grand trip! Of all those, I’ve always loved the zoo in Tyler the most just because it’s small, pretty, sweet and (at the time – not sure if it still is) free! We did that one a lot!

  6. amber

    And you didn’t stop at the Little Rock Zoo on your way to the Memphis Zoo?

    We could have walked around and looked at all the vacant cages, but the one very awesome grizzly bear, together. But we would have laughed. A lot.

    Me thinks we needs to plan that.
    With or without the zoo.

  7. Melanie Miller

    Fun pictures, Marla! I’ll have to go back and read about your zoo trip as I didn’t know you then. I was in Texas in January (wish we could’ve met) and I think I was in OK way back in my college days (Hesston KS is relatively close and I’m pretty sure men’s basketball team was in tourney there). I’ve never seen fields of blue bonnets like those in Texas – wow! Have a great day!

  8. Elizabeth

    We miss you too! I can’t believe it’s been a year since that fun day. You know, we haven’t been back to the zoo since. It’s just more fun with friends from Ohio!

    I really think you need to change the title to “Missing Oklahoma and Texas.” It’s only fair, and you wouldn’t want to hurt my or Megan’s feelings!

    I think I’l plan a zoo trip soon in honor of the Tavianos!

  9. Jen your cousin

    All my “other-side cousins” live in Dallas TX. We visit them at least once a year, but have never been to the zoo or seen the blue bonnets. I had no idea I was missing out on blue bonnets and now I feel jypped. 😉

  10. Rachelle

    I’m a born and bred Eastern NM girl; I can be in Texas in about an hour. I was just there this week! Took a friend to a doctors appointment and ate lunch @ McAlister’s Deli (some good eats). My family hails from OK (both my mama’s parents). I have spent many summers at family reunions there, at Lake Texhoma-I love it there, it feels like a place I belong, you know, like home.

  11. Betsy

    My husband’s business finds him (and sometimes me too!) flying back and forth to Texas A LOT!!! His business works in Dallas, Austin and Houston as well as San Antonio (all though I haven’t been there at all. ) I keep telling him I want to move to Dallas some day. Love the people we’ve met there. What a wonderful state! Sadly, we never have time to go to the zoos there, so I’ll look at your pictures. Maybe go there some time.

  12. AKat

    Sandi, come on up!

    Woot, woot! for dear ‘ol OKC!

    And, Whoop! for my home state of Texas, too.

    (May I claim them both?!)

    P.S. MARLA! I wish, wish I had known you’d be in OKC last year. However, I would’ve have been in my very last trimester and may have gone into labor at the zoo. That would NOT have been fun for either of us. Besides, meeting you this past January was totally the Lord’s timing and, therefore, the perfect time to meet! I mean, me walking through a parking lot from the rented mini to meet up with you and Kelli? Now that’s funny. You are a blessing.

  13. Conny

    lived in san antonio from july – december 1995 while my hubby attended an Army school @ Ft. Sam Houston. yep, been to the s/a zoo … twice! 🙂

  14. Lisa @ fulfilling my purpose

    Looks like we both have zoos on the brain today. I just posted some special pictures for you over at my place. Enjoy!

    I visited a friend in Austin and San Antonio in ’97. Loved the River Walk.

    I went to Dallas in ’01 to visit my best friend Heather who was at DTS. She took me to some botanical gardens, and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Absolutely gorgeous. I think it was a little glimpse of what heaven will be like.

  15. Shannah

    I had to fly to Austin to do research at UT in order to finish my Masters. It was freakin’ hot there. And the really funny cleaning crew at the place I stayed couldn’t even fathom living in a place that got below the 60s in winter! Good times!

  16. Karey

    Buffalo, Texas!!! We love the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler… I took pictures of my son in the elephant’s footprint every year to show how much he’s grown. Wow-he’s 12, and it’s been a while!!! Time to back for old-times sake… Happy Easter and God Bless!

  17. Liz

    A good friend of mine went to college in OK and I went to visit her. She met a boy and stayed there. I have been through TX a couple times on my way to Mexico for missions trips. I plan on going very soon since my brother and sister-in-law took my neices and moved there. Some people!

  18. Marla Fletcher

    We’ve been to the zoo in Tyler!!!!! My husband, Calen, his dad lives in Tyler!!!! It is a beautiful zoo!!!! Calen spent 25 years of his life in Texas and moved up here to NJ to be with me 🙂 We love going back to visit!! We have been through OK when we moved him up here. His grandmother lived in OK. Calen also went to the University of Texas – go Longhorns!!!

  19. Laura

    Great pics! I’ve never been to either state, but my mom was born in Oklahoma, and Jason’s last stop before he went to Iraq was Texas. Is that close? 😛 Happy April!

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