miss abigail martin: march 6, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Abigail! Your mommy and daddy (and so many other people) miss you very, very much, but they wouldn’t take a single day away from this amazing year you’ve spent with Jesus. We’ll see you soon, okay?

And I know you’re just tickled pink over your tiny, new baby brother, Gregory John (born March 1, 2010). He’s darling and gorgeous and will bring your mommy and daddy so much joy, but he will never, ever take your place in their hearts. It’s that magic that God does when parents have more kiddos–their hearts just grow and grow. And your mommy and daddy’s hearts are bursting with love for you, beautiful girl.

We love you, sweet thing. Happy, happy, happy birthday!!

If you haven’t seen this amazing video of Amy and Billy talking about Abigail, you’ve just got to. Seriously.

The following was originally posted on September 22, 2009. It’s long, but soooo worth the read.

I have a little friend who lives in heaven. Her name is Abigail. We only met once (March 6, 2009), but we became instant friends. And actually, by the time her daddy introduced us, the real Abigail was already with Jesus. I only got to meet her beautiful, tiny little body. Here’s part of her story (condensed from March 11 blog post–read the whole story here):

And I told you about my friend Amy’s baby Abigail, diagnosed with triploidy at her 20-week ultrasound in November. Abigail stopped developing at 16 weeks and wasn’t expected to live past 30 weeks. She made it 36. Her heart stopped beating 2 weeks ago, and Amy went in for an induction Thurs. evening…

Praise the Lord–Tammy [our pastor’s wife] got to be there for Amy and Billy when they met Abigail. (Kim and I waited in the waiting room.)

Then Amy sent Tammy to come get us. We hugged her and Billy, then Billy wanted us to meet Abigail. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a greater honor in all my life. In fact, I know I haven’t.

She was beautiful. Kim held her. I cried tears of joy as I pictured her up in heaven, skipping with Jesus.

Her mommy and daddy have been through so much these past four months. Many people have expressed their disapproval that Amy and Billy chose to carry her, knowing her “fate.” They honored God so deeply with their choice, and I just know He’s using them and little Abigail for His glory. Mike and Tammy prayed and read Scripture over Abigail after she was born, and the doctor, nurse and midwife joined their circle. Talk about a powerful witness.

God is good.

Please pray for Amy and Billy. Oh, how hard it’s got to be for them right now. My heart breaks for them, leaving the hospital with empty arms.

Abigail’s sweet little face is permanently etched on the wall of my mind, reminding me that life is short and people are precious–especially my children. May I never, ever forget.

The past six months haven’t been easy for Amy and Billy. While the rest of the world has gone on with their lives, Amy and Billy still ache for their baby girl. And for much of the time, they hurt all alone. No one else understands the deep, deep love they have for their precious daughter.

But God is good. Still. And He has done so many beautiful things–in Amy and Billy’s lives and in so many others. So many incredible things. And Amy, whom I count as one of my dearest friends, told me just the other day, “If it hadn’t been for Abigail, who knows if we ever would’ve developed such a beautiful friendship? She brought us together.” She did, and I’m forever grateful to her.

And darling Abigail is rejoicing with Jesus today–and has been every day for quite awhile now, because growing peacefully in her Mama’s belly is her 16-week-old brother or sister. Due to enter this world on March 4, 2010–just 2 days before Abigail’s 1st birthday.

Can you believe our God?

Abigail’s condition was not genetic, and after today’s ultrasound, her little sibling appears to be absolutely and completely healthy, with Amy’s body doing everything exactly perfectly.

I know Billy and Amy are thrilled that God is blessing them with another baby. I even know that aside from some twinges of anxiety, they have an unexplainable peace about this baby’s health.

Yet, there’s one thing that’s a little tougher to work through. When Billy first found out Amy was pregnant, he immediately said, through tears, “I just don’t want Abigail to get gypped.”

For those of you with two children, you remember what it felt like right before your second one came. “How in the world am I going to love another child just as much? And how is it fair that I’m bringing another baby into this world and cheating my firstborn of some of my love?”

It’s magic though, isn’t it? You love them both. 100%.

Amy and Billy will too. It’s just that Abigail’s not here to physically receive her 100%. And some people don’t understand the depth of love a Mommy and Daddy can have for a child they spent such a short time with. They might think of this baby as taking Abigail’s place. No one can ever take the place of a child you’ve lost. Not even another child.

I’m having trouble thinking of words here to convey what’s in my heart. I guess what I want to say is this: will you pray with me for Amy and Billy? Will you pray for a healthy pregnancy for Amy (and strength–she teaches first grade) and for God to just lavish His amazing love and peace all over both of them? Will you pray for them as they navigate through the exciting emotions of expecting a baby while grieving another one? Each beautiful, happy moment is one they will feel blessed to experience–but without their Abigail.

And would you do me a favor and leave a comment for Amy and Billy letting them know you love them and will be praying? They mean the world to me, and I know your love and prayers will mean the world to them.

Congratulations, Miss Abigail, on your new little baby! We’re going to take such good care of him/her for you! Thank our Jesus for me, will you? I love you, girl!

7 thoughts on “miss abigail martin: march 6, 2009

  1. Amy

    We are so proud of our little Abigail. 🙂 So thankful for her and for what God is doing through her…what more could a parent want? We love her and miss her. God has blessed us with 2 beautiful babies…I can’t wait to see what he has in store for Gregory. Thank you Lord for bringing him into our lives…we love him so much.

    Thank you friends for loving all of us…me, Billy, Abigail and Gregory. We love you so much!!

  2. Morgan

    I can’t wait to meet you one day Abigail! Thinking about you brings a smile to my face….thank you. Gregory is blessed to have you as a big sister. I know you will always be looking after him, and maybe even playing some big sister tricks on him 😉 I love you so much! Happy Birthday.

  3. Kim Webb

    tears… smiles…
    I love that God is in all the details. He knew Abigail before she came to be. He is now enjoying her little (or big) personality (I think it is probably big).
    I love you Abigail and count it a blessing to be involved in your life. I can’t wait to meet you. I know your mommy and daddy miss you greatly but they know that you had a great purpose for your life.

  4. Sara

    Happy Birthday Sweet one! Go get my boy Isaac and have a blast of a day.

    Amy and Billy – I know you must feel the same way I do in that our babies were chosen for something special and aren’t we proud parents that get to be honored by our Father in that?

    My prayers and love are with you.


  5. Ali

    Happy Birthday, Abigail! Tell me, what are birthday parties like in Heaven? Does Jesus dance? Do the saints eat cake? Do the angels play games? Can’t wait for you to tell me all about it one day. Love you, sweet girl.

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