interview with amanda, part 2

Check out yesterday’s post if you missed the first part of my interview with Amanda Jones. And now for Part 2!

I know you probably get asked this a lot–or at least people are thinking it, even if they don’t say it–but what is it like having Beth Moore as your mama?

I could never, ever, ever adequately explain how much I love and respect my mama. I can hardly wrap my mind around what God has done in and through her life.  I know that she’s made up of the same stuff as the rest of us – she has physical limitations, fears, and gets her feelings hurt sometimes.  I tremble at the Lord because I know that her ministry is a display of the His power.  It blows me away to see Him work through her.

My mom is my best friend.  She tells great stories, she makes me laugh and laughs at me too, she goes to great lengths to love on her grandkids, and she’s really fun. More than anything, we love to talk.  That’s probably not surprising!

Tell us a little bit about your relationship with your daddy.

The Lord probably got a big kick out of putting my dad and me in the same family. We’re very different, but we love each other so much. My daddy is the quintessential Texas outdoorsman – he’s really into hunting, fishing, and shotguns. I, on the other hand, would probably be a vegetarian if I had been born into any other family.

Tonight we were laughing about the time many years ago when a mouse was running loose in our house.  Mom was screaming bloody murder for my dad to kill the thing and I was wailing, “No! You can’t kill Fievel!” (Poor thing. He just couldn’t win that one.) He said he wondered then how his daughter could have turned out like that. He would have loved taking me hunting as a kid, but I would have nothing to do with it.  I was a sensitive, self-conscious, idealistic kid who needed some toughening up before she went into the big, mean world. He was there for me when I had to face it.

My dad got me a pony when I was a kid and the memories I have of going riding with him are my favorite.  We still ride horses together every chance we get.  We love Patsy Cline, good dessert, talking about history, and analyzing why people are the way they are.  Since I’ve become a parent, I’ve noticed that I express my love for my kids in the same way that Dad did with me. That makes me smile.  I have an awesome daddy and am very blessed!

And your sister.

Oh my goodness, there is no one on earth who has as much beauty, charisma, intelligence, spunk and courage as my sister. She is one of a kind. Melissa and I are like night and day. We honestly did not get along very well until we were both in college.  I think it took some distance, some being filled with the Spirit, and some maturity to make us feel less like competitors and more like we were each other’s biggest fan.  We have a blast when we’re together and talk on the phone all the time.

What kinds of passions and burdens has God laid on your heart? Who do you feel He has called you to serve?

I have a passion to show other women that they can walk with God.  The Christian life is not for perfect people.  When we pretend to have it all together, people look at themselves and see something very different. They get discouraged and decide, “This is not the life for me.”  That’s why I think it’s important to be transparent.

I want the young woman who feels like she can’t give up her wild living to know that she can, and Jesus is totally worth it.  I want the young woman who feels bogged down by sin to have hope that the Holy Spirit can empower her to make the right choices. I know what it’s like to feel weighed down by so much sin that you just stop talking to Him. I also know what it’s like to finally repent, learn to live on His power daily, and be free of guilt and shame.

What’s one of your favorite verses right now, and how does it fit with your life?

I’ve been memorizing 2 Thessalonians 1 for the Scripture memory challenge we’re doing on the LPM Blog. Verses 11-12 encourage me when I feel overwhelmed by my all my responsibilities.

“With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith. We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, and you in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ” (2 Thess. 1:11-12).

It’s no secret that Texans think their state is superior to the other 49. What makes it so stinkin’ great?

Texans do have a lot of pride.  At least it’s not an exclusive pride – we want other people to come see how great it is and enjoy it with us.  What makes it so great?   It’s big. It’s rich in culture thanks to its diversity. (And we have great food because of it!) We can access the ocean, deserts, forests, plains, rivers, lakes, and mountains without ever leaving our state.  But the best thing about Texas is the people.

What’s your favorite zoo animal?

I love otters. I could watch them all day!  They always look like they’re having fun.

Have you ever fed a giraffe? Would you like to?

I’ve never had the pleasure of feeding a giraffe. But yes, I’d love to!

Did you ever wonder what happened to the necklace I gave you when we met?

I remember putting it in the Trader Joe’s bag you gave me, which I then left on the counter at Kelli’s house. I’ve been too embarrassed to tell you!  I haven’t been to that side of town since I saw you, otherwise I would have tried to retrieve it.

Oh, please don’t try to retrieve it! It’s not there! I brought it home with me to mail to you and kept forgetting. Then my cousin’s bridal shower snuck up on me and I didn’t have a gift. So she got a copy of Is That All?, a glass jar with three Scrabble letters on it (ahem) and a beautiful red necklace with instructions to pair it with a matching nightie or nothing at all. I’ll have my sweet sister make you another–I promise!

And thank you, Amanda, for taking the time to share your heart with us. Love you!

8 thoughts on “interview with amanda, part 2

  1. Amanda

    What!?!? You regifted my necklace? 🙂 May the new bride be abundantly blessed as the lady in red. …Now those are 3 Scrabble letters I do not have on my fridge.

  2. Kelli

    Oh Marla…. I just spit out my drink while reading that last part. OH how I love you! 🙂

    Amanda thanks for doing a sweet interview with Marla!

  3. Holly @ Crownlaiddown

    Come stay with us and feed the giraffes sometime, OK, Amanda?

    And Marla? Obviously I need to read more of your book to find out about the red necklace, nightie or nothing at all! Sounds very interesting!!

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