i can't help myself

Guys (and by guys, I mean girls and a couple dudes), please believe me. I really mean to write a post that doesn’t have the word “radical” (or “Cambodia” for that matter) in it, but when I try to, nothing comes out.


But I really do sense God nudging me to be a little still-er, to weigh my words before they come barreling out. So. I’m going to let some of my bigger thoughts simmer and tell you a little story instead.

Gabe and I got to go on a little Date Night Tuesday night. (Hooray!) It was perfect timing, because I needed a real-life person to process some of the Radical (oops, sorry) stuff with. So we ate a lovely dinner and decided to walk to Barnes & Noble, which was clear on the other side of the outdoor mall thing.

If you know me much, you know that I’m not a big shopper and I’m not into fashion, whatever, blah, blah. (if I were addressing big issues today, I’d point out that where God wants ME to be radical is somewhere else entirely, and I can just get off my high horse about not caring about “stuff,” thank you.)

Okay, so we’re walking along, and I’m pretty much planning on ignoring every storefront (until we get to the bookstore) when I see IT. A store that many, many of my friends have been raving about for years and I just shrugged and said, “yeah, yeah.” My eyes grew huge, my jaw dropped, and I might have even drooled at the aluminum ALPHABET LETTERS and the OLD BOOKS and the APRONS.

“You want to go in, don’t you?” Gabe said, grinning.

I nodded fiercely and took off ahead of him into the store.

Anthropologie, where have you been all my life??

I thought you only had clothes! Clothes that were too trendy for the likes of me! But you have books! And journals! And travel books and journals! And old things! And things with “M” on them! And big aluminum “M” sculpture thingies! And drawer knobs! And lots and lots of BLUE things!

“I should never have come in here,” I told Gabe as I walked around in a drunken stupor, touching things and touching things and touching things. He just smiled.

So then I’m telling my dear friend Ali (who calls me her mentor, but um, she mostly just teaches ME things) today that I would love to get to the place where there is NOTHING in my possession that I wouldn’t give to someone if God brought it to my attention that this person needed it more than me.

(Ali and I had a lovely 2+ hour discussion today about “the book” and “The Book” and lots of other stuff. I’m just so thankful that in the midst of this beautiful but overwhelming online discussion, God has provided me with face-to-face processing opportunities.)

And 2 hours later, this comes in the mail.

Are you stinking kidding me?? Do you know what this is?? It’s a great big BOOK bag. With GIRAFFES on it. And a BLUE handle. And a SCRABBLE LETTER M.

My friend Jen saw this fabric and thought of me and made me this bag and sent it to me and MADE MY WHOLE ENTIRE DAY.

It’s like Anthropologie. BUT BETTER. I already told Jen how perfect and beautiful and awesome and wonderful it is, but wow. Just wow. I mean WOW.

And the shirt I’m wearing? I want to talk about that sometime too. I got it here, and the proceeds go to SOLD, an organization that’s helping stop child trafficking in Southeast Asia.

If you’re not sure you “get” the t-shirt, it’s okay. It essentially says, “Kids are not intended for commercial use.” (see a close-up here) Talk about wow.

So, yeah. Still working my way through your Radical posts, still praying for direction and courage and wisdom, still taking deep breaths.

And doing a lot of staring at my fabulous new giraffe bag.

23 thoughts on “i can't help myself

  1. Rhonda

    I’ve never been to Anthropologie but now I want to check it out. I love the bag – it is so perfect for you. She should definitely go into the bag business!

  2. Elizabeth

    Be still my materialistic heart-I love Anthropologie! Not that I’ve bought anything there b/c, geesh, it is expensive. But I love it. I do have one dishtowel from there and it’s my favorite one.

    That bag is so YOU.

    p.s. You have pretty hands. You could be a hand model.

  3. Rachelle

    I love it! I am giggling because THE book is so much to process and your post made me started mentally singing “feet on the ground”(to the tune of that dumb song pants on the ground). Thanks for helping me keep my feet on the ground! And I love the bag-super cute!

  4. Jen Griffin

    Thanks Marla…you are too kind. I’m thankful that you like it.

    I’ve been in Anthro. once..it’s is beautiful!! Of course I didn’t get to purchase anything because of the prices but, it’s eye candy! 🙂

  5. Jennifer B

    Just wanted to say that I just needed a little bit of Marla this morning. Today has started out a little uphill. Thanks for being a blogger 🙂

  6. Kelly

    I’m so glad you went it! It’s way overpriced, but while my friends shop, I go in with my thinking cap on, getting Christmas gift ideas. The last time I was in there I decided I’m going to make all my gift this year, stealing ideas from Anthropoligie. 🙂 Glad you made it in…and love your bag. 🙂

  7. Stephanie your sister

    That bag is PERFECT! I love it!

    Not sure I’ve ever been to Anthropologie. I actually didn’t even know it was a clothing store. I thought they just sold beauty products and jewelry and other accessories. Oops.

  8. Denise

    Oh my gosh, I love Anthropologie! Love it! I love the clothes but can’t fit in them and I love all the cute decor and such in there….

    And I love you! A lot! More than Anthro (I can’t spell it!)


  9. Ali

    Before I forget, your link went to some weird site that shows a picture of a supermodel lookin’ all annoying. I think this is the link for the real Antrho: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/index.jsp

    Anyway, THAT BAG?! Are you kidding? She made that? Where the heck is her etsy store? Because I’ve been looking! And did I meet Jen? At the Zoo party? She looks awfully familiar.

    And the face-to-face processing yesterday was so what I needed. Well, that and the tomato pie.

    Love ya.

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