how do you want to be known?

I’m already laughing at you guys, and I’ve barely started typing this post. It has become quite apparent that you all love to talk about yourselves–your age, your middle name, what have you. A chance to talk about YOU translates into many, many comments on my blog. And with good reason. It’s deeply embedded in our human nature–this desire to share ourselves, our stories. Um, isn’t that what blogging is, by definition?

Now, I’m going to try to phrase this so it doesn’t appear that I’m just fishing for comments. But, in a roundabout way, I am. (I heart comments.) I want this to be a place where you can express yourselves. And my goodness, there is some crack-me-up expression going on.

For example, I made the point that I had lots of Kellys chiming in on my posts. So, what happens the next day? All the Kellys start differentiating themselves from each other. We’ve got Indy Kelly. And Kelly Your Cousin. And Kelly, The Zoo Girl. Some of you were already signing in under pen names like Krisco and Jessicakes. So, then, Jessicakes decides to go all Jessifaithchickinalina on me. And Lady Miss, not wanting to be outdone, tacks 63 numbers on to her name (brilliant, Miss!).

So, in light of all that, I’ve got a little project for you. But first, I promised Acknowledgment and Recognition to the gals with the craziest medial monikers. I’m sorry to say, but most of you have pretty boring common middle names. The last time I asked this question I got names like Nichele and Devi and Jazmine. And Isabella Barros de Costa. I think the winner of Oddest Middle Name is pretty clear though. Congratulations, Krisha Werdehoff Fansler!! And just so we’re clear, Weredehoff isn’t Krisha’s maiden name. It was given to her at birth. And speaking of, you all made it sound like keeping your maiden name as your middle name was a given, something most everybody does. Am I missing something? I only know of two people who ever did that. Well, now I know a lot more than that, I guess.

And I have to give a shout-out to Faith Annette who recently got married to a man whose last name is Vision. If Faith Vision isn’t the coolest name ever, I don’t know what is. And I love that my sister, Stephanie Dawn, married a man with a sister named Stephanie Dawn. And that my Stephanie thinks that Marla means super awesome (rather than bitter). Aw, shucks.

So, since you’re getting all Sassy with your Sign-Ins, how about we do this? Since it’s almost the weekend, and everybody’s all giddy and antsy anyway, why don’t you think about who you’d like to be known as, if you could choose anything at all?

In the Writing World (not a real place), writers and publishers and the like are always talking about “branding.” What’s your brand? Your platform? Your tag-line? What are you known for the world over? Maybe you’re Dora! The Explorer! Or the Frugal Gourmet. Or Jungle Jack. Or The Simple Wife. Or the Drama Queen. Maybe you’re known for your Witty Wisdom. Or your Compassion in Action. Or your Bird-Watching.

Sadly, I don’t have a brand. Not really. Sometimes I’m The Girl Who Talks About Sex. Or the Maiden of Many Moods. Or just plain Mouth, as my dad used to call me. I wanted to be Word Girl. Until someone told me it was already a PBS Kids show. A day late and a dollar short–that’s me. (Maybe that should be my brand.)

So, here’s what I want to know. What’s your brand? If you could be known for something, what would it be? And if you have too many, just choose one. (Don’t let your perfectionistic tendencies or paralyzing fear of rejection keep you from commenting!) You can even sign in as one brand and explain the 9 others in great detail in your comment.

I really do love learning more about each one of you, and I can’t think of a funner way to spend my Friday (besides rolling out sugar cookies in heart shapes and manning the Cookie Decorating Station at Ava’s Valentine’s Day Party from 2:00-3:30–ugh.). And if you’re one of those people who refuses to comment on blogs where people grovel for feedback, well then. Well. Then.

I’ll set a shining example by leaving the first comment. Have a great weekend, my Punchy Friends!

31 thoughts on “how do you want to be known?

  1. FabFrugTrina

    I go by mine on Twitter, fabfrugtrina (as in fabulous and frugal) because I love to save money, but I like being and feeling fabulous too. You CAN have it both ways with a little ingenuity. 😉

    Well I’ll be! Who knew grandaddy longlegs tasted like peppermint? I think PrincessSpider is def an anomaly in her own right just for that one LOL

  2. Lou

    I have always signed in as Cydney which is my given name, but for my entire 42 years I have been Lou to most people. It has nothing to do with my name (not my middle name either). A close friend of our family started calling me that before I was born and it really, really stuck.

  3. Megaphone

    I don’t know if I love that name…but that is what some people have called me before. But what I would like to known for would be “Laughs A Lot”.

  4. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    been trying to get a comment in for the past two days. so many distractions!

    i also didn’t get to weigh in on the middle name post, so here’s mine – Allyse. It’s pronounced like Elise, but with an “uh” at the beginning instead of “ee.” I am pretty confident my parents made up the spelling as I have never seen it that way before. I love it and my husband insisted on it for our oldest daughter’s middle name!

    How do I want to be known? This is what has taken me so long to post because I cannot for the life of me think of anything clever. Just as The Mama, I think. I’ve always been an intensely maternal person (oldest of four kids born in six years – there was always someone who “needed” to be mothered). I was always the mommy in our friend groups, and it’s just a natural role for me. I think that’s how I’d like to be known . . .

  5. PrincessSpider

    Nope… not pulling your leg. But if you catch one, pull a leg off… some white creamy stuff comes out… smell it… peppermint!!! For the full effect I usually pull all the legs off except 1, then eat it like a cherry!!! hehehe

  6. ginger

    I would like to be known as “Math Mama”. I have an obsession with numbers & equations like others do with words & sentences (Algebra is amazing!). And I enjoy sharing my passion with pretty much anyone who will listen. But my job as mom of 3 is something I am quite happy to be identified with, as well.
    Btw, Charity, I have a sister named Faith & a cousin named Hope. Everyone always wanted to know if there was a Charity in the family…? 😉
    As far as the maiden name issue, I thought I was breaking tradition by not keeping mine as my middle name. Who knew?

  7. Donita

    Don’t-Take-Yourself-So-Seriously would fit for me.
    And I love Diverse Mediocrity…that could be me too.
    But PrincessSpider…I want to be that girl! HA

  8. ladymiss

    Princess or Queen would do just fine. Or maybe in honor of my (partial) Native American heritage, something like Little Brown Haired Eagle Mama.

    Actually, I think maybe something like Honest to Goodness or Technically Speaking. I love truth and get kinda caught up in it. I hate anything that is lie, even things that include people misleading others or not telling entire things to lead them to believe another, etc. I love to observe first and learn things about people, I love to listen, to read, to know people well, to read up on things to find out the real deal, to understand God more and what He’s teaching me.

    If that one’s taken, I think maybe I’d take CH girl, b/c I like most things “ch” (ch-ocolate, ch-imichangas, ch-eese, ch-alupas, ch-erry anything, ch-ips, etc).

  9. CharitynoIdon'thavesistersnamedfaithandhope

    I found your blog the other week and this is my first time commenting, but I just had to because I always get the same jokes about my name. I’ve had my name for 36 years now, and people still laugh at their jokes like they’re the first ones to ever say that to me! As far as middle names, I have 2, Louisa and Olney, and neither one is my maiden name. I really enjoy your posts!

  10. sheila p.

    O.K. here is a confusing family get together. My aunt Teresa has a brother named Ken and his wife is Cheryl and her sister Cheryl is married to a Ken. Isn’t that strange. I have no idea what my name would be but it would be something to do with being a neat freak.
    Have a great weekend…

  11. Sarah Jane

    Hi Ladies, I have been enjoying this blog for a couple of weeks but this is my first posting! I’m excited to join in with you!
    My brand name would be very similar to Gail’s, and now that I read her idea, I can’t think of anything different! Maybe Wonder Woman! I love to get my hands in lots of different things – cooking, playing various musical instruments, organization, photography, DIY projects, exercise, technology, languages, travel, etc. I’m only moderately talented at any of them, but I like to imagine that I can master them all!

    Since I also missed out on the middle name discussion, I will share that mine is Jane – plain as can be. My mom’s name is Jane, and my Grandma’s middle name is Jane, and we plan to pass it on as a middle name for our daughter (if we have one). My married name is the same as my sister-in-law’s maiden name – so that has proved to be confusing on many occasions.

  12. CallMeCordelia

    Well, Marla, you found out the truth about my “REAL” name…which isn’t Cordelia – but I *wish* it were Cordelia….(remember the line from Anne of Green Gables). My real name IS Cornelia…but I go by “Conny”.
    That aside, I guess one of my many monikers could be LOVES-ALL-THOSE-GIRLY-PRETTY-MOVIES like Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea, Pride & PRejudice, Emma, etc….and I even pretend – if I squint – that my husband looks like the grown up Gilbert Blythe sometimes (then I find out the actor Jonathan Crombie might be *gay* – it’s NOT true….it can’t be!!). Anyway….besides that I might be known as “I-Didn’t-Know-You-Were-Fun-Til-I-Got-To-Know-You.” I guess I don’t LOOK fun?!!

  13. obsessedwithredclearancestickers@target

    Oh don’t send me anything now – I will wait for an autograph copy of your next book! Honestly just seeing my name and “winner” was enough of a gift.

  14. Carrie

    I would love to be known as an Encourager. One who uses every opportunity (online & in real life) that God gives her to encourage others.

    And ‘Mommy’. I have been waiting my whole life to hear a little voice call me ‘mama’ or ‘mommy’, and my lil guy has just started to call me ‘mama’ this week. Sweetest sound to my ears ever. 🙂

  15. PrincessSpider

    I didn’t play along yesterday… I, too, have a boring middle name, Nicole. It has now been passed onto my 2nd daughter, Mollie Nicole. I didn’t take my maiden name as my middle name, but I did pass it on to my oldest daughter, Ramsay Grace. We call her Gracie, mainly because my husband insists on calling me Ramsay. Confusing, right???
    Now on to my nick name… that was actually my “camp name” because well… I have been known to eat daddy long legs. Yep, I know. But they taste like peppermint and when you work at a resident camp and you have a group of rowdy middle school boys… eating a spider gets their attention QUICK and then they listen to EVERYTHING you tell them.

  16. forlackofabettername - jenny's mom

    I cannot tell you how often I am called “Jennifer” or “Jen”… I’m the only mom with a child under the age of 7 at our church whose name is NOT Jennifer, and my daughter’s name is Jennifer…

    If I had to pick a “whatIwanttobeknownas” name, I’d probably pick something witty and catchy – “Bargain Babe” or “Budget Queen” or “Two, Two and under” or “SAHM with a GOAL”… but I’m less than creatively minded right now (my creativeness has left the building and has been missing all week), so I guess I’ll stick with “Jenny’s Mom” for now… and I do TRULY love being Jenny’s Mom (and David’s too)

  17. obsessedwithredclearancestickers@target

    Yes, it is Carrie who won the special prize for being 36 yrs old! The same Carrie who went to Americana and Fantasy Farm — remember me?
    I sent you an email about a week ago — did you get it?

  18. Punky Brewster

    I have been given several “names” by several different people, but the one that has stuck for the last 28 years is PUNKY BREWSTER…which sometimes gets turned into SPUNKY BREWSTER! My granddaddy started calling me this a long time ago and it has just stuck.

  19. Baby Mamma

    I got this name about 17 months ago from my husband when we found out we were “surprisingly” pregnant. I am not sure exactly were he got it or if he just made it up. But our friends even to this day call and ask “How is Baby Mamma…they dont refer to me by my real name…It has since stuck and now that we are expecting again….I am now still referred to as “Baby Mamma” and i can actually say that i am glad to be called this. It suits me just fine…..:)

  20. obsessedwithredclearancestickers@target

    I cant even make a funny joke– I spelled obsessed wrong. I was trying to type while letting my fingernails dry –red nail polish to celebrate a romantic Valentines day –lets see if it works 🙂

  21. obessedwithredclearancestickers@target

    I know, I know not very godly but the truth! I think Target employees a whole department that plans sneaky tactics to keep feeding my temptation – red clearance stickers! I have NO self control and cannot stop myself from checking all the end caps for the rock bottom bargains! I need a support group.
    I didn’t play yesterday either — my humdrum, nothing fancy middle name is Lynn.

  22. capturingthemoments

    im not very clever, but i decided to play along anyway. 🙂

    since people have mentioned my (obsession) passion for taking (and sharing) photos, and my husband teases me about needing a whole new hard drive to store my photos, this is what i came up with. i try to enjoy every minute with my loved ones, trying to capture as many as possible, to hold on to forever.

    and since i didn’t comment on the name post yesterday, my middle name is “kim”. i share it with my mom, jody kim, my sister, kimberly anne, and my daughter, ellyssa kim. i’ve always liked my name. and i dont think i ever would have thought to change “kim” to “muka” (my maiden name) when i got married. i went from a very unique last name, to a very common name. 🙂

  23. Gail

    1. I did not have time to play with you and your friends on here yesterday. My middle name is Lynn, which is boring… uh hem…common. I did not keep my maiden name as my middle name except on Facebook. I think that should be a facebook law.

    2. I think my brand should be “Diverse Mediocrity.” I can do a ton of things (sew, scrapbook, cook, fix hair, play the trumpet, write, teach, clean, organize, design….) with adequate success. I’m not stellar at any of it. But I’m good enough to pull it off most of the time. So I have the uncanny good fortune to be mediocre in a diverse range of areas.

  24. jessifaithchickinalina

    heh! funny.
    i’ve been thinking the same thing–that, you tell us to talk about ourselves and off we go. chatter chatter chatter!

    and just so you know…it was pure coincidence that i became this name on your name blog. i think it was middle of the night slap happiness that caused that. cuz i think my first jessifaithchickinalina comment was at about 3:42 a.m. 😉 Lady Missy’s numbers made me lol.

    Hm. I’ll have to think on your question. I’ll come back with a sparkly new name. 🙂

    Hvae fun manning the cookie station. eat one for me, wouldya?

  25. Marla Taviano

    It totally won’t let me log in as Word Girl. Bumma. That’s who I want to be.

    WORD GIRL!! His words, THE Word, using my words for His glory. And making people smile.

    Love you, Friends!

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