girls, girls, girls…

Some of you didn’t get the memo. I’m taking a xanga break. A b-r-e-a-k. (okay, so I ignored the memo too. tee hee.) All these questions… (when? who? whose bed will I sleep in? how do I get to your house? what kind of food will you be making me? when are you going to try that thing you mentioned in your s-e-x book?)

I’m lousy at orchestrating this kind of stuff. Some of you are just drooling, wondering why Xangapalooza isn’t at your house. You with all your organizational/administrative gifting. Why should incompetent Marla have all the fun? I’m asking myself the same question. I guess it’s because I offered. And I live somewhere accessible by roads that are made of asphalt, not sod. (kidding, G, K, and T!)

Here’s what I know. So far, Krista is the only definite overnight guest. So, Jamie, there will be plenty of room for you and the boys to stay. Please do–you live too far away to go home! (and I like you a super lot)

Besides those two, Gail, Sara, Cami, Shannah, Kimberly, Holly (from OH, not France) and Nichole are coming so far. The rest of you are absolutely welcome–I promise! How about we all eat supper together on Monday evening at 5:00 pm? If you can only stay for a little bit, shoot for then. But you’re so welcome to come at any time Monday. Krista and Jamie will still be here for awhile on Tuesday, so if they’re your personal favorites, come Tuesday instead.

Do we wanna do an appetizer potluck sort of thing? Bring your favorite finger foods and desserts? Or we can order pizza. Let me know.

Gail, I’ll get you directions. Kimberly, I’ll take any help you want to offer. What else did I miss?

THANK YOU, Emily, Krista, Becca, and Jenn for the Amazon reviews! I’d love to get 20 of them! Anyone else willing? Please, please, and a million thanks!!

Last thing–an unspoken prayer request for a dear xanga friend. Please pray for her today!

Hugs for your Thursday! 11 days until Xanga or Bust! I need to get me one of them there tickers.

22 thoughts on “girls, girls, girls…

  1. faithchick

    i was going to bring fabulicious sandwhiches.  can i still bring them even thought we might get pizza? 

    or, maybe 1/2 could bring a dessert & 1/2 could bring an appetizer. 

    i dunno.  whatever.  but, I’m still bringing fabulicious sandwiches because you all need to have them, and i might throw in a few of my original cake balls.

    and a 2 liter.  i’ll bring a 2 liter of something.  or a 6 pack.  or whatever. 

    ‘course, probably no one will read this since you posted this yesterday & all commenting has stopped.  sigh.

  2. jbnygaard

    What in the world is a cake ball??? Is it similar to a cheese ball? I’m making scotch-a-roos and a 6-pack of beer. I’ll drink the beer since I’m not drinking the substance that comes out of a two liter.  TOTALLY kidding. But not about the scotch a roos!

  3. gsowell

    Yes. Cakeballs are very invited.

    I think I like that it’s at your house best because…

    A) I would over-organize it, and it would totally lose the spontaneous fun factor.
    B) I would stress about the details so mucht that I wouldn’t have as much fun. (I think you, however,are going to really enjoy yourself.)

    I vote to keep things as easy as possible. Why don’t we all bring an easy snack/dessert or a 2-liter and then we’ll split the bill for ordered pizza for supper? We don’t want the invasion of this flock of people on you to cost you an arm and a leg!

  4. tonialynn59

    I WANT TO COME!!  Oh how I wish I could.  I will NEED to see pictures so one of you girls be busy with a camera.  Or video tape and Marla bring it with you in April.

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