free-as-a-bird Wednesday

No Cubbies, no Fully Engaged, no soccer. Wow. Nice.

We’re having dinner tonight with the Pastor (and his family) of the church we’ve been attending the past few weeks. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve only met his wife once, but I fell in love with her immediately. Beautiful, sweet, down-to-earth, funny, talented. They have 2 boys–9 and 11. Should be interesting.

I made my SIL Jess’s 7-Layer Salad to take. Wow. I keep going over to the fridge and admiring it. Glass bowl with vibrant layers of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, green onions, cheese, bacon, and this scrummy dressing–garlic, basil, cream cheese, etc. Anytime I make it for something, people just rave. (I always give you credit, Jess.) I don’t cook/make/bake a whole lot of things I’m proud of, but just looking at all those colorful, healthy layers makes me feel like Rachael Ray.

I finished my run-through of my Expectant Prayers manuscript. I mostly just okayed all their changes and answered any questions they had in the margins. Ran into a couple problems where I talked about body parts developing in the wrong week of pregnancy. Oops. What do I know?

Making big plans to visit Kristen with Jamie this weekend. Gabe has a meeting in Lima on Friday at 4:00, so  we’re picking the girls up early from school, and he’s dropping us off at a gas station, and hopefully Jamie will come pick us up, and we’ll drive to Kristen’s. I wish we could take some of you with us, but I’m afraid the mini-van is going to be packed to the gills. Full report with pics when we return. We’re staying until Monday morning. Isn’t there something about fish and visitors starting to stink after three days…? Kristen and Jamie have never met, and I’ve never met Kristen’s family. So excited! Kristen has fabulous things planned! (I’m just excited she’s not sick and pregnant like the other 2 times I’ve seen her. Poor thing.) Praying for safe travels, healthy kids and fun times!

I have an unspoken prayer request too. If you could just lift me up in prayer for a few secs (okay, that doesn’t sound good, but I’m going to leave it. no, the request is not about sex.), that would be so awesome.

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out. I’m giving away the book Mistaken Identity. Amazing, compelling story. Wow, wow, wow. Drawing is open until Thursday. Just leave a comment.

Cool story (and another prayer request). A few years ago, Gabe met a guy from Italy named Andrea (on-DRAY-uh). Andrea worked for the same company as Gabe but at their branch in Italy. Every once in awhile they’ll chat on the computer–and a lot of times the discussion leads to faith. Andrea knows what Gabe believes, but he thinks all religions are true/equally valid.

So, out of the blue this morning, Andrea gets on and tells Gabe he went to my website and read the excerpt chapter for Is That All He Thinks About? How random is that? This led to 90+ minutes of a discussion of faith, creation, God, the Bible, absolute truth. (Gabe told me later that He prayed earlier this morning that God would bring him an opportunity to share his faith today. Wow.)

This is what Andrea said about the book: “I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how it was written.” (what’s he saying? didn’t think I could write?) “I may not agree on the religious view, but it’s smart and intelligent, and the view about sex is very open.” (wow. interesting.) Gabe told him he should read the whole thing, and he said, “I don’t really want to read about all of Gabe’s sex problems.” (teehee)

So, pray for Andrea. He playfully accused Gabe of being a missionary, and Gabe accused him of being a seeker. “I’m not a seeker,” he said. “Well, God’s seeking you then,” Gabe told him.

Speaking of Gabe, he just called me. He tried out the Coinstar machine at Meijer for the first time just now. He said he loaded all the coins on the tray, and the machine said, “My goodness, you have a lot of coins. Please wait while we catch up.” That’s always a good sign. What do they say when you don’t have very many? “Oh, you poor dear. You don’t have very much money, do you?” Gabe says he highly recommends the service.

Well, I’m off to have a snack and read for a bit before Neenie wakes up. Have a wild or whimsical or wonderful Wednesday! (your choice–a, b, c, or all of the above)

18 thoughts on “free-as-a-bird Wednesday

  1. mtaviano

    @jessyomama – 

    @jbnygaard – You take all your loose coins and put ’em in the Coinstar machine. They give you a receipt to take to the service desk, and they give you cash (paper money). They keep 8 cents per dollar. So, if you’re super frugal, you’ll want to roll the coins yourself and take them to the bank. For us, the 8 hours it would’ve taken to roll the coins (and paying for the wrappers) was well worth the 8%.

  2. jbnygaard

    I’m with Jess. What is a coinstar machine?

    I’m now really hungry after reading about your salad. Yummo.

    HOPEFULLY I’ll pick you up??? 🙂

  3. jessyomama

    what is a coinstar machine? and you don’t have to give me credit for the salad…. then i’ll have to start giving credit and i have no idea where it came from. probably some distant relative… or betty crocker. you made the salad, woman, take the credit!

  4. Airdee26

    That’s funny about coin star.  Everytime I go into Kroger the coin star is down so I’ve never attempted it and had no idea that it talks 🙂

    Your books sound so intriguing…once I have this little boy and don’t have to work anymore maybe I’ll actually have time to read again 🙂  Your books are on the top of my list to get as soon as I get settled into the two children thing

    Thanks for your comments about the curves. 🙂  Made me smile…

  5. rocknnell

    Grandma Marilyn and I hit that machine,  can you hear her laughter ?   She loved it…before that the  boys were on her living room floor couting all her change and she gave it to them for the fair.  smile.

  6. Marketer319

    I think you should post a picture of the salad in all of it’s colorful goodness.

    And the bit about the coin sorter cracked me up.  As did your comment on my site today.  Funny lady.

  7. tonialynn59

    I would love the recipe too.  Sounds really good!  I’m so happy for you and Jamie heading to see Kristen.  I left a comment on her site to remind you about Michigan drivers!   Have a blast!!!

  8. luvmynoah

    What a fun post today.  The coin machine has a sense of humor…how funny.  It’s awesome that Gabe asked God for that opportunity and He gave him a big one!  Have a great dinner with your possible Pastor’s family!  Church launches/plants rock!! 🙂

  9. gsowell

    Prayed for unspoken request and for Andrea, which is totally a God thing! How cool is that?

    Have a fabulous visit with Kristen and Jamie. I’m jealous, but I don’t really relish long drives with full minivans, so I’ll get over it.

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