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EDIT: Click here for Little Red Riding Shoes’ (Shoes’s?) Xangapalooza Rules of Etiquette!

Before I forget, feel free to bring a friend and her kiddos to the get-together! She doesn’t even have to know what xanga is! Erin (Airdee26) is bringing a friend, Shannah (shannahhogue) is bringing her sister, and Gail (gsowell) is bringing some preggo yay-hoo from Cedarville. And Kristen, ahem, is bringing her sis, too. Right, Kristen and Brenn?!?

Thanks for those of you who told me when you plan on arriving. Not a prerequisite but helpful–especially if you want to come to my house first. We’ll save ya a parking spot.

Here are some things we need: (what am I missing?)
–paper/styrofoam plates
-dessert plates
–plastic silverware
–ice (and cooler)
–drinks (2-liters? bottled water? cans of pop? capri suns? ??) (we have 4 promised)
–name tags/markers
–cameras (everyone bring her own)
–$ for pizza (ditto^)
–coffee, creamer, sugar (Cami offered to bring her coffee maker)

If anyone wants to bring any kind of fun get-to-know-you/shower-type game for us to play, feel free!

I looked in the rooms again after Bible study. Pretty sweet. Little Tykes cars to ride in, trikes big enough for 6-year-olds, kitchen set, puppet stage, blocks, coloring stuff, all manner of fun and excitement. Woohoo!

Don’t forget–Bethany is bringing aprons if anyone wants to purchase one. ($25 for adult-size, $20 for child-size) They’re hard to resist! And I’ll have Diapers books for $7.

Still waiting on Kimberly’s rules… I refuse to wear heels, Kimbie. If anyone is wondering what to wear, just wear whatever you’re most comfortable in. I will be wearing jeans and some sort of short-sleeved t-shirt over a long-sleeved t-shirt.

That’s all for now, I think. Whoopity-hoopity!!!

30 thoughts on “details, details

  1. MlleBaroque

    *Sigh* I’m so jealous.  I think y’all should all caravan here for the next get-together. I mean, come on, it’s the greatest state in the country…everyone wants to visit Texas!

  2. ergirl053

    I can’t wait to meet you too! I will message/email you when I am a little more concrete about the details such as when… I am pretty sure Michelle (adammacsgirl) is going to come along as well.

  3. ch1pch0p

    ^ Wow, I didn’t realize my rules conflicted.

    When I said “be yourself” and “this isn’t high school,” I didn’t think that would be a problem…. hmmmm…..what to do, what to do….

  4. jbnygaard

    Um…..I just read the rules. What if we already act like a high schooler? So no silly string? No soaping people’s cars out in the parking lot? No wedgies? I’m going to struggle not being myself Marla. You need to pray for me.

  5. jbnygaard

    I’ll bring the fancy coffee creamer. Because…you know…I’m fancy. 🙂

    I’m bringing scotch-a-roos, couple boxes of capri suns, and plastic utencils.

  6. jenhul

    Sounds like the get together will be a blast! Enjoying a fun day with new friends!

    Thanks for the book from the give-away by the way, we finally got through the mail from last week!

  7. ch1pch0p

    This is what I plan on bringing (so far):

    cakeballs — that’s all I’m doing Sunday night
    meatballs in my crackpot
    coffee creamer
    extra boots/red heels
    pizza money
    Lysol/Clorox wipes — you just never know

    Is there anything else that it would be easier for a local person to bring??

  8. KmHunsberger

    I LOVED the rules. I am at the library writing a paper and laughed out loud a few times as I read the rules. At least two stern faced librarians gave me death looks.

    If I come (and i will let you know tomorrow…k!) I will bring trash bags and some dessert item as well as money for pizza

  9. faithchick

    i want to bring something to sell, too!!  we could set up craft booths.   (i’m totally kidding.)

    i think i’m going to schmooze my mom into letting me bring some BeautiControl samples.  not for people to buy, but to try-for fun.  but heck, if they wanna buy i won’t stop ’em. 

    (thanks for adding dessert plates to the list. )

    I will bring a gallon of water & 2 2-liters as well. (i think the fabulicious sandwiches are out b/c of the lack of heating stuff, yes?)

  10. kkakwright

    i just looked at those aprons, i will be purchasing one.  too fun.

    thanks so much for all the work and time you have put into this.  much appreciated by all of us.

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