come party with us next week!!

So, Thursday’s my birthday. Whoopty-doopty-doo-pah, right?

Whoopty-doopty HECK YEAH. We are gonna PARTY TILL WE DROP.


Here’s the deal. Two years ago this Tuesday my husband had a heart attack and almost died. BUT HE LIVED. And six weeks later we were on a plane to CAMBODIA. And five weeks after that we were back in America with plans to sell all our stuff and MOVE THERE.

And then a lot a lot a lot of stuff happened, and here we are (in little letters with nary a cap).

NOTHING is like we thought it’d be. SAVE ONE THING. God is still God, and he’s awesome. And his plans have turned out to be bigger and better than ours (if you can imagine).

And he didn’t waste A SECOND of these two years. And he’s just revved up our hearts even more for seeking justice and loving mercy and freeing slaves and caring for the poor and befriending the foreigner and whathaveyou.

(And November and December will bring more tales of all of that.)

But for this week (Monday, the 28th through Friday, the 1st), I want to:

1.) introduce you to some amazing people I’ve met who are fighting for freedom and loving people in Jesus’ name all the way from Ohio to Cambodia to Colorado to Thailand to India to Kenya and ALL OVER.

And 2.) encourage you to partner with them either through prayer or finances or both (and give you some cool Christmas ideas while I’m at it).

And 3.) GIVE A BUNCH OF AWESOME STUFF AWAY. Like a lot a lot a lot of stuff. Stuff that’s awesome. With no strings attached (much).

So we’ll see you right back here bright and early Monday morning then.


6 thoughts on “come party with us next week!!

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  3. Hannah

    Hi Marla!

    Been thinking about you guys a lot – still reading your blog, and loving your instagrams!

    An Australian TV show called ‘Catalyst’ recently aired an episode about the myth of saturated fats causing heart disease. Not sure if you’ll be able to watch it (go to But from that episode I’ve ordered the book, ‘Pure, White and Deadly’ – as it states that sugar if far more unhealthy for you than saturated fats (butter, oil etc) and high cholesterol. Another study proved that the ‘Meditearanean diet’ is better for your heart also. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve done HEAPS of research, and the vegan thing sounds great! Just thought these two things could help also 🙂

    Love Han

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