can't keep it to myself

Here are some things I read this week that I’ve just gotta share.

First and FOREMOST is this post by my friend Molly (whom I have only ever met inside my computer but plan to meet in person some day). Our lucky husbands (mine, hers) have gotten to hang out in real life. ANYWAY. This post made me C-R-Y and I was praising Jesus all day long. Wow. No, DOUBLE wow.

If you’re married, you HAVE to read this post of Missy’s. It’s called “The Marriage Bed” and I would love, love, love to include it in future editions of Is That All He Thinks About? if that were possible. Missy is now a real-life friend since we met in Houston in January. You might want to subscribe to this girl’s blog because you never know when she’s going to write something snorting hilarious.

Check out what my online-turned-real-life friend, Joanne, did to her 11-year-old daughter Audrey’s hair. I LOVE IT. And here’s her list of reasons why. (I’m totally letting Ava do this when she turns 11.)

And then there’s this post from my real-life friend Jen in Cambodia, who has just about convinced me to pray for some people I REALLY don’t want to pray for.

Have an awesome weekend!! Any fun plans?

8 thoughts on “can't keep it to myself

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  2. Tonia

    Tonight I’m having a girls night at my house. We’ve been doing this a few times since Mike is on 2nd shift. Anyway tonight a friend is joining us that I haven’t seen in 30+ years. We found each other on fb. Then Sunday will be full with church and small group but Mike has the day off work and I’m super excited about that!

  3. Joanne @ The Simple Wife

    Hanging out with a bloggy friend turned IRL friend who’s coming to Phoenix this weekend! And breakfast with my Bible study group. And church this Sunday. And some pool time, for sure!

    Love you so much, sweet Marla!

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