cakeballs and such

EDIT: Thank you for the Amazon review, Nichole! I keep checking the site and get all giddy when I see a new review. You guys ROCK! If you’re bored, you can always go to the reviews and click “yes” when it asks, “Was this review helpful to you?” So far, 1 of 1 people (ME!) thought every review was most helpful!

EDIT #2: Anyone who comes to Xanga Fest and needs a copy of Diapers may buy it for $7 instead of $10. After shipping and paypal fees, that’s about what I get from each sale anyway. So, if you know anyone who’d like a copy for $7, bring their moolah with you, and we have a deal!

EDIT #3: Just wanted to give you all a taste of the color scheme Jess has planned for the front of her house. Soothing, eh?

Like I said, my administrative ability has left the building. Here’s what (I think) I’ve got.

Attendees: (so far)
Krista the One and Only (kkakwright)
Gail (gsowell)
Jamie (jbnygaard) Did I get that right, Jamie?
Sara (ladyjabez)
Cami (CamilleElizabeth)
Shannah (shannahhogue)
Nichole (ergirl053)
Jessica (faithchick)
Kimberly (ch1pch0p)
Holly (can’t remember your xanga name, girl!)
(maybe) Missy (ladymiss3739)

Did I miss anyone?? Beki, can you come? Rachael? Wendy? Anyone else who lives fairly close?

Lots of people want to bring food, so feel free to. We’ll see how much food we have at 5:00 and order enough pizza to make sure we get nice and full. If nothing else, we big people can eat all the yummy food and get lots of cheese pizza for the little folk.

THANK YOU, Gail and Bethany for the amazon reviews! That makes 6. 14 to go. Anyone else want to write one?? It doesn’t have to sound fancy or anything. And it can be short. And yes, I’m begging you. Pretty pretty please.

That’s all for now. Happy Weekend!

22 thoughts on “cakeballs and such

  1. jbnygaard

    @CamilleElizabeth – Cami..I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t know what a cakeball is, everyone else seems to know what it is.

    I feel the same as Tonia. I’m horrible with words. I’m not much of a writer, so I’ve felt reluctant to leave a review. (reluctant…that’s a big word for me…I’m not sure if I even spelled it right.) I’ll have to try my hardest and think of big words to use! 🙂

  2. KmHunsberger

    I wanna come. I really really really do. I just haven’t decided yet. But if I come…it will be Monday sometime and I will stay until Tuesday if that is ok. I really really want to come. I wish someone else up here was coming with me so that we could entertain one another kids. 5 hours is a long time.

    I am so on the fence. I really want to come.

  3. tonialynn59

    I won’t tell you again how much I want to attend this.  Oops I just did!  I will leave a review here one day soon.  I’m just not great with words (have ya read my xanga?).  I loved the book though.

  4. ladymiss3739

    I counted…you xangaed one day shy of xangaing every day.  Tsk, tsk.  You need an admin. asst.   

    If I can make it, I’ll definitely bring something, too! 

    And I signed up for Amazon, but need to make a purchase first…I’ll do it soon!

  5. jonnalynn

    I would love to write a review once I’ve read it…sadly, leisure reading has left the building until the semester’s over about the 1st of May!!! I can’t wait to get into it though!

    P.S. I wish I could come to the xanga reunion!!

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