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If you know me at all, you know I’m a t-shirt kind of girl. So much so that t-shirts comprise roughly 96% of (the upper half of) my entire wardrobe. (Which is probably why my shoulders are FREAKING OUT and peeling like snakeskin after a few days at the pool. “Easy, girl!,” they scream. “We have never even SEEN the sun!”)

Anyway. My favorite kind of t-shirt is one that means something, that supports some kind of cause (I’m hankering to do a post one of these days showing off all my tees.). And as of today, I have a new favorite:

My friend Megan and her husband Pete have two beautiful children and feel God leading them to adopt (domestically–North Carolina specifically). They’re raising money to cover the adoption expenses, and a friend designed these beautiful t-shirts to help their cause.

And may I tell you everything I love about them? Because there is MUCH to love!

1. This shade of gray is my FAVE.

2. I LOVE blue and green.

3. I LOVE trees.

4. I think “blessed by adoption” is just the coolest phrase to put on a t-shirt, because who hasn’t been blessed by adoption in some way? I have cousins who are adopted and friends who are adopted and friends who have adopted (or are hoping to). And I’ve been adopted into God’s family.

5. The shirts are only $12. I know!

Here’s the first take of my t-shirt modeling.

Poor Gabe. So, his camera’s broken, and he’s been doing all his stuff on his iPhone. He uploaded this pic to Flickr from his phone and didn’t notice I looked drunk. I told him I’d use it anyway, but he insisted on taking another one (the one above where my eyes are still half-closed but only because I’m staring into the setting sun).

So, hop on over to Megan’s site and get yourself (and your friends) a t-shirt. They come in kids’ sizes too!

And here’s how Ava chose to spend her Day #1 of her Multiple Birthday Celebrations (she turns 8 on Sunday). Her friend Madison spent the day at the pool with us, then we made homemade pizzas and went to Dave & Buster’s with FREE and BOGO coupons. Madison won FIVE stuffed animals in the claw game. Fun times!

Have a great weekend, friends! And if you have a minute, I’d love to hear how you’ve been blessed by adoption.

p.s. I have 5 more Restaurant Super-Saver Books for $15 a pop (all proceeds go toward our Cambodia trip). First come, first served! Let me know if you’d like one!

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  3. Janelle

    I Love this t-shirt! I may need to post this on my blog…

    My life has been forever changed by adoption. Unlike all of the other comments so far, I sit on the other side of adoption… I am a birth mom. Now, I am an adoption case worker helping those who are facing unplanned pregnancies, I reunite adoptees with the birth family & have an open adoption with my amazing 16 year old daughter that I once thought I would never see again.

    I have been so blessed by adoption!

  4. Laura

    We are in the process of adopting our 2 year old foster son. He is the best thing that has happened to our family! His bright smiles and laughter bring joy to anyone he meets! Lord willing, his adoption will be final in August.

  5. Beth in the City

    My sister is adopted from India – definitely among the best things that ever happened in our family!

  6. Mallory

    Mallory, here (Rhonda’s other daughter). When our first boy arrived, I not only got the brother I had always wanted growing up, but I also found my best friend. When the second one came, it was double the blessings! Praise God!

  7. Gwen

    We’ve been BLESSED with a beautiful daughter adopted from Hunan Province, China. This Sunday, June 20th we celebrate the day she joined our family five years ago.

  8. meghan @ spicy magnolia

    What a beautiful model for an amazing truth! As I watched closely my boss/good friend walk through an adoption process, I was forever changed. It marks you and is so powerful.

    Hope your day is turning out to be better than your morning and that you are filled with His peace and the assurance of His love for you as you’re with your girlies! Love to you, friend!

  9. Beth

    Love the shirt!!! Our son was adopted from Kazakhstan – best thing we ever did!!!….and waiting on his sister from China since 2007….Has no been an easy road – lots of hurdles but so worth it.

  10. Southern Cheesehead

    we’re in process of adopting now…very early in the process. But my whole current family has been blessed by being adopted into God’s family!!! “Adopted for Life” by Russell Moore is a fabulous book with incredible perspective about that! I can’t wait to be blessed by earthly adoption soon!!!

  11. Valerie

    I would love to get one of the shirts but, right now funds are limited…. costs are more than we estimated. And with as fast as our adoption process has been…we had absolutely no time for fund-raising of any sort… considering we didn’t find out about baby until April and he could be here at any time…… maybe we’ll think about something to help with the finalization costs.

    It’s an interesting experience going through the adoption process after years of infertility and eight pregnancy losses. I’m still not doing well with the last one… part of me is feeling like we’re forgetting our little girl that would’ve been here at the end of August. That’s part of my little bloggy break….I need to figure out some stuff.

  12. Rhonda

    I got my t-shirt a couple of weeks ago because my life has been incredibly blessed by adoption and I get so excited hearing other adoption stories. We thought our family was complete when our two daughters (Krysten above is one of them) were in their teens but God knew better and sent us two wonderful little boys through foster care. Wow! is mothering little boys different from my girls. The girls and I crack up all the time about the things said in our house now that never came up when they were growing up. I’m so thankful for the many blessings my children bring everyday.

  13. O Mom

    My best friend adopted 2 girls 4 years ago. It just kind of happened, they heard these 2 girls, who were from their town, were going to be split up. Someone only wanted the baby girl, and that news just broke her heart. So they figured out how to become foster parents and then eventually adopted them. The littlest one is the exact same age as my youngest daughter and today, they are best friends! My daughter can not imagine her life with out her. I’m going to see about getting those two (6 yr. old girls) matching t-shirts from your friends.

    Haven’t sent you any $ yet, but am still praying like crazy for you guys.

  14. Kim Webb

    You know our story, we have been blessed and will hopefully be blessed in the future. God is always glorified in adoption, there is no denying! I would love one of these t’s but I need to get through a certain trip to Cambodia before buying anything else. I love her idea about selling shirts to raise funds.

  15. Stephanie your sister

    Two of my closest friends (and their husbands) have adopted in the past few years and another one is in the process right now. I love that adoption is turning into something people want to do because they have a passion for it rather than something that only happens when you can’t get pregnant and have no other option.

  16. Lee Detrick

    We adopted our daughter at the age of eight days, and every day I thank her biological mother (even though I don’t know her) for giving our sweet Jennifer life. She is married with two awesome children….I have been SO blessed!

  17. Ashley

    My sister and brother-in-law adopted my sweet niece from Chongquing, China in 2005 and are currently in the process to get daughter #2. Adoption is a beautiful way to form a family.. love these shirts!!

  18. Elissa

    I have been blessed by adoption when my birth mother decided that was what was best for me, and I thank her every day for the decision, even though I don’t know her. Now as an adult my husband and I have decided to adopt our last child, when we are done having children ourselves.

  19. Holly V.

    I have been blessed by adoption!!!! My wonderful husband was put up for adoption in 1969…right after Roe vs. Wade. I am SO grateful that his mom chose life for him!!!!!!

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