be careful, little girls, who you stalk!

Funny story. (if you want the short version, click here where Gabe tells the same tale in 1/10 as many words–this is how we roll)

Tonight at 6:30, a group of us met for prayer. We’re a semi-diverse bunch with one big thing in common: we all feel called by God to help out with a new church plant (Sanctuary Columbus Church) and we’re desperate for the Holy Spirit to do his thing, because we know how weak and helpless we are without him.

We met in the library of the school where we’ll be having church. Our four girls (we borrowed one for the evening) sat at a table out of the way and colored quietly, so that was a blessing. Pastor Rich chatted with us and shared some verses about the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives and we sang and took turns praying and sharing verses God had laid on our hearts.

Then we had a little Social Time where we got to know the faces at our table. Britt started off the intros. Then Pam, Will, Donna, Gabe, me. Once it was obvious that I was going to take way more time than anyone else (I think I might have said, “let me give you a little background”), Gabe nudged me sharply under the table. I couldn’t really stop though, because I was right in the middle of something “important.”

Then Pastor Rich cut me off. Time was up. I asked for 4 more minutes, and it was granted.

Are you wondering when the funny starts? RIGHT HERE.

I mentioned something about Gabe not being at the Clothing Drive because he was at a photography thing which led to someone asking if he was a photographer which led to Pam saying, “Okay, this is so embarrassing, but I’ve kind of been cyber-stalking you guys!”

Then she put her hands over her face to cover up the redness and we all started laughing. She said she hoped she hadn’t creeped us out, and we reassured her that we love this kind of thing and that it happens “all the time.”

Turns out she had hopped over to my blog from Rich’s (Radical Read-Along) then to Gabe’s 1PhotoPerDay and thought it was super-cool and wondered why he hadn’t updated it in over a month.


After a tour of the school, we said good-bye to our new friends before heading home to get our extra daughter back to her mama. We laughed one more time with Pam about the internet stalking, and I told her I would add her as a friend on Facebook tonight before she could add me, because I live closer to the school and would get home first.

“I should’ve taken a picture of Pam tonight when she wasn’t looking,” Gabe says on the way home. “Then she could see herself on 1PhotoPerDay, and it would be like we were stalking her.”

“Yeah, too bad you didn’t get a picture of Pam,” I say.

We get home, I put the girls to bed, sit down at my computer, and we find Pam on Facebook and add her as a friend.

Moments later Gabe turns to me with a gleam in his eye and a grin upon his lips. “I have an idea,” he says. I mostly love Gabe’s ideas-with-a-gleam but not always.

“Yeah…?” I say.

“What if I went to Pam’s house right now and took a picture of it and used it for my 1PhotoPerDay?”

“Are you serious?”


“Go for it,” I say. “But be careful. Don’t freak her out. You don’t want her to call the cops on you.”

He looks up her address on, grabs his camera and heads out the door with my blessing.

He calls me less than 10 minutes later (she lives really close to us) laughing. “It was awesome!” he says.

Long story short (I’ll try anyway!), he got to her house and could kind of see in her window, so he rang the doorbell, then hid behind the mailbox. She opened the door a crack, saw the light of his camera, and slammed the door shut, all freaked out. He went up to the door, knocked on the window while peeking in and yelling, “Pam!”

She opened the door with great hesitation and about died laughing when she saw Gabe. I loooooove the picture he snapped of her. Her expression is priceless.

She messaged me on Facebook a few minutes later. “Oh my goodness! That was hilarious!! I saw someone squatting down with a camera and I totally thought it was some creepy guy like that naked photographer a few years back. This is a start to a good friendship. I can feel it!”

I can feel it too. All friendships should start out in such a fashion.

Now, off I go to find out what my favorite naked photographer is up to… Speaking of (ahem), I’d still love your prayers as I finish getting my Sex Talk ready for the high-schoolers tomorrow at 10:50 a.m. Pray that the Holy Spirit speaks and I listen! Thanks, friends!

Any (light-hearted) stalker stories (with happy/funny endings) you’d like to share?

14 thoughts on “be careful, little girls, who you stalk!

  1. deanna

    This was quite a funny story, but what I find even more humorous is the fact that y’all were singing in a LIBRARY while your girls were quietly coloring! HA!

  2. Jennie Sizemore

    You guys are hilarious! And the weird thing is, I feel more like a stalker when I leave a comment than when I just read a blog and don’t leave a comment, like the blogger will be all “Who’s that crazy Jennie girl leaving me a comment? I don’t know her!” Anyway…great photo!

  3. katie neer

    i just wanted to let you know that i love how you and gabe told the same story but his was short and yours was long. i think it’s just a woman thing to be wordy. dave doesn’t get online much …he hates computers….haha…but he occasionally needs to send emails to other guys at church, etc. i draft them up for him and then he edits them before sending them. he usually has to delete 90% of my words. he says that they sound like a woman wrote them since they’re so wordy.

  4. Shalla

    I lOvE this!! I was there and missed all
    of that? This is so going down in the books
    seriously! I needed a great laugh 🙂 you guys
    are awesome

  5. alittlebitograce

    that is awesome!

    i am so not a stalker, but a couple years ago, i was sitting outside playing with my kids when we saw a teenager with a baby. we tried to get her attention, but she didn’t’ see us. my kids(and me) really like babies, so we chased her through the townhouse complex trying to get her attention. finally we ended up knocking on her door and introducing ourselves like this” hey, i’m grace and we saw you knock on the super’s door and we really wanted to meet your baby”. strangely enough, she didn’t slam the door on our faces. three and a half years later, we are very good friends and i’m going to be one of her bridesmaids. i found out about six months ago that she had just moved back to our city the day that i met her. sometimes God uses stalking. 🙂

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