all for the best

Sadly, I’m sitting at my computer in sweatpants when I was supposed to be at my sister’s church dispensing mothering “wisdom” and making people laugh. I had no idea the weather was even supposed to be bad until yesterday afternoon. The “Nurture” group was canceled, and my girlies are home from school. Funny–they were going to skip anyway to spend the day with Aunt Bethy. Now, instead of wearing cool aprons and making delightful little cupcakes, they’re stuck with me. And they are bouncing off the walls.

They rescheduled me for May. I like May. And God knew my week was way too jam-packed, so He slowed down the good folks at MGH and brought in some snow to boot. I’m smiling at the way He works. And lest you think I think God’s activities revolve around ME and my needs, I don’t. It’s certainly not about me, but God still provides for His children. Always.

We had our friends Andrew and Denise over for pizza last night. They’re having their first baby in August–is anything more fun than first-time expectant parents?? Andrew and Gabe worked on some computer stuff and Denise, Livi, and Ava and I played Sorry and Yahtzee. Fun times! Then Gabe and the girls introduced A & D to Webkinz. They were impressed and amused.

My editor told me I should be receiving my copy of Diapers any minute now. Oooooh! I’m trying to find out when I’ll get the rest of the copies I ordered. Hopefully before March 1. Anybody who wants to pick up their book in person, let me know!

And anyone whose husband/boyfriend will be out of town from Wednesday afternoon until Friday at 2ish a.m. is more than welcome to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day with my daughters and me. Just give me a ring.

OH! A huge THANK YOU to Beth Elaine and Claudia! I got 2 pay-it-forward gifts in the mail yesterday afternoon–both with no strings attached! I’d better not say what they are in case others haven’t received theirs yet. All I can tell you is that they’re scrummy–one is scrummy to my eyeballs, the other to my nose and mouth. You gals are SWELL!

I’m tempted to talk about homeschooling, but I don’t have the time or energy to open up such a CRAZY-MONSTROUS can of worms. If you’re the plan-ahead type, I do intend to pose a simple question one of these days. Which do you think is best (public/private/homeschool), and tell me why in 25 words or less. I’ll tell you right now what I do NOT enjoy–people who say that only ONE of these is right and the REST of them are dead wrong (sinful, selfish, of the devil, etc). So there.

Have a happy snowy Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “all for the best

  1. M3mine

    My son-in-law was totally homeschooled (from K-12) until CU. His wife—public school from K-12 until CU.  I taught public school. Both daughters taught Christian school, and one now is in public school.  Each has its merits. Each its downfalls.

  2. bethelaine

    public school (as long as we can find a house in a good school district)

    1 – public schools often offer better course selection / more opportunities
    2 – spiritual growth can be fostered at home / church / youth group
    3 – private schools are expensive

    FYI: i went to christian school.

  3. terriwright

    Yea for God…it IS about you! And me. And……how does He do that????

    Pros for homeschool: you ARE in charge, the environment is controlled, you instill spiritual as well as educational tenets;

    Pros for public school: more choices, diversity, kids see, and are in class with all types, from the disabled to the not-very-bright, to the twerps of the universe, and learn how to manage their world and make wise choices, as well as increased compassion and understanding.

    Cons for homeschool: There’s no way I could proficiently teach every subject, past about 6th grade(I’m thinking about Math…); your own children are MUCH harder to teach, requires much discipline to focus on school for the 6 hours needed…or whatever, without birdwalking to wash, or cooking, or a trip to the grocery….

    Cons for public school: the whole world IS there. Some teachers are excellent, others are so-so, some are stump-dumb; your kids see and hear and learn things you’d rather they didn’t.

    Overall: we chose public school…it worked out….I have a problem with keeping kids in a bubble…..they have to go out there at some point….it would be a huge shock to have to be thrown into that all at once…

  4. shannahhogue

    ^Is it really a day off when the kiddos are home, too?^

    As a college teacher, I have an interesting perspective on the educational debate, but I’ll wait until you actually ask to share!

  5. gsowell

    It’s easy to forget how in charge He is. Glad He is working all things for the good of YOU who love Him!

    I am impressed with all these people you know and invite over. You’ve moved a bunch…where do you meet all these people. I’m struggling with the “only knowing folks from church” thing. How can I be a witness when all my friends are already Christians?

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