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EDIT: Two lovely gals are celebrating wedding anniversaries today. My SIL Jessica has been married to my brother for eight years, and Holly in France has been married to Jean for two. Go wish Jess and Holly a happy anniversary!

I completely forgot to blog about Livi and Ava’s first soccer game last Friday night. They won 3-0, and Livi scored a goal. This is their first season to be 1.) on an all-girls team and 2.) on the same team. I’m loving it. Our whole family is. Two games into the season (they played again tonight, won 4-0, Livi had another goal), and it is, by far, my favorite soccer season ever.

I love watching them play together. I love that Nina is older now and stays put pretty well without whining. I love that we have 2 games a week instead of 4. I love that there are no dads of boys disrespecting my daughters and insinuating that they can’t play soccer because they’re girls. I love that they play their hearts out and that all of them work so well as a team already. It’s so fun to win.

Ava is much more agressive and more of a natural athlete. Hustles so hard she spends a lot of time on the ground. I was worried she’d score a lot more goals than Livi and that wouldn’t go over too well. Not so. Not yet anyway. Livi was somewhat tentative the first game, but tonight she just kicked tail. Ava did too. I’m so glad they inherited their daddy’s soccer skills instead of their mommy’s soccer non-skills.

I’m so proud of them.

Poor Ava has a nasty scab on her knee from a bike injury a few days ago. She’s broken it open four times already. Tonight she got kicked in the knee, and I could see the pain all over her face, but she kept going. I tried to clean it up with some baby wipes after the game and about passed out. She’s going to have a scar. I have one on my left knee from a long-ago bike injury too.

Gabe was hanging out with Coach Tressel again, but my mom and dad came for the game. We went to DQ afterwards. Fun stuff. The girls love spending time with both sets of grandparents. Such a blessing.

So, I’m re-thinking my whole zoo recap thing. Trying to figure out how I want to do it. If I write everything here, there’s not going to be anything new (and thrilling!) for the book. If I keep sharing what we did every 10 minutes at all 52 zoos, you’re going to get burnt out by #7 (where we went Saturday). I’d like to generate enthusiasm and anticipation for the book, not boredom and indifference. I’ll figure it out.

We went to a zoo Saturday. It was fun. It was…tiring. As we pulled out of the parking lot at the end of the day, Gabe said, “That was the biggest test of patience of my whole life.” He wasn’t referring to the whole zoo trip, just the last hour or so, but still.

I met an old college friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years. We all rode the Sky Safari (think ski lift–eek!). Saw a sea lion show. Got attacked (and I mean attacked!) by pygmy goats. Stopped at Gabe’s parents’ house on the way home. Spent four fun hours with the Twelve Tavianos. Pizza, corn hole, puppy, gator rides. Got home at 9:30. Lovely Kristen arrived at 10:30. We stayed up talking until almost 1:00. She brought me an unbelieveable gift.

Photos tomorrow. I’m off to bed. Good night!

9 thoughts on “Zoo Business

  1. luvmynoah

    What a weekend packed with fun!!  Ouch on the knee…I can just imagine.  How awesome that she just kept going!  It will be so cool to watch the girls become so great at teamwork in soccer. 

  2. FlyingCAB

    @bethelaine – BAHHAHAHAH!  You crack me up! I feel the same way – we used to play it in Michigan all the time but it was called something less gross.

    So proud of Livi and Ava!  This will be such a fun memory-making year for them!!

  3. Nixter77

    YAY For Ava and Livi and YAY that football is going so well this season. I love football.

    I want to see the picture you were talking to me about yesterday

    Nixie = waiting for pic!

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